G4 Camp! 😛

 Hey guys! 

On Wednesday (March 29 2017), all of grade 4 went to Treasure Island (Pui’ O) for camp. It was very fun but now i’m going to talk about it.

At the beginning I felt scared and I wanted to go home but at the end I felt like I didn’t want to leave. The attitudes that we had to show was Caring and Thinker because we have to be caring because they were trying to pick up all the rubbish. We had to be a thinker because we have to think about different strategies about how to build a raft and how to make our team better

 One of my favourite activities was raft building it was were you had to build and design your own raft out 4 sticks of bamboo and 4 tires with your group (14 people in one team so 7 people in a group) we came last in the competition but it was fine and we had fun but I kept on falling out! My 2nd favourite activity was surfing, we had to go through a obstacle course before surfing, we had to put our feet through 4 tires, do an animal walk and then grab a surfboard then paddle to our instructor that told us to do all these CrAzY positions on the board! By the way there were so many buffalo and buffalo poop and there was a brown cow called Billy.

One of the best moments of camp was when we went Raft building because even though our group lost we had a plan and we managed to dismantle it and build it. My 2nd best part of camp was when we went to sleep because my tent mates were able to fall asleep without bothering me. My least favourite part of camp was when I released that I forgot to pack my shorts! 😅 but I used my PJ shorts instead! 👍 

But on the last day it was raining but luckily all of us had a raincoat to keep us from getting sick. ☔️

Overall, the camp trip was awesome!

Here are some pictures!

DSCF4646 DSCF4513 DSCF4542 DSCF4543 DSCF4558 DSCF4621

Thanks for reading! 



Today I will be showing you guys what is media and media is a way To communicate through TV, radios, internet, newspaper, magazine, video game, billboard and signage. The form that I use the most is internet and TV, this connects to our central idea because our unit is about persuasion, when people see advertisements they see that a product is so cool that they want to buy it and billboards can advertise movies or certain shops.