My nutrition poem

Hey, this is my nutrition poem that I wrote about nutrition:


You need to eat healthy food,

Even when you are in a bad mood.

‘Feed me!  I need to eat!’ your stomach says to you,

So you eat nutritious food, CRUNCH! SLURP! GULP!


As skinny as a stick, as fat as a car,

Body image doesn’t tell how healthy you are.

The digestive system is a rollercoaster food has to go through,

But unlike a rollercoaster, nobody can control it.


If you don’t eat nutritious food,

You could get a DEADLY DISEASE!

Sugar can be toxic for your brilliant brain and body,

So you should have a healthy balanced diet.

HWOO-Two Presents


   This is going to be about our unit, How We Express Ourselves. Our central idea isBeing organised empowers us to take action more effectively”. The key concepts of our unit are causation, function and connection.

   During this unit, the whole grade was asked to make products for a company called Two Presents. Two Presents’ mission was so that people could get their ‘dream’ gift and donate to a charity too. Each class was assigned a few charities and within a class people were put in groups representing each charity. We organised ourselves into jobs by figuring out what jobs people wanted to do and by voting for jobs.

   I think I brought contribution to my group because I helped them with the success criteria, me, Charlotte, Moo and Anise were also creative while we were making the card(s). I think I was a good listener because I listened to Moo, Charlotte and Anise while they talked and shared. I also think that I was artistic because I created the cards with Anise, Charlotte and Moo and creating cards is pretty Artsy. I think the type of leader I am is doers because I am energetic and artistic and I like making/creating posters.

    The reason why people take action themselves is because they want to achieve a goal they make or want to accomplish a goal. Decisions are usually made by the person in charge or sometimes the shareholders can choose as well. Roles can be assigned to people by what they are good at or if they try out as that certain role. The connection between the individuals or communities needs and organisations that support them are that organisations can provide the individuals or communities with the needs and they can help them.


P.S. This is the link to Two Present, click HERE  and this is the link to Christian Action, click HERE   

 B.T.W. This is the word search I made (sorry if it’s blurry):

Asbury Field trip


     On Friday, 5A, 5B and 5D went on a field trip to visit the Asbury centre and the subdivided units. We had to hand $20 or more because we were buying materials for the person we visited as a ‘thank you’. My group was with Jeffrey’s mom, Jeffrey, Anise, Alexa and me. Before the field trip started, I was really excited to see the subdivided units because I wanted to see what it was like and I wanted to meet a person that was living in a subdivided unit. In our last unit, we learned about subdivided units and we did a ton of inquiries to learn about them. We learned how big they were, why people live in them, why people don’t live in government housing … …

    When we got to the Asbury centre, the people working there had planned things for us to do. We had to take a quiz about what we knew and there was a guest speaker that used to live in a subdivided unit that talked to us, his name was Francis Ho and now he lives in a building where people work. Their mission was to help people living in subdivided units and so they can spread awareness. While that was happening, we ate our snack because we were really hungry after that long bus ride!

    After that, we had a 3 missions the first one was to buy one type of fruit, one type of vegetables, two rolls of tissue paper and a carton of eggs. We got oranges, some type of vegetable and the other things at a nearby wet market. The second mission was to find the rent for the subdivided units and take a photo. The third mission was to take a group photo.

    When we were done our missions, we went to visit the subdivided unit. We visited a lady who was living with her grandson. The rest of her family was living in Mainland China and she had another grandson in China. She could only speak Cantonese but Jeffrey’s mom translated for us except I knew Cantonese so I understood.

    After the experience I thought that the fact that some people were living in cage homes was really sad. In this field trip, what I liked most was that the women living there was really nice to my group and she was really positive about living there. She told us that she had been living there for around 6 years and she was in line for government housing for 5 and a half years.

    If I could give it a grade I would give it a 10 out of 10 because I really enjoyed the experience and the person we meet. One thing I would like to improve about my experience was that I would like that it could be closer because it is very far away and I wanted the child to come so we could ask him questions too.



G5 CAMP!!!!

    We had camp.

    A few days ago, we started Grade 5 camp! This year it wasn’t super far away like last year (in Pui O), this year camp was at Tai Tam Scout Centre. Camp was organised by A.P.A. (Asia Pacific Adventure) and they were the facilitators for each group but there were mostly two facilitators for each group (1-11). We were put in different groups and my groups group name was … … (Drumroll Please!) … … … … … … THE EXPLODING CHEZEBALLS!!! (Originally Cheezeballs but but someone spelt it wrong so now were the Chezeballs)

    My favourite activity was kayaking.

