Learning reflection

Learning reflection

On Wednesday we had the robotics dance challenge that we had to get into groups and create our own dance challenge using the robots. The thing you had to do is create your own program then create a lot of details on the robot for example create a costume and lights and noises. You can choose your own type of music and then make the robots dance to it.


My 2 group members are Alicia and Estelle and we are already finished everything all we have to do is create costume using colored.


We had different jobs. Alicia was in charge for the coding, Estelle was in charge of which angles we had to place our robots because we want our robots to be exactly the same. I was in charge for the music so basically I was the DJ. Every Wednesday Me, Alicia and Estelle work on our robot dance program in the lift area so we have enough space for the robots.


It is almost the end of the year so Mr. Grant said that we will soon do the robotics challenge.

It is a lot of fun.


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