STP unit reflection

1. 你有什么权利(rights)?
2. 为什么说环境(circumstance)决定权利?
3. 你觉得(think)行动(action)可以改变(change) 什么?

3.人 around the world can 噶他们钱

persuasive arguments

We took I movie about persuasive arguments. I and my group did about if should Minecraft should be something we learn. we did it to practice our persuasive arguments. we did this by planning then rehearsing few times and then taking the real video. We did this with D.Y’s computer. I learned that trying to persuade people is easy if you have all the right ingredients for a cake for an example.i will try what I learned if I want to do something.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.44.44 PM was our title.

the microbeads in the lab

I went to the science lab on the 3rd floor.  it was amazing there. we were learning about microbeads. microbeads are small plastic bits that are harmful to nature. normally bits of plastic will be purified and the rest of clean water will be thrown out to the sea. but these microbeads are so small that they can’t be cleared.


author’s voice

far away from here, there was a place called nutland. in nutland there was only nature and squirrels. but once every February 28 the squirrels had a meeting. but in this meeting, there were only three squirrels. but these squirrels had something evil in their mind. they decided they could take the whole world by themselves! they each got a ton of rocks to throw at people. ” CHARGE!” shouted the squirrels and off they were. after few weeks jack the squirrel saw the crazy three squirrels coming home with a droopy face. “why are you sad?” jack asked. the three of them explained. as they were throwing rocks at people the humans just thought they were cute. so they never even got close to attacking humans.

well they were crazy after all

Tuning in to STP

This is a video about how earth was very beautiful until humans used air pollution, gas and trash do destroy the habitat our homes. But I know that it’s not only our home. Many other harmless animals died and will die if we keep on destroying our homes.

Many pictures stuck in my mind for a long time. There were many very interesting pictures. At first I thought is just an advertisement. But after I watched it I got the message and how important it is.

this week

this was my best and worst week. the best days of the week, Friday, was better than any other Friday. I was so tired that when it was Friday, I thought of heaven calling for me. we had many substitute teachers and they didn’t know any of the planning. it was a horrible week

something else

this week from school was terrible like all first days of school. the teacher was nice to us. the first week went nicely until she announced that we had to do a lot of work. then thing started to get intense. we started to get ready for tests and practices that were important for us. I was more worried than normal. I had a third math olympiad test soon.

my goals

my personal goal is to try out football. I’ve never tried football and always hated it but I will push myself out of y comfort zone and try out football. maybe I might like it?

my friendship goal is to play with my old friend sometime. it will be nice to visit them


my learning goal is to work hard at home whatever it is. I haven’t worked for some time. time to get my brain working!