Inquiry Toy Deconstruction

Hi guys! Welcome back to another blog post. This post is going to be about one of the activities we’re doing for inquiry. Our new unit is HTWO aka how the world works. So we’re deconstructing a toy and building a new one. But this post is only going to be about the deconstruction. For my toy I decided to take one of my brother’s toy (don’t tell him) which is a car. It took me a long time to break it, most of the screws were deformed but at the end I got most things out. After we break the toy, we were to write on a piece of paper about the parts, purpose, and complexities. Next we write a reflection about this. (which I am right now) we also have to take a picture of our parts, but before that we have to organize it. The picture will be down below.

For the last 2 weeks, we got time to deconstruct our toys. Mr. Roberts provide us with toy boxes that include screwdrivers, hammers, and others stuff. It was really fun to see what was actually inside our toys. Most of us brought something car related, they have lots of wires, motherboards, batteries, and much more other interesting things. As I said before, after we take our toy apart we organize our parts on the floor so we can take a picture. We also have to write on a piece of paper about the part, purpose, complexities.

Here’s the picture of the parts that took me so long to organize:

That’s it for now, thanks for reading this post. BYE!

Mini Inquiry Exhibition

Hi guys! Welcome back to another blog post. This one is going to be about our mini exhibition for our end of the inquiry assessment. I work with Sophie for this project, our topic was about Fire. The historical age was Ice Age. We made a prototype for this, it was this huge fire with a pot hanging over it. It was made out of wood. I thought this was very creative, no other group had this big model. Lots of other people agreed, they also liked our prototype. We got lots of good comments, but something that we could work on was explaining clearer. Also citing sources; next time I also think that we could have spend less time on the model and more on the presentation. Overall, I enjoyed presenting and would love to do this again. 😊

SLLR Reflection

Hi guys! Welcome back to another blog post. This post is about our SLLR. (student led learning review) Last Friday, we had our parents come to school with us. SLLR is kind of a meeting with our parents, the purpose of it is to show them what we have done since the last SLLR.

We also share our “Me as a Learner” with them. It’s basically a poster with things that we either work well on, or things that we need to improve on. Each of us also gets a chance to share a bit about every subject. For example, I shared my book club, inquiry presentations, math, and also some others.

I thought my SLLR went really well. My parents liked what I’m doing in class, and was really proud. Even though I think I did well, I could still work on some things. Like being more prepared, I think I could have been more prepared and could have explained more about each piece of work. I think I did well presenting to them, they knew what I was talking about. I was also able to answer there questions. This SLLR went perfect.

That’s it for this blog post! Hope you enjoyed, and BYEEEEEE! 😛

Fashion Show

Hi everyone! As you might already know, today we had a fashion show!! During the last few week, instead of art we had a program called AIR. (artist in residence) Each class we worked really hard, so today we get to show them off! But instead of making a regular dress, we had to design clothes using recycled materials which I thought was really cool. My group includes: Sophie, Lauren, Jessica, and Kayla and our theme was monochrome and a black goldfish. For some reason, at last minute we changed our theme into devil instead of goldfish. During the process of making our dress, we had some disagreements but at the end we worked it out. I think our group worked really well.

After we looked at the dress for the final time, we saw something that didn’t look nice so we took of the scales and added the devil’s wing; so that was when we changed the theme into devil. Since our group wanted our model, Kayla to look nice, we stayed in for recess to curl her hair and to put on makeup. When we finished, she looked so nice!!! Once everyone was seated in the shows, it finally started!!! I saw some really good clothing that other groups made. One class even include robots that would walk by them during the show and I thought that was really creative of them. While the fashion show went one, I felt really proud. I really liked our dress and I think we did a good job. I think this experience was worth it, each of us had lots of imagination and we definitely learnt a lot. 

Thanks for reading this post and BYE!!! 🙂


Hi! Today in math, we used a site called Math Playground. We made patterns using shapes such as triangles and square.

The first pattern that I made is right here: This is a ABA pattern. I used trapezoids and triangles to make it.

The second one that I made is this one: This is a ABAA pattern. This one includes triangles and squares. 

So that’s it for this post, hope you enjoyed and BYE!!! 🙂


Hi! This blog post is about our math class today which was about patterns.

First, we saw different types of patterns on the board; we had to find out what kind of pattern is it and the core of it. Then we had some practices of us making some patterns, after that we had to make our own. My partner was Sophie, we made two patterns that are in the pictures down below. 👇🏻 One of them is a growing pattern, and the other one is a AB pattern.

That’s it for today’s post, BYE!


CNY Break

Hi! This blog post is about CNY break as you can already tell by the title. Unfortunately, there was a big flu going around; every school including ours have to shut down so we get an extra five more days in our CNY break. Sadly, lots of school events got cancelled including our fashion show. 🙁

During CNY holiday, I didn’t go anywhere I stayed in HK instead. I didn’t do anything special, I went sightseeing around Hong Kong. I learnt more about Hong Kong’s traditions each day, there were lots of bright and colorful chinese new year decorations. Our family had reunions, it was really fun. Most days we stayed at home, it was really boring with most of my friends gone. I really enjoyed hanging out with my family especially my dad which is never really with me and playdates with friends.; but I didn’t enjoy is the boredom, I was really bored most of the time, I just sat there all day. I wanted to try something new, so I made goals for the break of what I want to work on. Sadly I only complete 3 out of 5.

Overall I would say that my CNY break was good. Thx for reading and BYE!!! 🙂

A.I.R Reflection

In the last couple of weeks, instead of our usual visual arts class, we had a program called A.I.R; which stands for artist in residence. We had fashion designers from around the world come to our school to teach us about creating fashion to help us make our own fashion mostly using recycled pieces; in groups. We were going to have a catwalk showcasing our fashion. Unfortunately, there was a big flu going around, so we had to cancel it. 🙁

When we first started, we had lots of ideas. In our group (Kayla, Jessica, Lauren, & Sophie) we decided our model was Kayla and our theme was goldfish/monochrome. I think we worked really well as a group. We gave everyone a role, and we listened to each other. Something that we could work on is probably making the dress look more recycled. Otherwise, I think we worked really well together, the final piece looked really good.

I had so much fun designing clothes, I hope we get to showcase it somehow after the break. Thanks for reading and BYE! 🙂