Finally Sharing What I Know!

Exhibition was a very fun journey and experience. I learned a lot throughout this process.  Most importantly, I was able to learn more about dog abuse, something that I am passionate about.

I feel most proud of my action because it was quite challenging for me to think of an action and in the end the workshop was very successful and all the people that came to my stall really liked the logo stickers.

Alexis & I shared a display together since we have the same milestones and our topic were both based on abuse (Animals). I displayed some pictures that represented dog abuse and explained the meaning behind them to the audience. I also displayed my journey, things that represent my workshop (A video and a decorated picture frame as an example of what people did during the workshop), my process journal and my box of stickers. It felt good to be able to express my findings to a curious  audience.

I feel that the presentation days were a bit easier than I expected since not many people asked questions about my exhibition. I am very glad that many people came to me & Alexis stand because then  we hope that they will raise awareness and be more aware of our issue. We both received some feedback that could help us improve, but we also received some positive feedback.

If i could go back in time and do exhibition again i would design my logo stickers so that it makes it more obvious that i am not supporting dog abuse and i am against dog abuse. I would have managed my time better so that i could make the outcome better than it already is. Even though i feel like i have done this to the best of my ability i still think that i could have done a little more if i know the outcome. I would also like to have kept my topic because our Transdisciplinary Theme is “Who we are” and i am a Dog Lover and a Dog Owner so i feel this is Who I Am and this would fit well for my exhibition topic since i am also aware of this issue and i wanted to try and raise awareness.

Attacked by a beehive!

Dear readers,

Last week I went to camp from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th of November. My camp teacher was Ms. Cheung, she is the teacher of 6E. In my camp group there was  Alexis, Jonathan, Darren, Tayne, Elsa, Anne-Marie, Nate, Hayden and Carlos.

I really liked the way that when the people in my group got stung, some other people that didn’t,  tried to help. I wish i had known that someone stepped on the beehive because then we could have ran towards the back wouldn’t have gotten stung by a whole hive of bees. Luckly, Only me and Alexis got stung several times as well as the camp instructors & two other people got stung once. I still need work on being more of a risk taker.


Learning Space

Hello Readers,

       My home learning environment  feels quiet so i can concentrate on my task. But i like to listen to music as well because helps me feel like i can finish my task. It looks like something like this, except it is longer and wider and has more drawers throughout. What i could do to improve as a learner from my learning space is to maybe feel comfortable . This is the end of what my home learning space looks like. Thank you for reading my blog post.

First Week Of Home Learning / Week three

Dear Readers,

This week was the first week of Home Learning and the third week of school. For home learning i chose to do Inspiring Change and Home Learning Success. In PE this week, We played Badminton again, I think i improved a lot in Badminton because before i couldn’t even get the birdie in the air and now i can actually play rallies and hit it across the net an back and forth.

Home Learning Sucess

Dear readers,

I think how i can remember and accomplish all my Home Learning is to  write down my home learning on a white board that i have at home and put it on my desk and to have a organised Home Learning schedule. That is what i think can help me better to succeed in remember to bring and finish all my home learning by Friday.

Reflection Of this Week

This week was the first week of school. In class we played some team building  games to try and get to know each other better and welcome new students.


On Monday, the first thing we did when we came into the classroom was we got our locker, our lock and our seat. Then, Ms B introduce herself to us and told us why she was late and that she is scared of thunder. After that, we went to the library pit with the whole grade and the homeroom teachers told us a little about Grade 6. Then, our Chinese teachers came and we got separated into different classes depending on your level in chinese. My chinese teacher is Ko Laoshi, I had him last year as well. From our class, Alexis, Agatha, Shannon and Ryder are in my Chinese class.

On Tuesday, we had PE first thing in the morning. We played some relay games and the bucket game. We also had Visual Arts with Ms Joanne. She showed us some of her crocheting and we drew something and stuck it in our sketch books.


On Wednesday, we started making our locker tags. For my locker tag, I drew some light and dark purple polka dots and my name right in the middle. I think my locker tag is good and it represents me. We also had Chinese class. We played some games to get to know each other.


On Thursday, we had Chinese class first thing in the morning. We had to do an assessment on how our summer went. After Chinese class we had PE. We did a quiz on our laptop about what we know about badminton and played some badminton.


On Friday, once again we had Chinese class. We got in a group and Ms B told us to do an visual representation on what we think ‘How do we learn learn ‘ means. Our group decided to show it by poster. On the last period, we went down to the forum to have an introducing assembly  and introduce grade 5’s and 6’s class names. Our class 6A’s class name is 6A Avocados!


Overall, I think this week was really fun! I think grade 6 will be an awesome year.

Musical Instruments

  Musical instruments have lasted a long time. Humans first started musical instruments with a flute made out of bear bones, then people kept on inventing more and more different types of instruments. The most significant people in inventing musical instruments were Benjamin Franklin, Andrea Amati, Bartolomeo Cristofori, Adolphe Sax …

  Musical instruments are good at entertaining people, and it usually makes people happy if they are in a bad mood. But bad because it is expensive hiring a teacher to learn an instrument, buying the instrument and that some musical instruments are hard to learn and it might be frustrating.


My Responsibility as a 5A Student

On Wednesday, we were told to create our own recipe and list 5 ingredients that would make the classroom function better.  The five ingredients I wrote were:

-keep the classroom neat


-be positive

-stay on task

-respect others


As a 5A student, I think my responsibility is to:

Keep the classroom tidy because it makes it easier to find things and it minimizes time for looking for things. There would be an unlikely event of people losing their things. It benefits everyone. It is also a better way to start a day, and it feels more fresh.

   Have teamwork. for example, if you are assigned to be in a group but you don’t actually do anything, just talk about what you did on the weekends you will not get anything done. Another example is when you are in a group that you don’t work well with. You will also probably argue the whole time and not show any progress in your work. Also, if you work together well, it benefits your learning.

I think being positive is really important in not only learning, but also your everyday life. To have a balanced life, staying positive is essential. For example, it you get a math problem wrong and you can just try and try again.

Staying on task will encourage us be more efficient and overall get better results. If we played games all day on the computer, nothing would be gotten done.

     I wrote that we need to respect others when they are talking, we shouldn’t create distractions by taking because if one person is talking it distracts the whole class, and soon the whole class would be out of control.

         Those were my five ingredients for how to make up the perfect class. If we work well with these five ingredients, everybody will have a perfect learning environment.


Asbury Blog Reflection


Last Friday, we went to Asbury which is a foundation that helps people have a home. I was kind of excited because I have never done something like this before. At the beginning, we had a presentation. First, we found out our groups. Each class had 5 groups. There were 3 classes. I was in group 1. I was with Caitlyn, James, Ishaan and Joe.


the reason we were there was to know how people in caged homes live and to know what Asbury does to help them. Then, we went to a market nearby and bought things like tissue rolls, Vegetables and fruits. I was a little frustrated because if we don’t hold the fruits and vegetables carefully the bag will break and everything will fall out.


After that, we went to the caged homes and we gave the lady the things we bought them. She lived with her family of four, her husband and her two sons. Her younger son is around four and her older son is about eight. Her husband went to work and her sons went to school, so she is the only one that is at home most of the time. They have one bunk bed. the older son sleeps with his dad on the top bunk and the younger one sleeps with his mom at the bottom. They said they usually eat at home because they have a kitchen, but it is right next to their bathroom.


Lastly, I would give it a five out of ten because they still have a place to stay in and they have a bathroom and a kitchen. They also get to go to school. I also feel bad for them because they only get a small area to live in with four people and kids.