Bye Gr.4, Hello Gr.5

Dear 4Champions,

It’s been a year, and I’m very lucky to spend my Gr.4 time with you guys. We got arguments, we got disagreements, but I had to say that it was an awesome year. I really want to be with you guys in the same class next year. It seems like the best year ever. It was exciting. It was fun. It was happy.I’ll never forget you guys.You guys always be by my side. I promise I’ll remember you guys till the day I die!  Thank you champions. Thank you Mr.Brown.

All of the best,

Venita Yu


Just Finished!


We just finished our light painting! If you didn’t read my first post about light painting, you should read it before you read this post because you will know more about what I am doing.

I am okay with my light painting, but it didn’t turn out what I expected. I actully expect clear showed patterns but it turns out like my little sister’s doodling book!

Here’s a imovie that I made using my own time:


I think we did a great job, but next time we should be more focus and less fooling around in the process.





HI HI!!!!!!

We just started our new unit! It is about people and organisations can work together to plan for and respond to natural disasters. So our first task of this unit is to choose a natural disaster between wildfire, hurricane, tornado, landslide, avalanche, earthquake, volcanos and tsunami. I chose to work on tsunami for this task. I was partnered up with Kiana and Andrew.We start our project by on researching about our driving questions: What is it, Where it happen, What is the cause, What is the effect? After researching we talked about our research jot notes and how we can turn it into a engaging poster. Then we turn it into a poster and start writing the script. At the end we also added a video of tsunami

I think we as group worked very well because we didn’t have arguments during the process. We put a lot of effort but we also face some problems like, how the make the poster more standing out. After all the practising and other, we have to make a question to test the other groups if they are listing to our presentation. Our question is :What causes tsunami?

This is the results:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.41.24 PM

Answer: C

Next time, I think it will be better if we prepare the video on our laptop because it take a long time for Mr.Brown to find the video, so everybody waited for a long time.

Doing a Light Painting


There is a lot happening in our PA class these few weeks. We started on our new dance unit on our new unit about patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms.  Our teacher decided we will do light painting. Below is a video about light painting, presented by the Whitby School: Light painting video . In the video it shows many light paintings they made and the process. And we are starting to do it too! I’m in a light painting group with Aline, Ben and Orion. Here is what we did to finish our light painting:

  1. plan on our design
  2. choose which designs we want
  3. draw it on a dance map ( story board )
  4. practice it
  5. film it!

It is not easy like what it seem. We face a lot of problems like, we get confused with what we were supposed todo,we drew symbols instead of patterns, we drew every step in on box on the story board. So we were behind the other groups. Thankfully, we understands at the end, and everything went smoothly. No arguments, and no fooling around. So everything thats wrong get changed, and we been able to leave some time to practise the dance! I think our light painting will be awesome, because we tried so hard on it! Be hold for our light painting photos!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.38.23 PM

World Wide Web Poem!


I just finished my poem about a question that we chose that is related to our U.O.I ( unit of inquiry ), ‘Human behaviour affects the balance of ecosystems’. I chose to write a poem about the question I chose, ‘how are ecosystems connected?’. after many research and brain thinking, I finished my poem! Also I chose to make a imovie to share it with you guys! So….Watch my video!

Like my video?If you have any question you can comment below!

Here is my poem and an explanation about it:

Here is my poem:

Here is my explanation:

I got this idea of writing this poem because I was inspired by the book “The World That We Want” written by Kim Machelle Toft. I did decided to write a poem about “ How are Ecosystems Connected”. It was hard, but finally I finished.


In the first paragraph it talks about the “magical web”. The “magical web” in this poem is a food web, also the stanza describes the magical web, which is easy to get destroyed but it connects animals and creatures together in different specific ways.


In the second paragraph it talks about the “life big and small”. Basically it means the animals in the food web, and the “teams” means the food chain. Also it talks about depending on each other, it means that every animals in a food web must have something to depend on to live and survive.


In the third paragraph it said the “ invisible wall”, it means the boundaries of the magical web. Also it talks about the magical web  linking us together, it means if there is a extinction happening in a food web, it can have a huge impact on humans too!


