Aqueduct Design Challenge

Last Week, we were building an aqueduct and I was put into a group. In that group was Ari. We were supposed to build a prototype out of PAPER. Only PAPER( we also used other tools e.g. tape, scissors, and a pencil. But let’s not take that into consideration).

On top of this writing, there are a few pictures that can show you what I am going to be talking about.

The day after we built our prototypes we made a planner for the aqueducts. It was pretty hard to describe what it was supposed to look like because we only knew that it was supposed to describe what it would look like when we finished it. What we didn’t know was that we needed to show where a few materials would go. The next day only one group got a green light for making(A green light for making means you can start building), therefore everyone had to improve on it. So we did what the comment Mr Brown put said for us to do. The next day… Well, it wasn’t good, every group except for mine and another group got the green light for making. When I heard that I started crying, but it actually was really hard to see that I was crying. Then luckily before we went to the innovation lab to start building there were a few minutes so we asked Mr Brown what was wrong with our planner and for some reason, it looked like he thought “huh, I thought they didn’t improve it”. Therefore he signed the green light for making. When we went to the innovation lab and we built the arches for our aqueduct. The arches took two periods(1 hour and 20 minutes) to build… I know TWO PERIODS. I was obviously lucky because I didn’t get burnt with hot glue yet. So the next day we had another two periods to build and we built our aqueducts in CLASS. It wasn’t bad though because we didn’t use green mats we only needed to go on the carpet. So those two periods we used a bit more wisely and finished all the arches. So the next day we made 3 parts of the channel and we used a lot of plastic wrap, and guess what happened, I got burnt with hot glue on my knuckle. It wasn’t that bad though because I took all of the hot glue right when it was on my finger.  The next day we built the last part of the channel. When we finished we made it have very aesthetic looks. Lets Fast forward to when we put the water on our aqueduct. It was very funny to see what happened because the water literally made a pool on the aqueduct. That was because I didn’t think of making the plastic wrap stick to the cardboard. Therefore, in the end, we got 60 millilitres of water. 60 millilitres of water was better than 0, but it got us 0 points. WHO CARES ABOUT POINTS THOUGH.

I think the skills I used to make our aqueduct were:

  1. I think one of them was planning because we had to plan what the aqueduct would look like. I also think one of the skills I used was planning because I had to take in all of the requirements into what I thought it would have to

2. Another skill I think I used was creativity, that is because everyone else was going to use tubes and I used arches (in the end a lot of people changed their plan)

3. I think the last skill I used was being reflective because when I saw that I got 60 millilitres I thought about how I could get all 200 millilitres.

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Scratch – Mig

Last Week everyone in class made one letter. I made 3 letters, those letters were Mig. The strategy I used to make the letters was to make a letter and then move fifty steps. I didn’t have a big challenge because at home a learn to code in CSS, Javascript and HTML. I think I did well because I managed to block code hard letters.

Now Can You Please Watch The Animation

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The Data For My Interview

Before The Holidays I did this interview about beliefs and values. After the interview, I did a slideshow about data about my big question (The Data Is on top of this writing).

My first glow should be that I manage to finish it on time. A grow should be that I should put a conclusion. Another Glow should be that I didn’t put too many distracting pictures. And Lastly, I think that I should have improved on not doing last minute big changes.

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Tools And Technologies From The Past

Yesterday and the day before yesterday we looked at some tools and technologies from the past and we did the see-think-wonder. Than We wrote about what we know about where we are in place and time, what questions we have about it, what skills we used to do the See-Think-Wonder, and lastly what we understand about WWAPT(Where We Are in Place and Time).

I think one glow should be that I manage to make the questions open to a lot of answers not just yes or no. A Grow Should be that I should have written a few more jot notes. Lastly I think that another glow should be that I manage to not just copy the one that we did in class all together.

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4E’s Mission Statement

This Is my classes mission statement

4E’s Mission Statement

We are a class filled with happiness and friendship. We will have fun and help each other as we learn to be responsible, make friends and develop skills to use throughout our daily lives.

Last Week my class made a mission statement for us to use throughout the year. It talks about the environment and how we treat students (just like me) in our class.

I think one glow should be that we made the mission statement detailed. And lastly I think a grow should be that we should have the mission statement have capital letters.

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Mission Statements Evaluation

This is my first post that is categorized meaningful action so hope you enjoy.

 Today in class I evaluated Google and a few other companies/schools mission statements. We were supposed to choose 5 criteria for mission statements. I then rated the mission statements with the criteria and I found that Google had the best mission statement. I think that google had the best mission statement, because it had a lot of original ideas and because the mission statement sounded like a goal.

5 is if it met the criteria, 3 is if it half meets the criteria, and 1 is if it doesn’t meet the criteria at all.

I think that a glow was that I managed to evaluate it because it was really hard to do it. I think that a grow was that I should have been a bit more strict with 5’s.


Visual Number Representations

Two weeks ago we made some visuals that represented numbers from one to twelve. Every time it goes up one in numbers, it goes up one with squares. Every number that uses yellow squares is a prime number.

I think one of my glows should be that I managed to make the visuals look creative. One of my grows should be that maybe I should have used more multiples ( e.g. square=2 so square plus square equals 4). Lastly I think I worked well with Anne because we cooperated very well.

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Character Strengths

A Few Days Ago (also known as last Friday), I made a graph that showed things I show the most (Y axis) and things I value the most (X axis).

I value being a thinker the most, and I show being positive the most. I value being a thinker the most, because I like thinking about more and more things about the world. I show being positive the most, because when my mom or dad tell me something that is sad, I think about the pros (also known as good things).

I think I did a good job on my graph, because I manage to do it when, I value and show all of them a lot. I also think I did a good job because I manage to remember what all of the dots were. I think I should improve on writing neater.