Today Mr Roberts were teaching the class about patterns and what type of patterns there are. So we learnt that these patterns are the basic part of algebra. We did a activity by using the math materials and making them into different types of patterns and taking a photo on photo booth from our laptops then dropping the pictures in the 5E Eggheads Patterns folder on google drive. We learnt that there are so many various ways to create a pattern. We used different types of shapes for a reference. Like for example if I use it as a alphabetical form the most basic form to create a pattern would be ABABAB. I made a pattern out of cards which was 10 queen 10 queen. We learnt so much about patterns. It was so easy.

Amnesty Reflection

Amnesty Reflection
This week Grade 5 went to the 10th floor library pit and had a guest speaker and the guest speaker came from the charity named Amnesty. The organisation helps humans through issues they have experienced.

A lot of people have been through bad experienced through presidents, Migrations and Refugees and Amnesty helps a lot of people in need.

Amnesty helps people through people who are imprisoned with a reason is not really acceptable. A lot of people are suffering about these type of issues. Amnesty wants to build world peace within all around the world to make 1 country at a time and then the whole world.

The whole grade had to take jot notes in our process journals and show empathy to all those issues.

Everyone was so interested.

Math Test Reflection

Math Test Reflection
2 weeks ago our class took a decimal math test to see how well we are doing in our decimals. The test gave us a few questions for estimating decimals, adding decimals and subtracting decimals. Mr Roberts gave us the math test because every unit of math we have a test to show how well we have done.

I found the Math test okay. I think I have to work on double checking to check if I have any mistakes or I read the questions properly.

I enjoyed trying to review decimals because reviewing is really fun for me. I enjoy it a lot.

Next time I will try to improve on double checking my work and work on decimals.




Pok Fu Lam Village Reflection

Pok Fu lam Village reflection
On Tuesday, Grade 5E and 5D went to Pok Fu Lam village to observe the village’s life and the people, how they live, and what the people in Pok fu lam village don’t have and what we have. We want to know how they live so we can understand their feelings. We went to groups of 5’s with mothers that volunteer to take supervision and keep them safe.

My group saw a lot of animals like stray dogs, cats and birds. Mr. Roberts gave each and everyone of us a see think wonder template for us to fill it in so we can have jot notes for evidence. All of the groups could go anywhere they wanted and take notes. But on the template they have a list of places in Pok fu lam village that we should see and when we’ve seen one of the listed locations we could tick or cross it down, to show that the group has gone there.

It was really exciting to have an experience to see the life in Pok fu lam village. The difficult and challenging in pok fu lam village was that there was a lot of stairs and on Tuesday was a really hot day. The exciting thing about it was to see a different environment.
It was really exciting.


This week the whole 5th grade went to Tai tam and went to camp. We went into teams, like team 1, 2,3,4….. One night half of the group slept in a dorm and the other half slept in the tents. Each team had a group leader.

We did a lot of activities like watersports, navigation and survival games and night games and more. In my opinion, i didn’t quite enjoy it because I don’t feel comfortable playing too much outdoor games.

In my camp experience I didn’t enjoy the camp experience because I felt a little bit homesick. I didn’t really want to participate in all the games because I was really tired.

I used to think camp is when you learn survival and how to survive in the wilderness but now I think that camp is for having fun and having that experience.

International Library Day

International Library day

Today the whole class went to the 10th floor library and we had international library day. For prep to Grade 6 could wear their cultural costume for it. The reason we went to the international library day is because so people can learn about other people’s country and culture. They gave us a mini book for everyone to collect stamps from each country stand and try to collect every stamp from every country.


I think it was fun because we could learn about each country and it’s country. There were different countries form Asia, Europe, US and more. Some people collected a lot of stamps and some people couldn’t collect as much. Even though I didn’t get all of the stamps I still thought the international library day was really interesting and fun.

Maybe the thing some country stands in the library need to work on is the time management because some of the country stands talked to long and some didn’t even tell anyone about what country they’re supposed to talk about. I think that’s all they have to improve on.

It was really interesting to listen to other country’s information. I hope we can go there again.

The Hassle

The Hassle

In a small town called Plainville lived a lot of really plain people.  The plain people did the same things, thought the same things and ate the same things. But there was one girl who was different from the other people living in this small town. This girl’s name was Piper. She had 4 people in her family, her mom, dad and her big brother. Piper was a really energetic girl and she was the odd one out of her family, her family was plain and boring. All they care about is themselves. They wouldn’t bother to go outside instead just stayed  home.


One night, Piper had a wish and she said it to herself. “Please make my life more fun, and make the people in Plainville learn to have some manners.” A few hours later it was dawn and Piper was really hungry. So she got out of bed and went down the steps to go to the dining room to eat some breakfast. Piper’s mom was already cooking the family their breakfast meal. It was a month of spoiled milk and small moldy bacon. “Why can’t we have fresh milk and just moldy bacon.” Said Piper. “Because I don’t bother going to the supermarket to buy food. Said Piper’s mom.

After Breakfast Piper asked her mom “Can I go outside to play ?” “I don’t care what you do.” So Piper went outside to play. On the way to the park Piper saw a Giant mountain with lots of snow on it. So Piper decided that she wanted to explore the mountain so she tried to climb up. When she reached the top she heard a rumbling noise. She asked herself ‘What’s that noise ?’ then Piper just ignored the sound and started to climb the mountain. But when she reached the top all of the snow was racing down the mountain and started to hit buildings and cars. A lot of people got hurt. Piper knew it was her fault some people were really angry. The neighbours of Piper luckily hid in their house and Piper’s family also hid in a safe place.


Since the town was really damaged, the mayor decided to make all the citizens in Plainville move to London because London was really close to Plainville. Piper felt really bad for climbing that mountain and she wanted to runaway. When Piper arrived at her house, Piper’s mom asked “Are you okay ? I was so worried that you would hurt yourself in that giant avalanche.” Piper said “ I’m fine.” A few hours later Piper and her family packed their things and migrated to London but the family will come back when Plainville is renovated.

A year later Piper and her family moved back to Plainville but now the town is more joyful and fun. Piper enjoyed it a lot. Now she thinks that her wish came true.


The End

Learning reflection

Learning reflection

On Wednesday we had the robotics dance challenge that we had to get into groups and create our own dance challenge using the robots. The thing you had to do is create your own program then create a lot of details on the robot for example create a costume and lights and noises. You can choose your own type of music and then make the robots dance to it.


My 2 group members are Alicia and Estelle and we are already finished everything all we have to do is create costume using colored.


We had different jobs. Alicia was in charge for the coding, Estelle was in charge of which angles we had to place our robots because we want our robots to be exactly the same. I was in charge for the music so basically I was the DJ. Every Wednesday Me, Alicia and Estelle work on our robot dance program in the lift area so we have enough space for the robots.


It is almost the end of the year so Mr. Grant said that we will soon do the robotics challenge.

It is a lot of fun.


Make Create Collaborate

Make Create Collaborate

On May 11th our class went to the LLAC lobby to go see the make create collaborate exhibition. There were all kinds of activities to do for example sewing, knitting, green screen, music making and singing. We stayed there for one whole hour and we could choose any activity we wanted to go to. I went to the green screen, the music making and the singing. I really wanted to do knitting but I had no time for it.


Also the grade 6’s went to it and some receptions and prep kids went to the make create collaborate too. I think the purpose of this activity is to encourage people to express their feelings through art, music and other things. I saw everyone was enjoying their time in the LLAC lobby. The most popular activity was the Knitting activity and everyone wants the string and yarn to knit by themselves.


It was really fun and I wish we could go to the Make Create Collaborate again.