Hi people of the world,

A few days back me and my friends Selene and Ashley made a poster about how animals are getting harmed because of what we are doing to there habitats and to the animals. The picture shows how animals are getting harmed because we are using them for makeup testing, destroying there home to make space for shops, malls, markets and other types of buildings also theres a paragraph of how you can help. The process was worthwhile because when people see our poster they will try not to to bad things to harm animals. We had to make a poster which connects with this line of inquiry: ” How humans effect the balance within ecosystems “.

Here is my poster…

If you are not sure what is written then you can check the bottom of this post.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.06.36 PM .

  Animals Home Destruction

 When humans destroy animals homes to build factories, shopping malls, and other harmful things to the environment, the animals that once lived there, from the bugs that lived in the ground to the birds that ate them, and the other creatures, all may disappear. Some may move to new home areas, but now, there are very minimal places for animals to go. There isn’t enough food, water or shelter for all of them. Many of the animals will not survive.


Makeup Testing on Animals

Lately, there has been a lot of makeup testing, on animals. Many people think that just because they are not humans, that it is okay to harm them majorly. They do this because they don’t think of the consequences. People have to realise that animals have important roles in our community, and without them, the world will never be the same. Did you know that LUSH is going against animal testing.


How YOU Can Help

Did you know that you can help solve this problem. You should use leather bags or get your own from home when you have to go shopping. You could also put up posters and write blog posts about raising animal awareness.


Hello people

A few weeks back we made a survey about a “Animal shelter”. We sent it to our parents and friends so they could fill in the form. We got only 3 responses because some people do not check there email, we also did not send it to many people but it is ok.

Most people got a bit inspired with the video and they thought that the message was to be more aware. Some of the questions were, Can they show more explicit conditions to make people more aware?, What volunteering work can I do for the cause of homeless pets?. Out of all people everyone was feeling either sad, ashamed, disturbed, emotional or thoughtful. From my perspective I felt upset and disturbed and if I could I would donate and adopt a dog.

Here is the form if you’d like to fill it out. Animal Shelter Survey .


Hello Readers,

A few days back we did a experiment called “Inertia Carts”. We basically put different weights on the cart and saw how far it would go and how it would work. My group and I did carts with 0 grams, 200 grams and 500 grams. This chart shows what we did and how it happend…