Make Create Collaborate

Make Create Collaborate

On May 11th our class went to the LLAC lobby to go see the make create collaborate exhibition. There were all kinds of activities to do for example sewing, knitting, green screen, music making and singing. We stayed there for one whole hour and we could choose any activity we wanted to go to. I went to the green screen, the music making and the singing. I really wanted to do knitting but I had no time for it.


Also the grade 6’s went to it and some receptions and prep kids went to the make create collaborate too. I think the purpose of this activity is to encourage people to express their feelings through art, music and other things. I saw everyone was enjoying their time in the LLAC lobby. The most popular activity was the Knitting activity and everyone wants the string and yarn to knit by themselves.


It was really fun and I wish we could go to the Make Create Collaborate again.

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