Artists In Residence

Hi guys, in the last couple of weeks i have been working on my design fro the fashion show held in my school. In this project my group HK Rugby Sportswear is going to be designing a rugby costume to wear on the fashion show. My class decided to make our robots wear mini costumes like us so my groups plan is that our  model who is Kelson will go on the fashion show with our robot who is going to be the rugby ball so their outfits match each other. In order to make the costume for our model we used paper and thermocol. We used paper for the t-shirt and shorts and thermocol for the pads and back protection. First we took the vest and outlined it. we took to outlines so we can velcro the t-shirt together. For the pants i took Kelson’s pant’s measurement and outlined it twice and again we put velcro on it. For the pads and back protection we took the thermocol and taped it to the t-shirt in the appropriate sizes. For the robot we 3D printed a rugby ball and taped it on to the robot. My group had a lot of funny arguments but over all we ended up having a lot of fun and having successful costumes for the model and the robot. The most challenging part was when making the pads we ran out of tape so we had to secretly steal some tape from the other groups😉. It was really fun, Bye for now and stay tuned for my next blog post.

Back From Winter Break

Hi guys, the first week back from winter break was good and bad. Lets start with the good things, the good things are that it was nice to see my friends faces after 2-3 weeks and that i have become more mature so i behave myself in class and get opportunities to sit with my friends. I am also pretty hyped up about sports day. The bad thing is that the studies in grade 5 have become harder and harder but luckily homework hasn’t started oh wait it will next week😱. But overall it was a great week. Ok guys bye for now stay tuned for my next blog post.

Art Peace Flag

What is the message that you have wanted to express in your artwork?

I want to send the message that  peace makes the world a better place and harmony and so does kindness.

List all the techniques that you used in making your flag.

I used thread, needles, cloth makers and different types of fabrics.

Now that you have learned how to sew, how do you think you can apply your sewing skills to another project or task in the future?

Yes i think i can make more peace flags to spread awareness on my problem. I hope the peace problem gets better by my peace flags.

On a scale from one to ten how much would you rate the quality of your peace flag?

Even though my peace is not the best i will rate it a 7 out of 10 because i put in a lot of hard work into my peace flag and that’s why it is a 7.

Child Soldier Guest Speaker

Hey guys did you know that today i had a guest speaker in my school and the most fascinating thing was that he was a child soldier when he was 15 and then he was rescued by some nice people when he was 16. I felt really sad when i heard the story of his life because his son died because of the disease of nominia and  his dad and mom were put in prison and they stayed there till they died. He also lost a finger while he was jumping and his finger snapped off because there was a metal wire which his finger got stuck in. He also had many scars on his legs which made me get a weird feeling in my brain which was saying what if those were my legs. It was a fantastic time at the end i asked many questions and i was very exited to get the answers but the ansbwers he gave me was actually really sad. Me and my friends also got a photo with him. Bye for now stay tuned for my next post.

Child Soldier Simulation/Great Week

Hey guys this was a great week we coded our robots to do dance, we had Mr.Thomas as our substitute teacher (He is so cool). But the funnest part of the week was that i got to make a child soldier simulation with my friends in which we make our classmates feel like how the child soldiers feel and we will be the grumpy terrorists. We had props like nerf guns, cool goggles and masks. I don’t just think about this simulation as a nerf gun fight but i think at the end of the fake war our classmates will get the hidden message in the simulation. It was so fun!

First Week Of G5

This was a great first week of the new grade. It actually wasn’t as scary as i thought it was actually it was pretty fun. i got to meet my new classmates and 2 of my best friends were in my class too. We did group buildings, organising the class room and more fun things. The best part was no home learning grid. I hope for a great second week of G5 too. It is awesome!

All About Me

我 是 印 度 人。

我 说 英 文 印 度 文 和 中 文。

我 是 凯 文。

我 喜 欢 红 色。

我 在 加 拿 大 国 际 学 校 上 学。

我 九 岁。

我 是 男 孩。

我 是 动 觉 学 习 者。

再 见。

Smart Goal: 看 中 文 书。I want to be better at reading a lot of chinese library books by december. I am going to read a book every day for 10 minutes. I have decided it to change it to 15 minutes because school work has become more easy and that will help me become better too.

HWOO Unit Reflection

Central Idea-: 人 们 和 组 织 用 合 作 面 对 天 灾。

Lines Of Inquiry-:

天 在 有 拿 些? 天在 咋恩嘛养? 龙 卷 风 很 害怕。

天 在 来了, 人们怎嘛半? 龙 卷 风 来 了 人们 字 地 下 师 里。

Learner Profile and Attitude-: Empathy and caring。 because people are saving people’s lives and telling people what to do.

Action-: i will read more books for better vocabulary.

Final G4 Blog Post

Hi guys today is going to be my final blog post for G4. It is about all the highlights that i have been through in G4. My most favourite activities are the HWEO commercials, 4D spotlight, camp and the 4D assembly. i was really proud of myself when i finished presenting my projects on food waste, how cars work and media and big data. i just cannot forget the wonderful class parties so so great. My favourite times are activities like splat and golden time. Man it sure was a great time in grade 4 now i have to get ready for grade 5. Hope you got to know something about me bye for now!

Link to My Commercial-:

Coding Animation

Hi guys today i will be telling you about my coding class. This time we made animations my animation was a plane flying in the sky check it out! It was pretty challenging but i finally figured out things and finished my animation. To make your own animation login to scratch and create a new project! Bye for now hope you like my animation!