    I liked it because it was fun and you got to work with a friend because we were in two people kayak. To prepare for kayaking, we had to change into our swimwear because we had to get wet and we had raft building after too. We also had to change into our water shoes. Before we got to kayak we had to learn how to use the paddle on the ground so we knew what to do. Then, we could go in the water me and Moo were in a kayak together.

    I think that if I got a do-over I would improve by … … I think we would need to work on our teamwork because sometimes we would have a tiny fight because one of us wanted to go left but the other person wanted to go right.

     If I could choose if I could have the one person kayak or the two person kayak  I would still pick the two person kayak because you can have company and if you flip the boat you can blame it on your partner (J.K.).

    We went swimming.

    Since we were in the two person kayak we got to go swimming one at a time. For example, if there were 2 people on the boat called Joe and Bob, Bob left the boat to go swimming and because Bob left, Joe has to stay so when you try to get back on, it doesn’t flip. When Moo was swimming and it was time, I went to go get her at the opposite side and she was going to where I was before. Apparently she was calling my name but I couldn’t hear her so at the end, she hitchhiked on another kayak that brought her back to our kayak.

    So that’s all so bye!



FINAL G4 POST!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!!! This is my last post of G4 because it’s almost summer vacation!!!!!!!!!! That means we’re going to G5 next year so I can’t post anymore things on this blog anymore. I think I really liked playing SPLAT which is a game where you get in a circle, then when somebody says your name, you duck then the people next to you will face each other, then say spat whoever says it first wins and the other person goes down. I also enjoyed G4 camp, we went to Pui O and we stayed there for 3 days, 2 nights.

At camp, we did a lot of things like make rafts, shelter… … I was in a tent with Audrey and Stephanie and my activity group was with Audrey, Stephanie, Danica, Sophie, Jasper… … We also got to make our own commercial earlier this year and ours was about football boots. I also liked Class Community Building where we made sculptures out of toothpicks and marshmallows, that was fun although my group couldn’t make the tallest sculpture.

I also enjoyed making/performing our assembly and our spotlight because it was very fun. Our assembly had a lot of skits in it and I was part of the back in time skit where 4 kids go back in time. I was one of those 4 kids and the time machine was basically cardboard. Our spotlight was about Music King land where Teri the main character has a dream about Music king land and she meets other people on the way that teach her how to use the recorder.

This is a quote:

Scratching Letters

So for the past few weeks, we’ve been using scratch to make letters. So far, I’ve made the letters from A-P.  I used 2 strategies to make those letters. The first one was to use specific blocks to make it move a make the letter. The second one was to use the same block and change the coordinates, I made my name (L.T) it was really easy.

I think the hard letters were like  the first letters and K.  The biggest challenge was figuring out the angles and fitting 2 letter on 1 canvas to make a word.

Something I learned after coding was how to use scratch a little better . So far, we’ve had about 3 coding lessons with Ms.Vivian Fung and we have it every Wednesday.

P.S. These are my fav. Letters!

This is HI

This is L

This is B

and this is O





Make, Create ,Collaborate

So Yesterday and Today, we had/have this program called make, create, collaborate. There were different stations like 3-D pen doodling a knitting. I wanted to do 2 things there. Yesterday, I played with the 3-D doodling pen and a made a letter L. Today, I went with my learning buddy, Uma and I used the 3-D doodling pen and I drew U M A in 3-D. This is a picture of when I was using the pen yesterday.IMG_1030

Today, At recess, I went back and I started to ‘finger knit’ with my friend Danica and at lunch, I got more string to make it longer.My string color is black and red.This is me learning to knit:



For easter break, I went to Phuket in Thailand for a week. Last Thursday which was Songkran. Songkran is a water festival to celebrate Thai New Year. It was really fun and I went in the pool lot. I went to the mini pool so I could shoot people with water using my water gun! The last day (not really last day but last day at the Marriot), We visited disabled turtles and fed them, we also went on this HUGE and LONG swing.

After, we went to a different hotel on the other side of Phuket called the Movenpick.  On Thursday we were there, it was Songkran. And we sat by the pool and sprayed people on the sidewalk and it was really funny!mainimg_residencepool


A few weeks ago, we had our SLLR A.K.A. Student Led Learning Review which is when us- students showed our parents what we’re learning about.

Firstly, we had to plan our SLLR’s what we were going to share and say about it. I decided to talk about the design project, fraction strategies etc. We also had to do that for other classes like Chinese, art etc. After that, we had to practice to each other to make sure it sounded right. In P.E. we had to pair up with another kid and do two activities. After a few days, we went to P.A. and brought our computers so we could jot down what to say.

Finally, it was the day of the SLLR’s and I was in the earliest session which was at like 7:50~9:00 I explained my learning and stuff like that… … I think what made it successful was that I was prepared.

This is my pic:


P.S. this is the link to my planning sheet