Dear Mr. Roberts, (if you ever read this…)

It’s been the BEST year since I’ve joined CDNIS. It was shocked and sad when you told us you were going to leave us and go to Canada :(. But there’s nothing 5E can do to make you stay. Your the FIRST teacher I had that was interested in sports and I love that about you, also you’re always willing to help out and never get really angry (other than a few times when we were really really loud). We (5E) hope you have an amazing time in Canada (with the girl we met at the ice-rink… jk :)) Hopefully you change your mind last minute and teach grade 6 but that’s pretty unlikely. See!! you taught us probability too!! Anyway, hope you don’t forget us and… have a great life? BYEEEE (but you can stay too).



Inquiry Exhibition

Hi guys, a week back we had our Inquiry Exhibitions, which is where we showed 5C what we’ve been doing in Inquiry. In Inquiry we had to choose a historical invention, make a prototype and write a two page essay about it. I decided to do the telegraph. The telegraph is a machine that was used to communicate in the olden days. This machine was made by Samuel Morse, who also invented the Morse Code. He invented the code in 1832 – 1835. When the first telegraph was made it had 26 wires, one wire for each letter. Then came along Samuel, he invented it with only one wire, using morse code. It had one wire because you could either hold the button for long and make a dash, or tap it to make a dot. Even though it was really useful it still cost a lot of money. So it wasn’t used that often only for important messages, and it wouldn’t be a long one, it would be like “Ma Die Come” because it would cost a lot for each letter. Learning about different historical events was a great experience, and these are some pictures of a telegraph.


Fashion Show


We had a bunch of events planned for this week but sadly we don’t have school till Feb 27, so everything’s getting postponed, like the Fashion Show. We were supposed to have it tomorrow, but we can’t, because of the flu. The Fashion Show is when we get into groups and create a costume out of different fabrics and other material. Then we have to do the Cat Walk to show what we create to the other grades, teachers and parents. I’m in a group with Azzy, Oliver, Takdeer and Shiv. We used Bubble Wrap to create our design, and I’m the model. Azzy was going to be model but she had a race so she couldn’t do it, so I was the next choice.  First, we took my measurements and changed it from Azzy’s size (mostly just the hat). Second, we tried everything on to see if it would fit. The only thing we really had some problems were the dress\shirt, because we had to drape it.  At the end of the last class we got mostly everything ready, I can’t wait till we have the fashion show.




Sports Day

Hi Guys,

We FINALY had sports day.  It was like the other sports days, but just one different thing. I actually tried this year. We had to choose between 100 and 200 meters. And you could chose between 400 and 800 meters. I chose 200 and 400. Most people did 100 and 400 because those were the easiest ones.  First we had our activities, Ball Throw, Capture The Flag, Long Jump and Mat Ball. We played Capture The Flag 2 times against 5D and 5A, we won both times (yay).  First we did the 400 meters girls, I came third, which is pretty bad but I tried my best. Then we had the 200 meters girl,  I came second, which I’m happy with. I think I’m about the 15th fastest girl in the grade, yay??. At the end we did tug of war, every year the Orcas win because we have the most students so whats different this year. WE WON!!! For grade 5 Tug Of War, but for grade 6 Raven won. Overall. Sports day was a great experience and I cant wait till next year…. BYE!!


Hi Guys,

We had an really interesting day today. After lunch we went to the Library Pit to learn about poetry, in a… different way. There were 3 members from “Splat” who were going to perform for us. At the beginning they didn’t introduce themselves they ran into the pit and sang a song about splat. They showed us how to perform poetry by actually doing it. It was a whole bunch of poems put together into a performance. A few poems were about Cats and Aliens from Mercury, Family and Ice-Cream. Even though all of the poems don’t link together if you see them performing you’ll understand. At the end we all had a great time and hopefully Splat will come next year too!




On Friday we had our assembly, and was a homeless person. Who was getting kidnapped. Our assembly had three skits, Spoiled kids and Thoughtful kids, Homeless people and kidnappers, and LGBTQ. We took about one and a half weeks to plan the whole thing. There were five homeless people, Declan, Josh, Calum, Azzy and me. The kidnappers ( Takdeer and Veronica) had to kidnap us and take us to child labour. When we started writing our script for the assembly we didn’t do anything, but when we got closer to the deadline we had to write the scripts for the whole day. Altogether at the end our assembly was pretty good.

Here’s the homeless people\kidnappers script….

HWOO Chinese Reflection

Hi Guys,

I haven’t posted a Chinese blog post since grade 4, well this is my HWOO Chinese reflection…

  1. 在这个单元里你学了什么?


Phrases: 一…就,正在上网,把电脑拿走了,太讨厌了,多长时间,玩四十分种电脑,做负责人的孩子和用视频聊天。

  1. 我每天和家人说话,我用文字,语言,表情,手语,图画,书和别人交流。
  2. 在学校,当我要说话的时候,我举手。我十一个负责人的孩子。



Hi Guys,

We’re in our new unit HWOO. Today we had a guest speaker from Amnesty. You must be wondering what Amnesty is, well Amnesty helps you fight for your human rights, they came here because now our grade is learning about legal rights, LGBTQIA and sexual abuse. Our class has been divided into 7 groups (4-5 each) we have been given one organisation to work for from two presents. My organisation is Kids4Kids, which helps kids learn. We have to create something like puzzles, games, Invitation cards and goody bags for them. Amnesty shows us how to run an organisation. Amnesty started in 1961 and they got a Noble Peace prize in 1971.  The guest speaker talked about what they do, how they do it and how we can help. I think this presentation really helped me understand different ways people help you get your rights, and how to get help if you need any.