Design a cup challenge

            Last class we were given a challenge to design a cup with only two sheets of A4 paper. No tape. No glue. Nothing except two sheets of paper. Some people immediately started to google how to make a paper cup. I decided I would model my cup on something that was cup-like in shape. I found Niki’s pencil case. It was a cute corgi one, but more importantly, it was cylindrical in shape.

          After borrowing the pencil case, I began shaping my first piece of paper around the case, figuring that since it needed to be a cup, working with a cup-shaped object couldn’t be wrong. I was proved right. After a little bit of fiddling, I managed to make a cup by shaping it around the pencil case and then folding in the flaps. This completed, I repeated this procedure with another piece of paper folded double thick. I put this in the bottom of the cup, hoping it would make the cup sturdier and help it to hold water longer. An important detail about my first prototype was that I made sure that the little mini cup and the big cup were facing different directions. Because I did this, the strong points (the sides) and the weak points (the corners, because water could leak), balanced each other out.

          Having completed my first prototype, I went and filled it with water, just a small amount, filling the bottom of the cup and no more. Then, I put it on my table and began waiting for it to leak. I expected it to leak any moment, but it actually held water for quite a long time. But, when I added more water in the same prototype, it flooded the little mini cup in the bottom and my cup began to leak quite quickly.

          I knew I already had a good cup, but I was still unsatisfied. As I still had plenty of time, I decided to build a second prototype. I used the same design, but this time I folded both papers double thick and placed them together, making a very small but super thick-walled cup. As soon as I put water in it though, I realised a major design fail I had overlooked. I did not make both cups separately, then stack them together. The problem of this was that the folded paper was so thick that the corners of the cup had huge holes in them that leaked water almost immediately after it was put in.

          So, overall, my first prototype was better than my second one and I think I really should’ve looked at my first prototype and tried to improve it, instead of throwing away something that worked and doing something totally different. Oh well. At least I have a nice cup.

This is cup number one:

This is cup number two:

Starting Grade 7!

It’s the start of a new school year, and I’m rediscovering my blog (because it was forgotten in the summer)! The first thing I noticed about G7 was how different it was from G6. We have to move from class to class, tackle 9  sets of homework and assignments, 9 teachers, and nine sets of expectations. Plus, there was also the (very) flawed and problematic uniform. (What do you mean the skorts only come in september?) Anyways, I’m looking forward to an awesome year and (way) more posts than G6.

Science Experiment

Last week we went to the makerspace and did various experiments, focusing on matter. I did an experiment, heating and melting crayons to test the change from solid to liquid. We spent about 2 periods in the makerspace, and below is my documentation of the process.


Melting Crayons


Testing the behavior of wax in liquid form, the time wax takes to melt, and how it will solidify.


What will happen to crayons under heat?

How can I melt crayons controllably?

How will was change from solid to liquid?


I think that crayons will melt slowly under heat because wax melts slowly under heat(proven by candles,made of wax), and crayons are made of wax.


  • 1 Hair Dryer
  • 9 crayons (2 red, 2 orange, 2 yellow, 1 light green, 1 dark green, 1 blue-green)
  • 1 Hot glue gun + Glue
  • 1 Baking mold with uneven bottom
  • 1 thin piece of card(2-3 millimeters thick)



Wax melts slower than ice but at a medium pace, and when air is focused on one section of crayons the other sections splatter. Darker colors melt faster than lighter colors. Wax does not stick to surfaces. Wax melts into each other slightly. In liquid form, it will adapt to its new container’s shape.


Future Experiment Possibilities:

  • Do darker colors melt faster than lighter colors?
  • How dense are crayons in liquid form?
  • How can I manipulate crayons while they are in liquid form?


Lower School Grade 5 & 6 Sports Day

Last week on Tuesday we had our lower school gr 5 & 6 sports day. Many people eagerly await this day, but to be very honest, I was dreading the day. Grade 6 was on the track first and I did not want to run 400m. I did not want to run 10. But, I went on the track like everyone else and did all my activities the best I could. Surprisingly, I didn’t get last place on either of my runs and I was pretty happy with myself. Halfway through, at lunchtime, I bought a watermelon popsicle that turned out to be too artificial and weird tasting. It did not achieve the desired effect of cooling down with a delicious popsicle. At all. After the popsicle incident, grade 6 switched to track and we played a few assorted games. I messed up in ultimate handball and spent most of the time stumbling around at the back doing random things. After that, we played 2 rounds of capture the flag, both of which we spent the entire time hanging on and trying to defend our “flags”. Then we threw balls for distance. I thew badly, clearing only a short amount of distance, but some of the boys in our class threw so well I thought we might need a larger field! We did a long jump after that, but I barely cleared any distance because I was terrified of getting sand in my shoes. Overall,I’m not a sporty person and I don’t like sports day that much, but we all have to deal with things. So that’s my review!

New years eve

Although we are already well into our new year I just realized I forgot to write about new year’s eve, so I am putting up a late post.

This year on new year’s eve my family planned to have new years eve at home, just having a small private party, but when I learned about the fireworks and shows in Tsim Sha Tsui and Victoria Harbor, my mom and I set off to Tsim Sha Tsui, which was supposed to be the best viewing point. We had planned to take a taxi but due to road closures we had to take the MTR. When disembarked at Tsim Sha Tsui station, we followed the crowd out onto the street and was herded in the direction of the fireworks. After walking for about 10 minutes, the people starting packing into a crowd. After shuffling forward for an hour, we realized that there was no way we were actually going to see the fireworks, so we tried to get out of the crowd, but you couldn’t go forward and you couldn’t go backward, you just stuck. Eventually, we managed to wiggle our way out the side but even then we were not permitted to leave. The only way we got out was after waiting a long time and squeezing through a path backwards. I think that next year the organizers should really put more consideration into organizing the fireworks and creating an overall better experience for many many people. On a personal note, next year I’m staying home!

