Chinese- Half Year Reflection

This was my second year doing Chinese at school. I have improved tremendously since day one. I have learned so much about the culture and the language in six months and I think I’m still learning.  In the past unit test’s I have learned and used different strategies like using flashcards, games, review sessions and practicing with peers to achieve a good grade. Not only is Chinese extremely informative it is also really fun and interactive. In class, I have learned more while playing games than burying my face in the textbook. I could improve on talking less in class. My attitude towards the language and this particular class is mostly positive. There can be sometimes when I want to quit but on the most side, I think I’m pretty positive. I am extremely interested and curious about the culture. I always want to find out more and add it do my daily life. I have learned how to appreciate my peers, learned how to focus on every detail and learned how to accept my mistakes and build on them until I’m right. Another reason I decided to take Chinese next year because since the language is used worldwide, it will help me in the future for jobs, etc.

Project Genesis Unit 2 Music Summative

Project Genesis

Music Unit – Session


The main idea we are working around is creating an acapella version of the song Flashlight by Jessie J. We chose this song because there was already a famous cover of it in the movie Pitch Perfect 2 by the Barden Bellas which we are taking inspiration from. They sing this song using a variety of different pitches and background sounds which make an extremely flattering sound when all of them are put together. Since acapella is new to us, we found a video which breaks down all the sounds before placing them all together. We are going to be using GarageBand to put the sounds together because GarageBand allows you to adjust the volume of each clip, the tempo, and the pitch so that all sounds can be heard well and are cohesive in the final recording. The tone of this song is quite happy, so we are not going to low in our harmonies so that it creates a well put together and cheerful vibe


Pitch Perfect 2 – Flashlight

This video was the main inspiration as it sounded really good and met all our need and also had the components we needed.

Broken down version

This version of the song helped us have specific sounds which helped us know what to do in steps.

Basic Beatboxing sounds

Since we are new to beatboxing, this video really helped us get the foundation right before starting with the complex sounds and expressions.

Must Haves Desirable Qualities
The final acapella song should be 2 minutes long 6 background and main vocals in total
The song should have several different sounds to support the main vocals and lyrics

Example (bass, beatboxing, etc)

Two main vocalists singing the chorus
Must have the main vocal (Siya) More than one bass sound
 Must have at least 4 different sounds in total 3 different octaves/pitches to create harmony

Partner Task Break Down

Siya Kiara
Main vocal Harmonies with the main vocal
Chorus Acapella background
Lower octave parts of Chorus (solo)
Higher/Middle Octave

Final Reflection

When I was first informed about this summative task I was not excited at all about it. It was mainly because I did not know what I was going to do and in which direction I wanted to go, To make things easier, I decided to work with a partner because it would make the entire process much easier as we both can contribute and exchange and implement ideas. Another reason I chose my partner because I knew that we would work extremely productively with each other. Even though we would get work done, we would make sure that both of us had an engaging time doing it. We chose to do an acapella song because it is so much fun to create and it is easy for us to evenly divide the work between both partners. Flashlight( by Jessi J) was an excellent choice because there are multiple sources that break down the beatboxing parts so that they are easier to replicate. We had to rerecord the song multiple times because we always thought we could improve it and even the feedback we received said so. I definitely reached out of my comfort zone while recording because I’m not that comfortable with singing publicly but this summative definitely helped me get through it. I was also not comfortable singing such high notes but in the end, the song sounded really good and I was extremely proud of it. Although there were times when I was really tired of singing the same part over and over again, I was really proud of my partner and me for overcoming moments like that. This particular music unit has been so much fun because I really got to know my strengths and weaknesses. I also was happy we did not have to use our instruments because that can get a little boring after a while. I think Mr.O’toole was a fantastic teacher and he just helped us so much with our project and made it so much fun. This summative has definitely been one of my favorites

Physical Properties of Matter

All forms of matter have several Physical Properties. Some examples of Physical Properties like odour, malleability, luster, boiling point, melting point, etc. Solubility is also a physical property. This means how much solvent can be dissolved in a solute.

Chromatography: Chromatography is a way of separating a mixture. The mixture is mixed into a fluid called the mobile phase.

Aluminum Mold Task

This task was extremely challenging one. It is one summative that I would never forget for the following reasons

  • I usually like challenging tasks so  this one was extremely fun and interactibe
  • At first, I did not understand the challenge at all and to be completely honest, I did not like it. As I got further into the challenge, I started to understand it and I started to enjoy it.
  • At the end, it was so rewarding to see the grade 1’s to make the mold’s  and how their faces lit up. It was also funny how they believed everything they were being told


Three Challenge Peer Assessment

Name of Peer *

Kiara Daryanani

Song Choice *
Kiara’s Final Composition


Identify alternatives and perspectives

Listen or watch your peer’s final recording submission. After listening, read their artistic intention and thought process behind their work. How does what you thought align with theirs? *
Kiara wrote about how her theme was “Past, Present and Future”. She implemented this by using a variety of instruments. When I heard the song for the first time, the three parts to it were extremely clear and the tempo and rhythm change supported it well. Kiara also chose to use a 3/4 time to go with the three theme. I think the three parts are well communicated and brought out.

