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For one of our project’s we had to build a clubhouse. First we had to design our clubhouse, then we made the shapes by folding and glueing them. After that we glued the whole clubhouse into the shape we wanted, after that we measured the Area, Perimeter and Volume…

My Perimeter for my clubhouse was 50.5 ft

My area of my clubhouse was 204.28 ft

My Volume of my clubhouse was 407.864 ft

I measured the clubhouse by using a ruler. This is my clubhouse….

Clubhouse IMG_0252    IMG_0253 IMG_0255 IMG_0257


Sup Guys,

Blogging is getting really fun now!! Last Friday Mr Brown ( My class teacher ) was not in school because he had to go for a meeting, so we had a substitute teacher. Mr Brown had given us a playlist to do… one of them was to share pictures of our math books, so here it is. Countdown from 1000 is a game where you have some cards and you pick one up you write the number in the Hundred’s place, Ten’s place or the One’s place ( Example: If I pick a 6 if I want I can put it in the Ten’s place. ). ( You use 2 dice to play the game ) You pick three numbers and put it under the 1000, ( you will be playing with a partner ) then you subtract the number, you keep doing this from the number you got from the last problem ( Example: 1000 – 513 = 469, 469 – 72 = 397….) . The objective of the game is to try and get the lowest number as you can. If you get a negative number than your partner wins the game ). If you get a lower number than your partner you win, but if your partner gets a lower number you will be pleading them for a rematch ( If you start crying this is what you should do: ” Cry yourself a river build a bridge and get over it!!!”) at the end it’s just a game. Susie the Snake was the P.O.W ( Problem Of the Week ) ( Which I got right ). And last but not least is Faye’s Nine’s is a problem is where you arrange numbers 1-9 to make 3 three digits to make everything add up to 999 and you have to try and find different types of ways to do it. I have gotten 7 answers by now.

Now enough writing my hands are getting tired… Here are the pictures of my Math book….

Math    IMG_0790   IMG_0786

Aloha readers!!

Today we did a subtraction post test to see how we have improved. The Pre Assessment was the first one we did. The Post Assessment was the second one we did. The numbers represent the number of seconds I took to answer the questions. I think that I did it best by a number line in my head for closer numbers. I think I can improve by not panicking a lot. This is my chart…

image                                Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 12.31.40 PM

Thanks for listening,!!

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 12.17.42 PM

Yellow Hat Thinking: 

I think I did well in researching about the dates and writing because some of them were not on the page. I think I did well in this because I was cooperative and listened to the instructions well.

Black Hat thinking: 

I think need to work on staying on task and not talking a lot. We also need to write a bit more and make it neater. Me and Elizabeth were a great group.

.Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 8.58.27 AM   Alien number system

In math Venita and I made a 4 base alien number system. We did this to understand the 10 base number system. We did not use ordinary numbers for this we made up are own alien numbers, 0=star, 1=heart, 2=square, and 3=snowflake. It was a lot of fun. And the awesome part is that I did it with my best friend!!

Yellow Thinking Hat:

I think I did a good job of writing the symbols and figuring out how to do the system. I and Venita were a great working team and cooperated a lot. This is the poster we had made…

Green Thinking Hat:

I think I need to work on learning the base 6 number system and need to practice my multiplication.