Guest Speaker – Child Soldier (David Livingstone)

Hey Guys!

I am going to talk about a guest speaker called David Livingstone. He was a child soldier and a refugee, He was going through a really tough time when he was younger and here is his story.

One day when David was attending school a group of rebels surrounded the school and told everyone in the school to leave and go back home or else they would shoot him. David heard shooting and guns so he waited for the shooting to stop then he ran home with his friends but he got captured by the rebels and the rebels forced him into being a soldier for them, so he agreed and he held guns and he had to kill some of his closest friends or else the rebels would shoot him.Then a war started in his hometown but he and his friends ran away to the government that he was a child soldier but the government didn’t believe him so he got sent to jail for 6 months and the jail was dirty and disgusting but at the end, he escaped with the help of an elderly man. Later on, David traveled back to his hometown but no one was there and his parents died but he searched for survivors but everyone has passed away. At the end, he joined a group for helping child soldiers and he is building a school for the children who were child soldiers. And that is the end of his story for now. The organization is called Salt & Light.

Here are some pictures of him and Salt & Light that is helping the child soldiers.


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