Guest Speaker – Child Soldier (David Livingstone)

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I am going to talk about a guest speaker called David Livingstone. He was a child soldier and a refugee, He was going through a really tough time when he was younger and here is his story.

One day when David was attending school a group of rebels surrounded the school and told everyone in the school to leave and go back home or else they would shoot him. David heard shooting and guns so he waited for the shooting to stop then he ran home with his friends but he got captured by the rebels and the rebels forced him into being a soldier for them, so he agreed and he held guns and he had to kill some of his closest friends or else the rebels would shoot him.Then a war started in his hometown but he and his friends ran away to the government that he was a child soldier but the government didn’t believe him so he got sent to jail for 6 months and the jail was dirty and disgusting but at the end, he escaped with the help of an elderly man. Later on, David traveled back to his hometown but no one was there and his parents died but he searched for survivors but everyone has passed away. At the end, he joined a group for helping child soldiers and he is building a school for the children who were child soldiers. And that is the end of his story for now. The organization is called Salt & Light.

Here are some pictures of him and Salt & Light that is helping the child soldiers.


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I think interdependence means to rely on something like a food chain. A few days ago our teacher read to us “Wolf Island” and it is about a pack of wolves drifting off on a raft over to a new island that has no deer to eat and the island they came from has multiplied the amount of deers in the island and the deers kept on eating all the grass so then all the rabbits and foxes and other animals starve then in winter a bridge of ice comes to the island the wolves are on and the ice path leads to their old island and that is the end of the story.

Micro beads

Yesterday (March 15th 2017) my class and 4E went down to the science lab and learned about these little things called micro beads. They are tiny plastic beads in our shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste and our face wash. They are good for your skin but VERY bad for the environment. What we did was that we got into groups of 4 and we got a certain type of shampoo.  We put the shampoo in a cotton bag, then washed it in water until all the foam came out. Next, we saw all the micro beads left behind in the cotton bag. Following the teacher’s instructions, we put all the TINY micro beads into a tube. A magnifying glass was used to see the tiny beads through.

 Examining the micro beads through the magnifying glass, we noticed that they looked very big and they had plastics in them. 



Today I will be showing you guys what is media and media is a way To communicate through TV, radios, internet, newspaper, magazine, video game, billboard and signage. The form that I use the most is internet and TV, this connects to our central idea because our unit is about persuasion, when people see advertisements they see that a product is so cool that they want to buy it and billboards can advertise movies or certain shops.

HWEO How We Express Ourselves

Hi guys! today I am going to be telling you about our new unit the central idea is: People can create messages to target and Influence specific audiences. And yesterday we did a unpack of the central idea that is like we have to answer questions like “what does ____ mean?” then we would have to answer with an ITTM that is short for I Think This Means and the attribute that I used was Reflection. 

HTWW Concepts

So we went onto brain pop to search up 4 videos and they were about Work, Forces, Gravity and Magnetism so I want to talk about Gravity and Work so here are some got notes that I wrote about Gravity 

  • Gravity pulls things to the ground
  • Gravity depends on “Mass and Distance “
  • Gravity is everywhere (except space)
  • Gravity pulls things together
  • Gravity keeps the moon orbiting around the earth

and that is all my gravity notes. Here are my notes about Work!

  • Work = Force x distance (W=FD)
  • 50 newtons to push a lawn mower
  • if your throwing the ball its positive motion
  • if your catching a ball its negative motion

Thanks for listening!

4D Assembly

 3 days ago we started to plan our assembly and we also got into groups of different skits and the themes were game show, travel back in time, iMovie and co-operation skit and all of them will teach you something about learning. My role was a narrator

The process that my group did was planning the characters and the backstory then we started with planning the scripts and then we got the props then the costumes and finally the rehearsal and we fixed up the lines so we also changed the lines to different people because some people were not putting enough excitement into the line .

Some challenges were that we couldn’t calm down and a lot of our group members were not paying attention to the practice and most people forgot their lines. Some successes were that we did not need to read the script that often and people spoke loud and clear.


A few days ago I started to plan and create my personal history, the process of this was I got some information from my family members (mom and dad) and I wrote them down on little cards and stuck them down on a poster and I added A LOT of decorations and I am done. The challenge was that I had to explain the questions again and again because they did not understand the questions but the good part was when I got the information from my parents because I liked reading my parents history.

The type of questions like How did you meet?, where and when did you get married?,what important events happen to me?, What were some important events that happened to our family?,where did you grow up?,Where and when was Paely(my sister) born, where was mama/porpor born? and why did I go to VSA as my first school?