the end?

it is finally Christmas! everybody is so excited for the holiday. even though it has been a rough year, it was worth it. anything is worth staying at home with nice heaters, hot chocolate, and playing games. but for this holiday, my family and I are going to another country to meet our cousins of my grandparents. I met them before and their really nice.

peace flags (reflection)

 I made a peace flag it wasn’t that hard. all I had to do is just make the base of the flag, draw the peace sign with markers then and write the hope sign on a piece of cloth that I cut from a big sheet of cloth. then, I used the “hard to use” sewing machine to sow the “hope” thing onto the flag. it wasn’t boring. although it wasn’t fun. im not a “art” person

pok fu lam trip reflection

we went to a Pok fu lam village trip. The trip had pros and cons.

We went to the trip because we wanted to “be in their shoes.”We saw much interesting stuff. We saw poor houses, a lot of trees, and some made dragons. I thought they must have fewer opportunities but they have pros and cons. I most wondered how they clean themselves and where they get food.



I have never gone to the worst and the best camp before. I had the time where I couldn’t sleep, and the time I wanted to stay forever in that activity. I had to sleep very sticky and did a lot of great activities. it was the best camp I ever went to.

hello grade 5 (first week)

now I’m grade 5! I’m so excited!

the first week was awesome! it had a lot of activities. it was so fun! it didn’t have any problems and I even got to play after school!

and the sad part is that we can only access lockers at morning and lunch well I don’t have much for the first week so bye!!!!

HWOO Chinese reflection

HWOO unit reflection


Central idea:


People and organization work together to respond to natural disasters



Lines of inquiry







Learner profile





A caring student is trying to help whrn something goes wrong.




Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

After this unit i will…


I will read chinese books more.