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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

Design Project Reflection

My Design

I have just finished a design project about graphic novel. I have learnt a lot from completing this project, such as the use of graphic novel conventions, designing my own panels and using illustrator etc. Those are some new things to me as I have never made my own graphic novel. The use of visuals help reinforce a particular message because it is easier to communicate with the readers. Visuals make people feel better because it is easier to understand than words. Technology facilitate the communication of ideas because it is way more clearer than drawing with free hand especially somebody who is not good at drawing. Visuals reveal meaning by making things seem realistic and we could imagine as we were in that situation when we look at them. I think the change of perspectives really depends on how people love visuals because some people love words and literature, so they might not change their perspectives. I have faced a lot of challenges during the process, like in the beginning I had to be able to understand the use of all graphic conventions, also I have never used illustrator so I got a little bit messed up when I first used this software. At last, I tried to find some tutorials online and overcame these challenges. If I were to do this project again, I would change the way I designed my graphic novel on illustrator because I think my design doesn’t look good as I expected. I would probably change the font and the  style in order to make my final product more aesthetic.

CAS Week 2016

14 NOV 2016 — DAY 1 IMG_4784IMG_5704IMG_8417

It is the first day of my CAS week, as well as my first CAS week trip in CDNIS. I was really impressed that there are many types of art subjects that we can choose to study in the art college. I feel like it is pretty special to me as I didn’t know a lot about arts. It is also my first time going to a courtroom in real life instead of watching it from TV. I think it was the most interesting part of the day. We had to use some spaghetti, a rope, tape and a marshmallow to make an ‘IFC’. We have to build the highest among groups and win the game. After we have finished it, I presented our idea to everyone. I learned a lot such as working with new friends and presentation skills. I was so surprised that my group won as ours was taller than the other group 0.5 cm. It was quite steep. We had another workshop in the afternoon, which is drawing and shading a paper plane. It seemed to be easy but in fact, it is quite difficult as I haven’t done art in the past few years. Luckily, I have done it but I guess there are some improvements. After the first day, I have already felt like I’ve gained my knowledge about arts and college, which could be useful for myself if I want to study arts in the next few years or even at college.

15 NOV 2016 –DAY 2   IMG_3254 IMG_5145 IMG_8189

On the second day of this camp, we had a workshop at school about the film camera that we are going to use. We can only take black and white photos with the Holga camera.  I learnt how to take photos in a temple and respect everyone in public. We used our digital cameras or phones as well to take photos as a ‘backup’. It was pretty fun to explore more photography techniques and skills with both cameras. I learned to ask for others’ permission before taking pictures of them because we have to respect people in this civilised society. I realised that there are many small art galleries in Hong Kong. It was so nice to visit the galleries as I don’t often appreciate arts. Also, I learned that they are so many styles from different famous artist. Some of them like the feelings of layers, some of them like combining different materials together to form an art-piece. Although it was quite interesting, I’m interested in photography more as photography makes me feel relaxed and I can express my feelings through taking photographs. I hope I will have a chance to take photos around Hong Kong again, it was absolutely nice!

16 NOV 2016 — DAY 3IMG_2658 IMG_2753 IMG_2772

On day 3, we stayed at school the entire day for the painting workshop. Our school invited two experienced artists who has a printing shop in Stanley and it is called Print House HK. It was really nice to meet them and I’ve gained my knowledge about screen printing. I like it so much and it was probably one of my favourite activity in this camp. In the morning, we did researches and design our pattern for our own t-shirt. We print it in transparency, which is pretty nice. My design was about food and I put my favourite stuffs inside with texts. I love my design but I was afraid that my design was too complicated and I can’t print it successfully. My favourite thing of the day is the last procedure, which we print our own shirt after doing many test prints and I’ve printed it successfully. It is my first time printing my own shirt and I think it was fun. I’m so grateful that I met the two professional artists as they are nice and experienced. They helped us a lot and they tried their best to help us to make the best shirt. This workshop was really special that I probably would do it again.


17 NOV 2016 DAY4  IMG_0064 IMG_5102IMG_1850

On day 4, we went to a dark room in Sheung Wan. People use digital camera instead of film camera. We visited the dark room and understand the use of different machines for film printing that we took with the Holga Camera. I learnt a lot about it such as using old cameras and printing photos with some professional old method. We also learned to expose the films with lights off and print them. We did test prints and I understood that whenever we explore new things, we have to test it as it can help us to develop a better understanding. I think it was a really great workshop because it is useful for us if we want to study art in university. Besides that, I’m interested in photography and I think it is the first step to develop my sense of photography. It was so meaningful that I have experienced how people took pictures in the old days.

18 NOV 2016 DAY5 IMG_1972

The last day of camp, we stayed at school and continue our remaining work. Also, we had a graffiti activity. It was a volunteer work and we helped the school to paint some patterns for visitors to know which floor belongs to what subjects. I chose drama to work on with my friend and we used some acrylic paint to paint the wall on 6th floor. I learnt some painting walls techniques and how to transfer images. Since I worked with someone else, so when we were doing it, we had some conflicts but luckily, we became friends again in the end. I realised that whenever we are doing group work, we have to be patient and be corporate. I enjoyed this camp overall!

Me and my final work: IMG_4542