In class we were doing fractions . so first we had to make this design with blocks i was not sure what to make but then when i started to mix my idea together i got the design i wanted. then i made a google drawing about it .we learnt about fractions when we did the goole drawings .Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.07.23 AM


Goal setting

I was i want to thank all my friends mostly  Anna and Kamila because they have been good friends to me when i am not that happy .they also are help full .

My goal for this week is that i want to help my brother do his home work because he broke his arm.












Plastic free seas

today in class , we learnt that in most soap there is teeny little bits of plastic and that soap will get washed in to the sea and all the living animals will eat  that .And even worst it goes into the plankton and when the little fish eat the plankton they will get plastic in them and they could die !!!

persuasive argument

We did this for our learning skills with iPads and computers for videos.  We could use these skills for later in the year when we are making a video  .We used a tripod for filming the video .The tripod help us to hold it when we can’t hold it and we can move it steadily  .I learnt how to use the tripod and gan a little confidence .I will help somebody that does not know how to do it.unnamed

roots and Shoots

You might get intrested in this and you might even do the same as us ,so roots and shoots is something that helps not only the school but even the whole world ! so I am in roots and shoots because  I want to make the world better and greener . At my house we grow a lot of food ,we mostly use chillies for dinner , me and my brothers sometimes have competitions eating bits of our garden chillies !!And some times when my brothers are not done yet and I am drinking my water it gets too hilarious and the water in my mouth spills  out and my brothers laugh even more !! So still I want to improve the world!!