roots and Shoots

You might get intrested in this and you might even do the same as us ,so roots and shoots is something that helps not only the school but even the whole world ! so I am in roots and shoots because  I want to make the world better and greener . At my house we grow a lot of food ,we mostly use chillies for dinner , me and my brothers sometimes have competitions eating bits of our garden chillies !!And some times when my brothers are not done yet and I am drinking my water it gets too hilarious and the water in my mouth spills  out and my brothers laugh even more !! So still I want to improve the world!!

home learning ( trash or treasure )

1 .Trash or treasure is some thing that can help you learn more because if you are always using trash then that will take a long time and you are not learning anything !!But if you are using treasure then you will take less time because you are learning stuff.

2. Trash or treasure will help you learn or not lean depending on if it is treasure or not .

3 . We use trash or treasurer to help us learn more quickly and easily .

4 For example  if you are writing something and someone said that is all not true and they are right that means that what you just wrote is all trash .