Weekly reflection

Weekly reflection

This week was the first week of Grade 6. It was really fun. We did a lot of fun activities in my class to get to know each other better. The whole week we went into groups and think about how we can improve on our classroom. We also did locker names to put on our lockers and organise our things in the classroom. Now we also have a class name.


The best thing about this week was that we could get to know each other and doing a fun math activity called the murder activity. You have 4 riddles and there are more than 20 suspects and people were judjing them for multiple murders and there were 4 clues on 4 pieces of paper and they were all riddles to solve. The reason I enjoyed this the most is because the riddles were really diffucult to solve and it’s really challenging it makes it fun.


The challenges of this first week was thinking about organising the classroom since we had to get into groups of 5 and we each had a big sheet of paper and we had to draw on it with a drawing of what the classroom would look like. I liked the fact that we were picked in random groups so we can work together and work with the people you don’t know.


I’m excited about next week and I hope I can also try new things and make new friends.


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