HWEO How We Express Ourselves

Hi guys! today I am going to be telling you about our new unit the central idea is: People can create messages to target and Influence specific audiences. And yesterday we did a unpack of the central idea that is like we have to answer questions like “what does ____ mean?” then we would have to answer with an ITTM that is short for I Think This Means and the attribute that I used was Reflection. 

HTWW Concepts

So we went onto brain pop to search up 4 videos and they were about Work, Forces, Gravity and Magnetism so I want to talk about Gravity and Work so here are some got notes that I wrote about Gravity 

  • Gravity pulls things to the ground
  • Gravity depends on “Mass and Distance “
  • Gravity is everywhere (except space)
  • Gravity pulls things together
  • Gravity keeps the moon orbiting around the earth

and that is all my gravity notes. Here are my notes about Work!

  • Work = Force x distance (W=FD)
  • 50 newtons to push a lawn mower
  • if your throwing the ball its positive motion
  • if your catching a ball its negative motion

Thanks for listening!

4D Assembly

 3 days ago we started to plan our assembly and we also got into groups of different skits and the themes were game show, travel back in time, iMovie and co-operation skit and all of them will teach you something about learning. My role was a narrator

The process that my group did was planning the characters and the backstory then we started with planning the scripts and then we got the props then the costumes and finally the rehearsal and we fixed up the lines so we also changed the lines to different people because some people were not putting enough excitement into the line .

Some challenges were that we couldn’t calm down and a lot of our group members were not paying attention to the practice and most people forgot their lines. Some successes were that we did not need to read the script that often and people spoke loud and clear.


A few days ago I started to plan and create my personal history, the process of this was I got some information from my family members (mom and dad) and I wrote them down on little cards and stuck them down on a poster and I added A LOT of decorations and I am done. The challenge was that I had to explain the questions again and again because they did not understand the questions but the good part was when I got the information from my parents because I liked reading my parents history.

The type of questions like How did you meet?, where and when did you get married?,what important events happen to me?, What were some important events that happened to our family?,where did you grow up?,Where and when was Paely(my sister) born, where was mama/porpor born? and why did I go to VSA as my first school?



Reflective Writing

I was doing a activity that included drawings, silence and fun here is my reflectionIMG_1170

2(or 3) And A Crayon


Happy, Nervous



How we drew it:

So me and elsa was communicating with hand gestures and when elsa drew the head I knew we were going to draw a girl with a sun and clouds.

Bad parts:

We could not talk, we can only use one marker/colour pencil, only one hand and Elsa was mostly in control.


Challenges were that I can’t communicate with my partner, we could not talk to each other to tell what we were drawing and also another challenge was that i could not tell Elsa that I wanted to be in control.


We made a great and creative drawing, no one else drew what we drew and Elsa and I made a drawing that we were very proud of.


On Friday 30th September we were in groups of 2 and we were going to draw a drawing on 1 piece of paper but we could not talk so we had to use hand gestures to communicate but we could only 1 marker and only one hand on the crayon but my partner Elsa was mostly in control . At first I was really nervous but then when we finished I was really happy, So Elsa and I were communicating with hand gestures and when Elsa drew a head I knew we were going to make a girl with a sun and clouds. I wanted to be in control but I could not tell her that I wanted to be in control because I could not talk so I let her be in control because I did not want to stop and tell her but if I did I would have lost and I loved our drawing but 2 other groups did better than me and Elsa. I learned how to communicate with no talking and I also learned how to co-operate with a partner but the most important thing I learned is that you don’t need to talk to make a awesome drawing some challenges were that I can’t communicate with my partner, I could not tell Elsa that I wanted to be in control . Some success was that we made a great and creative drawing that no one else drew and Elsa and I were really proud of our drawing.