Hi guys, a week back we had our Inquiry Exhibitions, which is where we showed 5C what we’ve been doing in Inquiry. In Inquiry we had to choose a historical invention, make a prototype and write a two page essay about it. I decided to do the telegraph. The telegraph is a machine that was used to communicate in the olden days. This machine was made by Samuel Morse, who also invented the Morse Code. He invented the code in 1832 – 1835. When the first telegraph was made it had 26 wires, one wire for each letter. Then came along Samuel, he invented it with only one wire, using morse code. It had one wire because you could either hold the button for long and make a dash, or tap it to make a dot. Even though it was really useful it still cost a lot of money. So it wasn’t used that often only for important messages, and it wouldn’t be a long one, it would be like “Ma Die Come” because it would cost a lot for each letter. Learning about different historical events was a great experience, and these are some pictures of a telegraph.


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