The type of community I want

This is my writing of “what kind of community you want “I really like reflecting on the stuff I like and don’t like because I don’t want to say that to  my friends and make them do stuff .but if they see that I don’t like these things then they won’t do those things or show me the things I don’t like because they know that I don’t like it !that’s why I like reflecting on stuff like this !

Geometry Test Reflections

hi, everyone, a week ago we did a test in Math class (a Geometry Test.).I did know a lot but some Questions were a bit hard.But I think I did ok!I have not looked at Geometry in my old school or the previous years.I have got better at Geometry in class because we have looked at Geometry a lot.I think I need to work on naming the shapes.The questions that I did not know how to do I read it over one more time and if I still did not know how to do it I would write [i don’t know ]and why.I was not too happy about my results but My teacher said to the whole class not to worry because this was just a test to see where you are in maths.I don’t like not knowing the names of the shapes but I think I am getting better at Geometry!I would like to improve on the names of shapes.I think if I were to do this test again it would be much better!And I would have to make my explaining a bit clearer.But I like my results!

3D abstract triangle art

I class these past few days we have been working on a 3D TRIANGLE ART.I did not know much about abstract triangle art before but now I know how to make a 3D abstract art !when doing this I have been learning a lot of things, I have learned how to use a protractor and a lot of other things.I have never done this out of school or in my old school.I have never thought about doing this at home!but it was very fun!

start of grade 5!!

hi everyone so nice to be back I’m in grade 5 now!so let get started.This first week at school we have been looking at some stuff so the first day I was at school we look at some 3D shapes. I did not know much about 3D shapes, for example, the names but I have learned a lot sins then.!!

我是一個什麼 學習者




Fiona’s initials (Coding)

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.27.40 AMToday in class we did coding we had to code our initials you can see the picture i posted . it was very hard to code it it took two days and two hours ever day to get it properly done . I also did a nice drawing of……Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.40.29 AM……. a flower like thing i had spent not as much time on this then on my initials.


In class we were doing fractions . so first we had to make this design with blocks i was not sure what to make but then when i started to mix my idea together i got the design i wanted. then i made a google drawing about it .we learnt about fractions when we did the goole drawings .Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.07.23 AM