What interesting, different, or exciting elements did they use that you would be incorporate into yours next time round? *

I like how Kiara used multiple forms of three in her task. Although Kiara used different instruments and styles of music, the whole song blended in, creating a astounding piece. She also talks about the above in her reflection and supports her information and thoughts about her piece.

Three Challenge Reflection

Final Composition

How were your decisions on your final arrangement affected by your work in class? During the process how did you evolve your musical skill? *
The final composition was affected by the formative tasks thought the following examples. Firstly, we had several brainstorming sessions which helped me mentally prepare and get a overall idea of what I wanted to do in my final composition. So, I got the idea of doing a Dark Light and Neutral theme. Secondly, the song ” The Wise Old Owl” helped me understand the rhythm I wanted to focus on. During this particular task, I learnt a lot about garage band. Garage band is extremely helpful when creating songs using several instruments. I also learnt ukulele, an instrument I wanted to learn for a long period of time.


Music is communication, music is compromise, music requires discipline, music means collaboration. How did these statements affect your development of skills during the unit? *
I chose various elements to support my theme. For example, I used heavier instruments like a grand piano for the dark part of the song.Another way I communicated my song to the lister was by following the “three” theme. I used three fourth time and three different instrument to compose my song. I wanted to use my instrument for the whole “Dark” section but I could not because the clarinet was not dark enough. This lead me to use another instrument to support the darker and heavier part of the song. The Light and Neutral section was fun and easy because I used an array of orchestral instruments which sounded light. These sections were made easier because I am familiar with this group of instruments. We had time to work on this composition through the period of several music lessons. I was mostly disciplined and focused while doing the task. This lead to me not having to work too much at home. While I was making the song, I asked several people to listen and give feedback on my work. These statements helped and affected my skill development by making me rethink all of my decisions before implementing them. This gave me a chance to really think about what will sound good.


I had a strong artistic direction for my final musical audio recording. Discuss how successful you were based on your original plan. *
I did not know at the start what I wanted to do but the brainstorming session helped me narrow down to the Light Dark Neutral theme.


Brand Me Unit Refelction

This project  was extremely fun and informative. More than creating the actual header image, I enjoyed the process of thinking about my company and it’s logo. Although this journey had several bumps along the way, I would not be able to accomplish the final product I have today. For me, the most challenging part of this project was making all the ideas and details work well with each other. I had to make sure that all the spaces were filled logically but at the same time I had to make sure that the header image was not too crowded. Throughout this process my Adobe Illustrator skills improved a lot. Like I said before, this task really got me thinking about what would bring the targeted audience satisfaction. This was one of my favourite design projects because it was challenging and fun and the same time.

CAS 2017

I went to Hainan,Sanya this year.I had never done surfing before this trip.One of the instructors noticed my nervousness and immediately comforted me.After a few sessions, I was extremely comfortable and had a blast.I became extremely comfortable with water sports and socialising with people from around the world.This trip was definitely out of my comfort zone.The group leaders from Insight Adventures were so much fun.They were also serious when it was needed.My group leader, Lucas, was one of the most funniest person I’ve ever met. He was also extremely smart and challenged us to test our limits.Everything was organised extremely  well organised. I learnt a lot and had a really good and informative time.

Design Unit Two


At the start of this unit I thought” This movie is going to be so much easier than creating an advertisement”.But boy was I wrong.This task was so much fun and hard at the same time.I had a wonderful production team.I laughed my way through this unit and both Karma and Conrad did too. We worked extremely well together and our time management was spectacular. We demonstrated our skills in our own ways.Although we did not agree on everything, we met halfway and compromised. As a team we tried our best to listen and incorporate each other’s ideas. We did a lot of research and made sure we knew what we were talking about.I went through several set backs but let them bounce right off of me . I asked of help when I needed.Mr Larson and Ms.Holm were extremely helpful and informative.I had so much fun doing this task and it will be one of my favourites. I think our movie met the specifications extremely well.We described the design-humanities specifications in  an informative and engaging way.We could have definitely improved the audio and visuals of the movie.For example, we could have filmed horizontally. This would have given us more film space. Also, while editing, I could have done the subtitles in shorter chunks.This would have made the movie more neat and easy to read.At the start I was bored and did not want to do this task. But towards the end, something clicked and I started having so much fun while making this movie.