My goal is to be able to write and remember the phrases that I am learning.

S. Specific I will practice writing Chinese radicals

M. Measurable When I practice for 20 mins I will have a 5 min break and i will write 6 words that I want to study

A. Attainable I will start writing radicals then if i write for 20 mins I will get a snack, my mom and totour will test me

R. Realistic I am willing and able to do it

T. Timely I will practice for 10 mins and after that I will have a 5 min break


My SMART goal reflection:

I have almost reached my goal because I have been getting E- and M+ on my assessments.

Part 1 (Achievement) : My achievement is to be able to remember the words that I am learning.

Part 2 (Next Step): My next step is to be more confident with my answer on my assessments.