the weekly post

Today is Friday. it was not a great normal Friday. there was a lot of things happening. in the meeting there was a lot of trouble. we were laughing because of some joke someone said and then ms.mtali said she is going to send a letter to ms.Brown. then calvin rushed at Desmond for no reason and looked like he was going to hit Desmond on purpose. so Desmond could only put his arms out to at least not get badly. so he did. but calvin rushed on. even more dangerous he had whiteboard on his face with a smiley face drawn on it. calvin was whimpering but i knew that he was faking. then he kept on complaining and whimpering of that he would get grounded from his mum. this made Desmond feel bad.

now no more of this bad stuff. lets get on to the good parts. the favourite part of today was everyday:)!

i had no challenge this week:) but i do hope there is something for me to work on.

personal goal. be nicer to my sister

learning goal. do more learning

relationship goal. spend time with dad.

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