Hey People,

Its been a long time since I’ve posted, I should probably change my blogs name since i’m not in 4C anymore, I’m in grade 6. I don’t think we will be posting that often but I’ll try to…

Have a nice life!


Dear Mr. Roberts, (if you ever read this…)

It’s been the BEST year since I’ve joined CDNIS. It was shocked and sad when you told us you were going to leave us and go to Canada :(. But there’s nothing 5E can do to make you stay. Your the FIRST teacher I had that was interested in sports and I love that about you, also you’re always willing to help out and never get really angry (other than a few times when we were really really loud). We (5E) hope you have an amazing time in Canada (with the girl we met at the ice-rink… jk :)) Hopefully you change your mind last minute and teach grade 6 but that’s pretty unlikely. See!! you taught us probability too!! Anyway, hope you don’t forget us and… have a great life? BYEEEE (but you can stay too).



Hi Readers,

Sorry I have not done a blog post in a long time. But… this weekend I went to see the “Dancing Water” show in Macao!!! It was so much fun. We ended up sitting in the second row and getting sprayed by water quite a few times. I am really happy that they gave us TOWELS to wipe ourselves if we got wet. I know I should have mentioned this early but I went with my Grandparents and my mum, we had gone there to get my grandparents visa stamped but there would be no point going there and doing just that so we watched the show. This was actually my third time going there but the first time I went my hand got stuck in the seat and we had to call the ambulance to take me to the hospital. Because of that incident I got 9 stitches, but thats a different story. The second time I went I was in like the Tenth seat, thankfully there were no problems. My brother could not come because he had a class and I am pretty sure he wanted to stay in the house. In the show there were these really well trained performers doing acts in the water and most of them were unbelievable. In one of the acts they were on motorcycles and doing really cool stuff. This was I once in a lifetime moment. The show was like one hour long but it felt like five minutes. It was one of the best shows I have ever watched in my life.


Hi Campers!!

Get ready this is going to be a long post…

I just came back from camp! It was so much fun! For camp we went to Treasure Island! It was so much fun! When we came we got to know our groups and instructor, I was with Anika, Elizabeth (she was sick so she could not come), Fiona, Leah, Kiana, Ryan, Maya, Nadia, Hugo, Kamila, Luca, Jacob, Aiden and Joe. In the evening we just did some activities and played on the beach. Then we took showers and had our dinner. After dinner we had a scavenger hunt, ( that was one of my favourite activities ) we had to find stuff like a bar of soap, a person with a tattoo, a thousand pieces and other weird stuff. Soon we had to go to sleep ( at 9:30 ). The next morning we had to wake up a 6:30, the teacher didn’t have to wake me and Kiana ( my tent buddy ) because we did not sleep that night. Kiana slept for like one hour and I slept for half an hour. After having our breakfast ( where I had French toast and cornflakes ) we went in the water for some more activities like surfing! it was so fun! we first had to do an obstacle course, then we had to go into the water on the surfboard and paddle to teacher on the other side who made us stand on the board and jump off. We did a few rounds, the obstacle course was the same but on the first round she made us stand on the board and jump off, on the second round she made us spin the board by our legs and on the third round she flipped us over. One of my my favourite activities was jumping on the waves even if I got really wet. Then we had a small snack I had apple juice and some cookie kind of thing. After the snack we went to the field to play a game called ” Game Of Life” ( it sounds like the board game but it isn’t ). In the game there was a herbivore, omnivore and a carnivore, it was like tag. The Carnivores could tag the Omnivores and the Herbivore but could not get tagged. The Omnivore has to run from the Carnivore and tag the Herbivores. The Herbivores had to run from the Omnivores and the Carnivores   Then we had our lunch, we could make our own sandwich, I used cheese, lettuce and cucumber. After lunch we went to see wetlands, we saw lots of different types of plants, my favourite ones were the Taro and the Horseback plants ( I think that’s what it’s called ), the taro leaf could keep water on the leaf and not get wet, the horseback plant is like a puzzle, you could remove a piece from it and then join it back! After that we went to the beach to find crabs and shells. Soon after that we made our own rafts!! We also had to take them in the water to see if they worked. Our’s worked but when we were in the water one of the ropes in the middle of the rafts was really lose so Anika had to sit on it. I felt really bad for the group that could not go in the water because there rafts broke down before they got into the water. After all that we had to go and take showers. The thing I hate about taking showers is because we have to take them with boys so we can’t remove our swimming costumes ( also the fact that on the first day the water ran out and I still had shampoo on my head, also then we had to wait for 20 minutes for the water to come back ). After showers we had some free time so me and my friends went to the field to do gymnastics and play tag. Then we had our dinner, it was our turn to have a barbecue! I had potato, corn, sausage and some s’mores.Then we played some games for Twilight Activities like this game called “Down In The Jungle” we play it all the time in camp, it goes like this… down in the jungle where nobody goes there’s this big fat gorilla picking his nose he picks it and he flicks it to see where it goes, who’s going to get that who’s going to get that who’s going to get that nasty snot. Then at 9:30 we had to go to sleep. I slept really well that night, in the morning I woke up at 6:00 ( just in time ). Kiana and me cleaned up our tent and packed our bag since it was the last day. After I brushed my teeth we had our breakfast, I just had cornflakes because I was not that hungry. After that we had Orienteering where we had to find points on a map and then go there to collect a ribbon. I didn’t really like the hunt because it started raining and I became really wet and cold. Than we went back to TIG ( Treasure Island Group ). I was so sad that we had to leave in 10 min. After we said bye to our group leaders and got are T-shirts signed ( Forgot to mention, they gave us Treasure Island T-shirts!! ) we left. Oh! I totally forgot about the buffalo poo, it was everywhere, wherever you went you could see some. We reached school in 40 min, then we played some Down In The Jungle. It was a great camp. Here are some pictures….