Last Day Of 2017!!!!!!!

Exactly 3 days ago was the last day of the year. Talk about exciting. My mom and I had been invited to go to a barbecue hosted by a group of my mom’s friends. A car picked us up, then picked another of my mom’s friends. We drove into Kowloon, then met up with the first group of people who have been waiting at the barbecue site for hours just to reserve the area for us. We were just settling down when we realised that a large bag of oranges had just been stolen. By monkeys! There were so many monkeys near our barbecue area, just in the trees that surrounded the perimeter of the site. Just then, a large monkey shot out of the trees and grabbed a 6 pack of juices. We all realised that unless we did something, and FAST, we would have nothing left to barbecue and picnic. I remembered the plastic tablecloths that someone had bought and I used a few tablecloths to loop all the bags and containers together. Then, I used another couple tablecloths to cover the table and the bench we were using to store our food. After that, the monkeys couldn’t find easy grab food at our campsite and stopped bothering us. Mostly. We barbecued, chased monkeys, waved sticks trying to scare monkeys, and picnicked. I ate so much I thought I would burst! By the time we got home, I was exhausted. But, the excitement was just beginning! Here is the LINK to the continuation of my day, New Year’s Eve!!!!!!!

Economic Era (Con’t)

This week we are working on finishing our economic era inquiry and working on the summative, which is our newspaper. Just a reminder, our era that we are inquiring into is the Song Dynasty. Read my other post for more basic info. Our summative task was to use the information we gathered during our research and use it to write a newspaper like it was an actual newspaper at the time. Our newspaper is named ‘The dynasty’ and acts like a sum of important people, events, and happenings during the song dynasty. It features trade, economy, inventions, and more! This is the link to our newspaper. This is the link to our group process journal. This is the link to my other post

Dance unit reflection

Today we finished our PE dance unit with Ms. Saunders. During the dance unit, we were tasked to create a dance under a specific genre. The genre I picked was contemporary and I was in a group with Jessica, Niki, Rachel, Jasmine, Eva, Yasmine, Evelyn, and Hailey. We started in a V shape, then split into two line, and ended in the middle. We had been practicing this dance for weeks, but when Evelyn suddenly left for a speech festival, it threw our whole group of course and we had to come up with some last-minute moves. Enclosed below are some pictures, and here is a LINK to our dance video.

Did you know…

Did you know that grade six has it’s very own newspaper? It’s true! It’s called the grade 6 refresh and is brought to you by a VERY enthusiastic, hardworking and creative team. It’s packed with information, news, puzzles, updates, and more! Don’t hesitate to your teacher for a copy!

Grade 6 Field Trips

Field Trip

Today all the Grade 6’s went on small field trips. There were 5 field trips and 5-6 kids per class in each field trip. When we picked field trips, I had to pick pretty late so when I picked field trips I only had two choices of all five. The five field trips were: Wong Chuk Hang Local Tour, Stanley Beach, Tai Tam Local School Tour, St. Mary’s home for the elderly visit, and the Wan Chai Supermarket Scavenger Hunt. By the time I picked, there were only 2 choices. The Wong Chuk Hang Local Tour, Or the Wan Chai Supermarket Scavenger Hunt. I picked the Wan Chai one, because I live in Wong Chuk Hang and I already know my local community. We had a field trip briefing yesterday, where Ms. Polawski, the leader of our field trip, told us that we were going to the Wellcome Supermarket in Wan Chai and looking at food miles.

In the morning, we all had normal classes. Then, just after snack, Ms. Chung’s group left. They missed Chinese and were coming back by the time we were leaving. Before we left though, Ms. Polawski gave us another small lesson about what we were going to be doing. We were to bring our Pre-Exhibition/Learn to Learn(L2L) Journals. In our Journals, we were supposed to have 4 columns, but I added an extra column to mine. The four columns were:

  1. What food does my family buy in a week?
  2. Where does each food I listed come from?
  3. How far did this item travel to get to me?
  4. What are some local alternatives?

The Column I decided to add was:

What was this foods journey?

After some hassle and a bit of delay, we finally got on the busses. I sat with Michelle and Annika, and we laughed over the adorable corgi photos on Michelle’s Phone.

Then, we actually got to Wellcome!! First, we looked at the fruits and vegetables. Then we looked at the meats. I took so many notes in the Pre-Exhibition/L2L Journal I thought my hand was going to fall off. After this, we took a look at the snacks. By that time, I was distracted and had formed a new goal. Samples! Wellcome offered about 20 different types of free samples, and I threaded through the shelves, looking for samples, slipping away from the group, coming back with samples. The 4 boys I was put with found it horribly annoying, which just made me do it more. I guess that wasn’t the best thing to do, but I just couldn’t resist that look on their face when I slipped away and came back with Samples. These are some of the samples I tried: Yakult, Ice cream, Wontons, and these strange Spicy Chip-like Sticks. In was delicious. Then, as we were waiting for the bus, I found some popcorn and rice crispies in my bag. Everyone was so baffled. They probably thought I had a magic touch as I kept getting food! It was just so funny!

Anyways, that pretty much sums it up!