the weekly post

Today is Friday. it was not a great normal Friday. there was a lot of things happening. in the meeting there was a lot of trouble. we were laughing because of some joke someone said and then ms.mtali said she is going to send a letter to ms.Brown. then calvin rushed at Desmond for no reason and looked like he was going to hit Desmond on purpose. so Desmond could only put his arms out to at least not get badly. so he did. but calvin rushed on. even more dangerous he had whiteboard on his face with a smiley face drawn on it. calvin was whimpering but i knew that he was faking. then he kept on complaining and whimpering of that he would get grounded from his mum. this made Desmond feel bad.

now no more of this bad stuff. lets get on to the good parts. the favourite part of today was everyday:)!

i had no challenge this week:) but i do hope there is something for me to work on.

personal goal. be nicer to my sister

learning goal. do more learning

relationship goal. spend time with dad.

the grade 4 camp

my goal was to just have fun. and i did have fun. it was amazing. i felt good and happy when i had fun.

i went to the grade four camp. it was tiring. we had to go to the beach  and we couldn’t clean ourselves so it was really sandy. it was so annoying but i had a great time.

it could have been better. i could have been less grumpier. then it would have much more fun.i did  so many fun things. i did surfing, raft building and of other fun things.

Are zoos good for animals?

Are zoos good for animals?


Animals are great. They are not to be treated badly. Today, many are already on the red list, a list of animals that are endangered.

An red list is a list of animals that are endangered.  


But they are dying and disappearing. Like the dodo bird, many animals might become extinct. Today, many are right now are on the red list.

It is not good  to an animal to be taken out of their habitat. Many animals have died right away. Their family will suffer, but those who are dragged from the wild, will suffer greatly. If you don’t know what it feels like, I recommended reading the book the book, The One and Only Evan. if the animals are taken to the zoo and circuses just for human entertainment, it should not be allowed.  Looking after hurt animals that will die if left in their habitat is something different. They be very kind to animals and return them after they are okay to be in their habitat.


Most animals die right away as humans capture them. Most animals die shortly after being captured, or sometimes during the event. So, if they die right away, then what’s the point? The animals might be fed the wrong food, too. If one kind of animal will die they could

get extinct. If an animal is extinct it affects the whole food chain including us.


Have you ever imagined a world without animals? It’s horrifying. No nature and colourful green land? This is happening quick.  If we keep on polluting mother nature, after about  20 years this can become our world.  For all these reasons it is not okay to capture animals if not needed.


wwpt unit reflection

中心思想central idea


the past shapes the future

Lines of inquiry

1 我喜欢中国。


2 以前我不喜欢中国和现在我喜欢中国。


Learner profile and Attitude


I will try to learn everything i know even if it’s hard.


I want to know more words.


After this unit i will try my best at reading. And will read more.

books are better than movies (persuasive writing)

Books better than movies. book have or interesting stories. Most of the movies are written before they become a movie. For example, the lord of the ring.

Books let you have the imagination of what going on in the book. Therefor you use your brain. But if you watch a movie, the movie tells the story by a screen with pictures. Sometimes movies are better you say but even though you see a movie you are watching without using your brain.

If you have a  favorite book, it is better not to watch the movie afterwards. The movie can show you a different scene that you imagine while reading the book, so you can get really disappointed.

So it is far better to read a book than watching a movie.


Advertisement poster

Me,D.L,D.Y,Joshua were creating a poster to make people vote for D.Y to be the student Council. We were trying to get people who likes D.Y to vote him to be student Council. To the audiences attention, we decided to make our poster Colorful and with some detalis. but we didn’t have time. We thought their reaction will be something like “I want to vote for D.Y!” and here is what they said.Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.27.20 PM