Weekly Reflection 5 (Grade 6)

This week was a very short week because on Monday we had a public holiday.

We went to the upper school lab because we needed to do an experiment on how acid (lemon juice) affects the molecules in protein. I feel like we weren’t listening to the presenters that well because of some people who kept on talking but overall we got a lot of stuff done and it was really fun. The ingredients we used were milk, lemon juice,  and a cheesecloth.

If I could redo anything in the week, I would redo my Chinese test because I didn’t really study and I want to get a good grade.

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Weekly Reflection 4 (Grade 6)

Hey everyone!

This week, we started a new Own it and I did the math patterns first.

My teacher taught me which numbers are divisible by 2,4 and 8 and he taught me an easier way to find out if a number is divisible by 2,4 and 8. If the last numbers are factors of 2,4 or 8 then the number will most likely be divisible by 2, 4 or 8.

We also made almond and caramel brittle. It tasted really good but it was really sticky. It is made out of butter, sugar, and almonds.

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Weekly Reflection 3 (Grade 6)

Hey everyone!

Today, I will be writing about this week.

On Tuesday, we did badminton again because our unit is about badminton. I did 2 on 2 with my friends. We didn’t keep points because it was just a friendly game. I also worked on my serving which worked really out in the end. We also did the warm up that we did last time. The warm-up is to start jogging, cross-foot, skipping, backward jogging then we sprinted. It was really fun. The warm-up is to start jogging, cross-foot, skipping, backward jogging then we sprinted.

During Chinese, we had a test about matching jobs with the picture. I think I did pretty well because I recognize the Chinese characters and matched them with the picture that represents it.

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Weekly Reflection 2 (Grade 6)

Hello everyone!

Today, I will be writing about what I did over the week.

On Tuesday, we had P.E. and we are learning about badminton. I was partnered with my best friend and we practiced using the racket to hit the shuttle around. Then, we used the net to block us and we had a lot of fun. We also did a pre-assessment to test our prior knowledge of badminton. I think I did ok on the test because I used to play badminton but I stopped. We also learned how to do the warm-up that professional athletes do. The warm-up is to start jogging, cross-foot, skipping, backward jogging then we sprinted. It was really fun.

During Chinese, we learned about different jobs like 音乐家 which translates to Musician. We also had to write about ourselves because some of us don’t know each other. We also got to know the teacher and her likes and dislikes. What I liked most about Chinese was that we had to fill out a paper that asks us questions about ourselves like what is your name, information about your family and your likes and dislikes. What I didn’t like about Chinese was that we had a test on Friday but surprisingly, it was easy.

During Math, we learned about patterns and how to represent the same pattern in different ways. We were put into different groups to complete different tasks. My favorite task was finding out which numbers are divisible by 6 and 9 because we got to use a calculator and it was really fun.

During P.A. on Thursday, we learned how to hold and use a ukulele. I really liked learning how to play the ukulele because it was really fun and I was trying something new. It was hard at first and it hurt my fingers but I learned a technique which doesn’t hurt my fingers.

On Thursday, we were doing “Own It” where we owned our learning. We had to do projects and we got to choose when we have to do it and it was really fun. We did Passions and Interests, Math tasks and more.

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First week in grade 6 – Weekly reflection 😛

Hey everyone!

I have just started grade 6, I am in the class 6D and I am going to tell you about my first week in grade 6.

One of the best parts of this week was starting school and seeing all my friends and asking them what they did over the summer. Another best part about this week was getting to know people I didn’t talk to last year.

Some challenges of this week were memorizing the names of people I just met. Another challenge was making new friends because on the first day of school I didn’t talk to many people other than my best friends and we had to walk around and socialize with each other but I found it hard because I am kind of an introvert and I don’t talk very often so it was really awkward.

Some things I am looking forward to in grade 6 are PYP Exhibition, Young Americans. Some things I am worried about are tests and math. Some suggestions I have for the future are playing games, for example, we could play games that are related to a certain subject because that would be more fun.

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G5 STP Unit Reflection Chinese

 在这个单元里我学了很多的东西。 我学了在工作时你不可以总是带着耳机和我学了很多的职业/工作和很多的爱好。我学到的一些短语是医生,护士,老板,警察,演员,设计师,厨师,画家,唱歌,听音乐,画画,跳舞,弹钢琴和游泳。





Ava 是一个中国女孩。他去美国代表学校参加比赛,但是他的飞机票不见了。Ava 十分着急。


Ava问他的朋友:“你有我的飞机票吗?”。朋友说:“是,我有你的飞机票”。Ava很开心。到达美国以后,Ava 和同学们坐机场快线去酒店。


到达酒店以后,Ava 先去餐厅吃饭,然后去超市买东西,最后用电脑玩游戏。Ava 带着她的电脑,所以她用电脑玩游游戏。

第二天,比赛的时候,Ava 踢球踢得得棒。Ava 不但踢得棒,而且踢进球很多次。最后,他们赢了!Ava 和同学都很开心。

Fashion Show – 3D Printing – Designing

Hey Guys, 

We have been working on an outfit for the fashion show, we had to get into groups of 5 and decide who will be modeling the dress.

The steps I used for my design was that my group thought of a theme for my design, then we used a piece of paper to draw out our design, next we used a cloth to plan out where everything was going to be.


The materials that we used for our dress was an orange shower curtain, shiny paper, tape, safety pins, bendable rods and red paper.


We worked pretty well because we all had a chance to say our ideas but we did argue a little bit about what our dress length was going to be but it all worked out in the end.


Some things that I thought was challenging was the part where we had to actually make the dress because it was very hard to measure our model’s body and the dress turned out to be a little too big for our model’s body so we had to make it a little smaller.


This project was really enjoyable because I really love designing outfits and making them in real life.

Second Post of 2018! 🎉

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be blogging about the second-week back of term 2.

We did a lot in the second week back, it is hard to think about ALL that we did but I’ll try!

We had math first thing in the morning. We learned about Decimals, Division, and multiplication.

After that, we read a poem called “The Ironman” then we had to identify the Rhymes, Hyperbole, Onomatopeia, Imagery, Similes, Metaphors, Personification, and alliteration those are called Poetic Devices. Then we watched a summary of the character. Our teacher told us to rewrite some parts of the poem so we did, then we didn’t have time to go recite our poems but that’s ok.

In PE we had to run 200m or 400m because we were getting ready for Sports Day! I chose 200m because I am not a very fast runner.

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