The second Design Day

This design day was extremely different than the last one.We learnt about the different aspects of making a movie.We learnt how to avoid making a bad movie.The main thing about this design day was teamwork.I worked with two of my classmates.I have worked with them before and find them extremely contributive.I definitely look forward to work with them in the future

Here is the link to our Vimeo video on the values of CDNIS-

Service Day

During service day, I learnt about my surroundings and became much more aware about Hongkong as a citizen.I worked with a team I had never worked with before which was a little challenging but at the same time it was also extremely fun.My planning and noticing details skills became much more sharp and advanced.I went to places which were incredibly messy and unsafe, brainstormed how to make that place better and then presented my teams idea to an authorised adult who could actually make these changes.I grew as a citizen,student and a person on service day.

Design Day

Design day was on the 18 of October. We learnt what design is and many different features of design. We were asked to create out own emoji using Adobe Illustrator which represents us in a way.My emoji represents me because it is fun and always happy,  just like me!     emoji