IMG_1356  IMG_1357  IMG_1370  SAM_1043  SAM_1056

SAM_1059  SAM_1087  SAM_1092

SAM_1099    SAM_1102  SAM_1112

SAM_1114   SAM_1125  SAM_1147

Hi Guys,

Since today I have nothing to do and I am really bored I thought that should do a blog post. Have you read the book ” The Parent Agency “? If you haven’t than you should, It is my favourite book!! I finished reading it in like 2 days!! First it was my brothers, but did not like it ( How could he not? ) so he gave it to me. I wish I hadn’t read it so fast because all the fun went away when I finished. The book has 380 pages and it’s written by ” David Baddiel “. I love the book even though David Baddiel is not my favourite author. Here is the blurb if you are planning to read it, ” I WISH I HAD BETTER PARENTS! Barry said, a third time. And then suddenly the entire room started to shake… Barry Bennett hates being called Barry. In fact it’s number two on the list of the things he blames his parents for, after number 1: being boring. But there is a world where parents don’t just have children. Thats far too random. Instead, children are allowed to choose their parents. For Barry Bennett, this world seems like a dream come true. Only things turn out to be not quite that simple…” You should really read this book.

Here is the cover of the book…              Here are some other books by David Baddie….

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.25.25 PM . Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.27.13 PM   Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.28.48 PM


If you are wondering who my favourite author is, it’s David Williams. I can’t choose which book is my favourite from him, They are all fantastic! Here are some books David Williams wrote…

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.35.20 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.34.45 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.34.22 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.34.04 PM


˙´¬¬ø π´øπ¬´¡¡

( That means ”Hello People!!” )

I Just found out a secret code which you can only do on a Macbook. Here, I will show you….

a = å    b = ∫    c = ç    d = ∂   e = ´    f = ƒ    g = ©    h = ˙    i = ˆ   j = ∆    k = ˚    l = ¬    m =  µ    n = ˜   o = ø    p = π    q = œ    r = ®    s = ß     t = †    u = ¨   v = √    w = ∑    x = ≈    y = ¥    z = Ω  .

Now you have to solve this:

1. ∫´††¥ ∫ø¨©˙† å ∫å® øƒ ∫¨††´®.

Now see if you can solve this:

2. ı¨† †˙´ ∫¨††´® ı´††¥ ∫ø¨©˙† ∑åß ∫ˆ††´®.

Your a champion if you do this:

3. ßø ı´††¥ ∫´å† å ∫ˆ ˆƒ ∫¨††´® †ø µå˚´ †˙´ ∫ˆ††´® ∫¨††´® ∫´††´®.


Answers:  1. Betty bought a bar of butter.  2. But the butter Betty bought was bitter.  3. So Betty Beat a bit of butter to make the bitter butter better,


Hey people,

For Christmas we made a snowman jar and christmas crackers. If you are wondering what “Christmas Crackers” it is a toilet paper role rapped with coloured paper, and inside the toilet paper role there is candy. We open a Christmas Cracker every day. We made the snowman jar by taking a pompom and sticking the pipe cleaners for the handle and then we put glue all around the jar for putting fake snow on it, after that we took buttons for eye’s and we took leather for the scarfs.

Here is the Christmas decorations we made…

IMG_0422      IMG_0421


Dance pictures

Hi Again!!

Yesterday I had to perform a different kind of dance. I did two dances. This is a picture my dad took of me and my teacher. I have been doing dance for about 3 years and I think it is really graceful. This dances name is “Barathnatiam” ( I guess thats how you spell it). The dance is where you use your legs to bang on the floor and your hands to do hand gestures.

Hi Guy’s,

In two days I will be playing a Hockey Tournament!! I love hockey. I started playing hockey so I could start learning ice hockey. I am so excited!! I think Hockey is really fun because I love running around and play with my friends. I started Hockey a few month ago and now I think I really like it. I learn hockey in KCC ( Kowloon Cricket Club ). I think my teacher is like the best hockey player ever!! We normally start with a warm up running game. Then we move on to the dribbling, dribbling is when you take the ball and pass it around and do tricks This is where we practice…

20161204_114019    hockey