First day of grade 5! 😛

Hey, guys!

Recently, I just started Grade 5! and I love it so far. So today I’ll tell you guys about the first week of grade 5.

On the first day of school (Monday 14th, 2017), I woke up very early for school and my friend Moorea rode with me to school. When we got to school, the new students introduced themselves. Next, our teacher (Ms. Laura Ligouri) showed us our Lockers! we were SOOOOOO excited about them, It took me so long to be able to get my locker combination right. When I FINALLY got my lock open, I put my bag in and carried on with my day.

When recess came along we went down to the 6th-floor cafeteria. I went down with my best friend Amber! and we ate a lot of snacks. After that, we made locker labels and we had so much fun doing them. Then when Lunch time rolled along, we went down to the 6th-floor cafeteria again to eat our lunch. I didn’t have much to eat so I just bought a chocolate danish. Lunch ended and we continued having fun. then when the end of school came we went to out buses and went home. Some peoples buses went home late and one of my friends even got lost somewhere. But overall I had the BEST first day of school ever.