What does “Screen” and “Teenagers” sound when they are together?

Hey there!

I haven’t posted for a long time, and today I’m going to talk about a documentary that I’ve watched, which is called “Screenagers”, this might as well as answer the question which is the title. Before talking about the documentary I want to ask some questions about “screens”. How often do you use social media (etc: youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Whatsapp,  Facebook, others)? How long do you use “screens” each day? Please tell the answers to yourself.

Here is a trailer for “Screenager” so you can get an idea of the movie.

After watching the trailer you can see that this documentary is about teenagers couldn’t avoid getting off social media, and how the “screens” can affect you and your social life. Parenting is definitely a hard job when your kids are in front of their “screens” for too long, while some schools are allowed to bring their phone into the classroom, which gives a lot of problems for the teachers too.



我們今天分享了我們製作的兩分鐘電影。我的搭檔是余惠玲(Erin。 我們的主是關於兩隻狗的感情,故事名字叫“不一樣的搬家物語”。但我們沒能準時製作完所以不能和你們分享。 對不起😬! 我保證會分享在我的博客上如果我做完的話😉! 我和我的搭檔在製作時遇到了許多困難。第一,我們本來想自己畫除所有人物和景色,但畫畫過程中我們不能準時畫完,所以我們改成打印,可是我們在這個時候再重新開始的話有點太晚了。所以我們不能準時完成。



Long time no posting! Did you miss me!? I went to Japan for Christmas break! How about you? I went skiing, it was pretty cold, but I got very sweaty.I also saw the beautiful MT. FUJI. I was very excited to come back to school. I miss chatting with my friends, playing soccer with them on the field and laughing all day. School isn’t that hard on the first few days, maybe because of all the teachers were still in holiday mood. It was hard to get to sleep the night before the first day of school, I guess I was too excited and not used to sleeping that early anymore.

🚌 Trip to Asbury 🚌

This is Venita saying hi to you 🙋

We went to Asbury for the field trip last Friday. The purpose of this field trip is to buy fruit and veggies for the people living in subdivided homes in HK.

Self-reflection Exercises

1. What is the most important furniture for you? (Name three items)
The three most important types of furniture to me is the bed, the table, and the bathtub.
2. What are the most important electrical appliances for you? (Name
three items)

The three most important electrical appliances to me are the stove, air conditioning, and the fridge.

3. Is it available to place all the above items in a subdivided unit?
Yes, because I visited a subdivided unit and it can fit all the items above.

4. Imagine that if you live in the subdivided unit, how to make use of the
space to place those kinds of items? What is your tradeoff?
I will use my bed as a couch in the mornings and a bed at night.
5. What are the differences between your home and the subdivided unit?
My apartment has a clubhouse with a swimming pool, and the rooms are bigger.
6. How do you feel about this visiting experience?
I felt empathetic for the people living in those conditions, if I was living in a subdivided unit, I might often feel worried.
7. What would you do to serve our community to be a better place?
I will give baby diapers and bottle for newborn babies in the community, and clothing for children and seniors clothing during the winter.



Refugee Simulation

It all started by the war….

“You have to use these newspaper to make bags!” the guards shouted, throwing the newspaper toward us. We are at a refugee camp with eleven people in one tent. The guards will take all our belongs, including valuables, such as money or jewelry. For the ones who have sickness, disease or injury, have to pay for the medicines.

“You have to make the bags to exchange money to but your food and water, or else you get kick out!” shouted the guards.  Some guards will ask us if we want to buy a newspaper for ten dollars, they were corrupting; that means that they are selling things without permission. I was scared, I was confused, I think it’s unfair.

Good thing that we are in a simulation, not the real world. The guards were the five teachers in Gr.5, and we just pretend that we are in a situation like that. The meaning of this is to let all the students show empathy and put yourself in the refugees’ shoes. For us to understand their feelings and the situation. When our group doesn’t have enough money to buy medicine, I was kind of stressed out, also I felt the same when the market people (teachers) keeps on refusing our bags. So our group tried many times, and finally, we figured out a way! The way we make those paper bags made the market people satisfied, and we earned a lot of money, then we have enough to buy medicines! We saved everyone in our tents, good thing no one suffered.

✰400 Years old Village✰

Hello there🙋

Yesterday, October 24th, we went on a field trip to Pokfulam Village. This Village is about 400 years old, and it is the last village in HK. It has 2,800 residents and the houses are made from bricks, plastic, tin or wood. 

  I See:                      

  • Tin walls with holes
  • Plastic roof
  • Graffiti

I Think:                                                         

  • Tin walls: bugs can go in the house easily
  •  Plastic roof: no protection from rain, hot or cold weathers with a plastic roof
  • Plastic roof: showing spirit, culture, different meanings.

I Wonder:                                                      

  • Did the villagers want to rebuild their community?
  • Did most of the villagers live there for their whole life?

🏕Gr.5 Camp!⛺️


Last Friday, October 13th, when I came back from camp, I was so tired and rushed into the bathroom and took a shower, then slept for 3hours. Even though, I got exhausted, but it was worth it. I got a super fun time there at the Asia Pacific Adventure (APA) for camp. We slept one day in dorms and one day in tents, I actually like tents more then dorms, even if tents are super hot and made me sweaty in the evening, but it is very comfortable in the morning, so I even got a better sleep then in dorms! We did kayaking,raft building, survival skills and manny team work activities. My favourite one was jumping off the pier because it was fun and excited.








Reflection Questions


how much did you know about camp before we started?

I know that this time camp will have hot shower because I searched online, but kayaking is harder than I thought.                                                      


Did camp meet my standards?                     

In my opinion what should be changed?

Yes, because the food is better then I thought, and we did a lot of fun activities, but I don’t like sandwiches staying in my bag for too long, so I wish they cold improve that.


                                                                In what ways did camp meet my standards?       

I think this year is better that last year camp because there are more water activities and many thing I hadn’t done yet, like kayaking or jumping off the peer.Also I really like this year’s facilitators.



What do I need to improve on?

                                                              What things did I do that shows a good team member/team?

Needs to Improve On

  1. Not too rushy
  2. stop acting like a crazy koo koo bear              

Shows a good example 

Our group (exploding cheeseballs) are being a good role model to the other groups while playing the activities when everyone is talking and standing up while we were sitting quietly and waiting for instructions.