IB Art Exhibition

IB Art Exhibition

Yesterday our class went to the IB Art Exhibition in the LLAC lobby. There were paintings and artworks made by the grade 9’s and 10’s. Mr.Grant gave us a worksheet that we had to fill it in by choosing one artwork out of all of them. I chose a picture with 2 eggs on a boat with a sun made out of an egg.


I chose the picture of the 2 eggs  because it reminds me of the ocean and when I was around 7 years old I drew a picture of 2 people in the sunset. It reminds me of that memory.


When Mr.Grant gave us the worksheet so we could fill it in the questions were: 1. What do you see 2. What do you think 3. Do you have a connection ?


Learned more about how people express their artwork by painting and drawing. It was really fun.


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