Lastly, I remained to take care of the food web, and be nice to every species we saw.



G4 Camp!!!!


We just came back from camp! This camp we went to Treasure Island, and it was super fun and exciting! I am in a tent with Samantha and Caitlyn We did a lot of activities and learned a lot of things about our ocean and survival skills. We build rafts, playing in the water, surfing and a lot of other things! Out of many things, my favourite thing is playing in the water because I overcome my “afraid of my cloth get  wet” problem and jumped into the water and had a lot of fun. Even though I got soaked and I felt very cold, but after all that fun I had, I think everything worth it. Also I very enjoyed playing a game called ” Game Of Life”, it is about the food chain; herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, and it was like tag.
Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.32.39 PM

The things I learn at camp were:

  • tying different kind of knots; a square knot, figure of eight
  • building a raft; using bamboo sticks, air tiers, ropes
  • survival skills; building a shelter in the rain

The things I overcome at camp:

  • taking a bath in a cold water
  •  not afraid to get my cloth wet
  • bugs in my tent

Overall, it was a awesome first camp of my life!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.34.35 PM

My Sharing The Planet Poster is Finished!!!!!


  Two days ago, I just finished my fist poster of STP ( Sharing The Planet). I worked alone on this project. It is about a rainforest food web. A food web means : a system of interlocking and interdependent food chains. If you don’t know what is a food chain is: A  food chain is a group of organisms  each  dependent on each other for food. If you don’t know what do interlocking means it means: (of two or more things) engage with each other by overlapping or by the fitting together of projections and recesses. If you don’t know what do interdependent means it means: of two or more people or things) dependent on each other. 

Down below is my poster:

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.51.02 PM

As you can see, on the poster it said producers, primary consumers and secondary consumers.  Producers are the  organism which is at the bottom of a food web or food chain, so it gets it’s food from sun, rain, and basically all producers are plants. Consumers are in the middle of the food chain, consumers can have two levels: primary and secondary. Primary consumers are the ones who gets energy from the producers. Secondary consumers are the one who get energy from eating the primary consumers, we are secondary consumers. And at the top of the food chain ( which I don’t have on my poster ) is Decomposers. Decomposers are like bacteria.


The Clubhouse That I Designed!


   I just finish designing my clubhouse! It is a Math project that we did in class. We are supposed to choose 3-5 3d shapes to make the clubhouse, and at least 2 shapes to make the base, then we write a report which include the following of the total perimeter and area of the base and the volume of the entire clubhouse. Down below is my clubhouse:Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.03.58 AM

I used a tall skinny(rectangle), tall skinny’s cousin( shorter rectangle) and just a cube.

The perimeter of my clubhouse is 26ft ( we are suppose to change cm into ft).

The area of my clubhouse is 48 ft2.

The volume of my clubhouse is 313 ft3. You can get the volume by multiplying the length, height and width.   

The tools that I use to measure are:

  • ruler
  • unix fix cubes ( 1 cm each)


中國新年畫報反思 Chinese New Year Poster Reflection

   新年假期前,我剛做完了關於中國新年的畫報。做這個畫報可以選擇很多不同的主題,比如中國新年傳說,服飾,食物和習俗。 我選擇了中國新年習俗,所以我和郭芯橋,郭伯鍇,和李立仁一組。我們費盡千辛萬苦,才找到我們想要的內容,因為搜到的內容基本關於怎麼或在哪裡買新年用的東西。我覺得這個畫報我做的還不錯,如果用細一點的筆描字的話,就很完美了。

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 7.43.27 AM

       Before New Year holiday, I just finished a poster about Chinese New Year. You can have many choices on what topic you want to work on, for example, Chinese New Year stories, outfits, food , and custom. I chose custom for my topic, so I’m partnered up with Victoria, Owen, and Ryan.

We spend a lot of time to find the content we want, because the content turn out telling us where or when to buy stuff for New Year. Overall, I think I did a good job, but it will be better if the marker I use to trace the word was skinner.