G5 STP Unit Reflection Chinese

 在这个单元里我学了很多的东西。 我学了在工作时你不可以总是带着耳机和我学了很多的职业/工作和很多的爱好。我学到的一些短语是医生,护士,老板,警察,演员,设计师,厨师,画家,唱歌,听音乐,画画,跳舞,弹钢琴和游泳。



International Library Fair

last week our class went to an international library fair and there are so many different countries we need to visit and for Thailand,Korea and Japan you get your name written on your piece of paper and  they tell you your name in that language. I enjoyed it A LOT because it was so much fun and also we got to learn about so many different countries, I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot of thing from this event but the thing I learned was that the US is very very popular for the library fair and a lot of people was going into the booth for “US”.