Weekly reflection 9 (Grade 6)

This week we focused on our new unit and data management.

One thing that went well this week was that when my friend and I presented our explanation about graphs, we got good feedback and constructive feedback that helped a lot. One thing that went well this week about the new unit that we just started was that our unit is about energy and I don’t have that much of a good understanding about energy so I am excited to learn something new.

One thing that I want to improve on is that when we had the learning cohorts, we didn’t have much information prepared and I want to be ready for the next meeting. It will be a little hard to find out more about my topic because I already have a really good understanding of my topic. But I’m still researching and there are a lot of interesting things I have found out.


Exhibition reflection

Last week we focused on working on our exhibition.

One star of what I liked about last week was that I got into a learning cohort group. We talked about what we would do every time we met up and what we were going to share and bring. Another star of what I liked about last week was that I managed to get an interview with one of the counsellors at school and she would be a great help to my next steps for my exhibition.

One wish was that I wanted to get more work done but since I already know my next steps, I think I am pretty satisfied with what I did.

Thanks for reading!

Gender inequality speech reflection

Recently, we had a project to make a speech about something we advocate about. I chose gender inequality because I strongly believe that all genders should be treated equally.

Some things I would have changed about my speech presentation was my body language. I was quite nervous so I kept fiddling with my fingers and the collar of my shirt. If I could redo the video, I would try and be more relaxed because my voice was a bit shaky.

Parts I liked were the message I spread using my speech. I got feedback from my friends and they said that I have an inspiring message. I also liked when I started to get into the speech, I didn’t freak out or start shaking which I usually do when I get nervous. I got invested in what I wrote and I’m proud of myself for that.



Weekly Reflection 8 (Grade 6)

This week,

We had a guest speaker come in, his name is Jordan Hattar. He works with Syrian refugees.

I was surprised when he said that there were 20,000 families at the refugee camp. I was even more surprised when Alex, a 6-year-old boy wrote a letter to the former U.S president Obama and he replied. I was inspired by Joran’s quotes because they are really meaningful and important. One of his quotes that will remain in my memory forever is “You don’t need a specific skill to make a difference, just a heart.” One message I took away from his presentation is that you are never too small to make a difference. I am motivated to take action in what I’m passionate about.

I watched a video about Hugh Evans. He started a movement about “global citizens.” He went to the Philippines and went to a landfill but with a few families living there. He met a boy named Sonny Boy. He raises awareness for people to become global citizens. A global citizen is someone who wants and takes action to make a difference.

Overall, this week I learned that you are never too young to make a change.

Young Americans (G6)

Last week from Wednesday to Friday, we had the opportunity to learn from the Young Americans. The Young Americans are a group of teenagers from America who specialize in dancing and singing. Some of the YA’s are from all over the world like Scottland and Japan.

This experience was very memorable for me because I was given a solo for singing in front of the crowd of parents, classes, and friends. They encouraged me to sing and try my best. They taught the whole grade which is around 125 people. They also gave me a sign language solo which was at the end during the encore. People complimented me for my voice which surprised me. They also gave us the Young American shirts which are a dark blue with their logo in the front and the tour dates at the back.

During the performance, I felt all kinds of emotions. I mostly felt anxious and joyous but I still had a great time and I am grateful for the opportunity.

With all the ups and downs, I had an amazing time with the Young Americans and I am excited for the grade 5’s who get to have the same experience with them.

Weekly Reflection 7 (Grade 6)

Hey guys, this week went by really fast.

My favorite part of the week was when my exhibition proposal got approved. The exhibition is about researching your passions and interests. It is a really important thing in grade 6.

The exhibition proposal is basically just sharing your ideas and topic to a teacher. If the teacher checks the box that says “needs revision” then they will give you ways to improve your planning and when you finish adding the ideas to the plan then you have to see the teacher again another time to see if they approve it but if the teacher checks the box that says “is approved” then you can move onto starting your exhibition.

My interest/exhibition topic is pre-teen anxiety and depression. I haven’t done much research about it because my proposal only got approved yesterday but I am pretty sure that I already have a good understanding of the topics. I am thinking of making a poster and a google slides presentation to present my idea but I’m not sure yet.

I can apply my research about anxiety and depression in the future by studying psychology and becoming a psychologist or a therapist.

I want to learn about this because I know friends who have anxiety and I want to be able to help them and other people in the world with anxiety. This is a very serious topic and it affects people in more negative ways than positive.

That was the planning I presented to the teacher.

Weekly Reflection 6 (Grade 6)

Hello everyone,

Today I will be we writing about my week. This week went by really fast.

On Monday, we had to learn a method for solving multiplication problems. The method I chose is called Partial Products. You can find a video on the partial products method on Shelly Gray’s website.

The 9th of November (today) was our remembrance day assembly. Remembrance day is for remembering soldiers that passed away in world war one. This assembly is different from the others because we are not allowed to clap and cheer. The reason we can’t clap or cheer is that this assembly is quite a sensitive topic and we need to respect the soldiers.



2018 Goals for grade 6! 😛

Hello, today I will be sharing my 3 goals for until December!

My first goal is to improve my fluency in math facts and using strategies. I want to have this as one of my goals because I feel like my fluency in math facts needs improvement so I want to practice using mathletics and khan academy. The things I will do to achieve this goal is that once a week, I will practice my math skills on mathletics and khan academy, Aim to get 100% of the questions correct, write down my results and at the end of the week I will look back on my result and see if I can improve. I will know I have achieved this goal when I can say math facts really fast without having to think that much. Also, I will be able to think of many strategies to answer word problems or questions really fast.

My second goal is to improve my stamina in reading. I want this as one of my goals because whenever I read I always get tired or bored and want to stop so I want to be able to read for a long time. The things I will do to achieve this goal is that I will pick a book that will keep me interested for a long time, while reading, I will time myself, check and write down how long I have been reading and at the end of the week I will compare all the times and see if I can read for longer next week. I will know I have achieved this goal when I can read for a long time without stopping because of distractions.

My third and final goal is to inquire more into topics about what’s going on around the world. I want this as one of my goals because I want to get more knowledge about things going on in the world. The things I will do to achieve this goal is that once or twice a week pick a topic about something going on in the world, research about it and take notes and remember the facts and share the information with my friends and family. I will know I have achieved this goal when I am able to say facts about a certain topic fast if I get asked.


Weekly Reflection 5 (Grade 6)

This week was a very short week because on Monday we had a public holiday.

We went to the upper school lab because we needed to do an experiment on how acid (lemon juice) affects the molecules in protein. I feel like we weren’t listening to the presenters that well because of some people who kept on talking but overall we got a lot of stuff done and it was really fun. The ingredients we used were milk, lemon juice,  and a cheesecloth.

If I could redo anything in the week, I would redo my Chinese test because I didn’t really study and I want to get a good grade.

Thanks for reading!