UOI – Peace Flag Reflection

Hey guys!

This past month, we have been working on something called a peace flag. Peace flags are basically just a flag that resembles peace in the world.

I made a blue, white and purple flag, I have a picture of it but I’ll show you it later. The words that I put on my flag were Peace and Faith. In the middle of my flag, there is a beautiful rainbow lined dove and it is holding an olive leaf and that represents peace. 


Here is a photo of my flag!


Where I sleep

Hey, Guys!

Today, our supply teacher showed us a few pictures about where kids sleep all around the world. Some of them were good beds but some of them were not even beds. During this activity, I felt very bad for the kids who had no bed to sleep in but for the kids who have a great big bed to sleep in, I didn’t feel sad for them, I felt happy because they are probably grateful for the stuff that they have. Next, our teacher made us draw a picture of our bedroom and where we sleep in. Most of us drew a very beautiful drawing of our bedroom and we all had a big and wonderful room to sleep in.

Overall, I thought this activity had a lot of feelings and it was great for all of us to express our drawing and creativity skills.

Make Create Collaborate

Hey Guys,

Yesterday (Thursday 11 may) my teacher brought us to the LLAC for “Make Create Collaborate” and there are different stations for this.

My favorite was the hand knitting station because we got to use our bare hands to make a Bookmark, Scarf or a butterfly, I chose to do a bookmark but I didn’t finish yet but I enjoyed it anyways. My least favorite station was the 3D drawings because it was hard for me to use the 3D pencil to trace the lines and the ink that came out of the pencil was hot and it burned me. 

Today, we brought our learning buddies to go to make create collaborate and it was pretty fun. The bad part of bringing our buddies was that I couldn;t go to my favorite station and my buddy didn’t really get how to do the stations. The good thing about bringing my buddy is that it was fun to watch my buddy learn and enjoy her time at make create collaborate.

Here are some Pictures!

IMG_1039IMG_1030 IMG_1032