Probability Reflection

Probability Reflection

Recently, our class has been learning about probability in math class. Everyone had to do an activity where you learn more about theoretical and experimental probability. It’s when there are 4 section and for each section  there is a problem related to probability and you have to write the experimental probability and theoretical probability.


I have learned how to use the theoretical and experimental probability better. Before I didn’t know what those 2 words were but now I know.


I felt the thing that was challenging was how to find the theoretical probability on all the activities because I wasn’t sure what might the answer would be.


Now I have learned a lot more of the key elements for the whole topic about probability. And learning some of the key words for it.


I have found out about myself as a learner with this activity that using and writing the theoretical and experimental probability that it can help with showing my working in a better and organised way.


What I could’ve done better and improve on is that I could right down more information in the activity next time and make it more detailed.

Weekly Reflection 7

Hi readers !

On Monday the class started to do the trade game. It’s when everyone gets a random card and depends on the card number like Ace to 5 you have less advantages than 6 to 10 and the queen, king and jack. The Aces have to sit on the carpet when we work and they can only use their Laptops for 15 minutes. The other numbers can sit on the desk for work but the king gets to choose. But the disadvantage is that the 2 to 5 can only use 2 markers for the week and the 4 markers and the King queen and jack can use as many coloured markers as they want. And depends on the card we get that number of uni fix cubes to trade. So we think that those uni fix cubes are like money. Then we can trade those things for snacks and items that our classmates bring. Mr. Brodie made us have a challenge which was if the person has the most uni fix cubes is the winner. The thing about this activity is that we created 2 reflections of this activity.

On Wednesday we started our economic research report. Where Mr. Brodie made us split into groups into fives then we made a chart in our literacy journals. The first half of the chart was the form of what we need in a report. Then the second half was the connection which means how is the topic connected to other types of things. Then we started to type our report about our economic research. So right now some people are in the planning and drafting stage for our reports.

Then on Friday we had a guess speaker who was talking about climate change and his experience with the mountains and I think that inspired people to follow their passion just like the guest speaker did. Then we started to share our home learning with first a partner then we share with another partner group. 

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post. See you guys soon !

Goal settings

Goal settings

This week Mr. Brodie told us to write our goals to work on and improve from now till Christmas break. We are supposed to have 3 goals and they have to be SMART goals.

My first goal is to work on understanding big concepts in math. I have 3 steps, my first step is trying to create different ways to solve a problem, because if I solve a problem in different types of ways it would be easier to understand the bigger concept in math. My second step is to find the main idea of that math problem. It’s easier to solve the math problem by understanding the main idea of the math problem to find it out. My last step is to check back when I’m finished the equation and next time think how can I improve and make it easier.

To make these steps easier, I will practice this at home everyday for 20 minutes. And if I’m at school I will ask my teachers for help. I will know when I finished my goal when I understand the the bigger concepts of math and I understand it really well. And I also can show math in a lot of different ways on each math equation.

My second goal is to work on is my comprehension when I’m reading. The reason is because I need to work on my reading skills because when I read and I have to answer a question about the book i cant really answer. My steps are first I have to try understanding the book while reading with detail so it would be easier to comprehend the book. My second step is to read everyday for 40 minutes to improve on my comprehension skills. My last step is to writing down what I understand from the book so I can understand the whole idea of that page.I will know I improved on this goal when I’m reading I understand each sentence properly. And also I can answer.

My last goal is to work on my time management for my work. I want to improve this goal because when I need to finish what I worked on I don’t really pay attention to my time management . My first step is to write down on a paper to remind me how much time I have for each activity. So I can remember how many minutes I need to work on my first activity.My second step is to make sure to remind myself to stay focused on each task for my time management to be better. I need to work on this goal at home and at school to make a habit all the time. I know when I finish this goal When my time management is good at school and I get everything done faster than before.

Those are all of my goals till Christmas break.

Weekly Reflection 5

Weekly Reflection 5

This week was a busy week. We didn’t have school on Monday because it was a public holiday.I have learnt so much from this week.


On Tuesday the whole class found the most interesting thing was we went down to the lab where the upper school kids stay and study. 2  upper school students thought the class what happens when you had acid into dairy. We had to add lemon juice into a glass of milk and we had a cheese cloth and we checked it’s weight and then we put the acid and milk on the cheese cloth and made it heavier and we found out whats the difference.


On Wednesday we had math rotations and Mr. brodie taught us how to use different ways to solve math problems so we could learn math in a more easier way.

The next was Thursday. We had a map test and it was about math. It was pretty hard but I tried my best and I acomplished pretty much what I wanted to finish. It was a sucess.


On Friday, we had exploration time. Mr.Brodie made us fill out a worksheet about we wanted to do for our exhibition project.


Thanks for Reading !


Weekly Reflection 4

Hello again, another week of grade 6 !

This week did a lot of things. It was really exciting.

The First thing we did was we made almond brittle in the hive for our unit which was really exciting and it was basically caramel on roasted almonds. It was really cool. The brittle tasted like caramel and almond mixed together and it tasted really good and sweet. I enjoyed it. We also added tons of sugar in it.

We also did our own it and the math we did was how to do the divisible by different numbers for example what are the numbers divisible by 2.

Thanks for reading

Weekly Reflection 2

Weekly Reflection 2

This week was the 2nd week of 6th grade. It was really interesting. First on Monday, 6D were working on our math groups to learn aboout new ways to use patterns and math in our daily life. We had to do a mind map about it. Also, we had to do a lot of patterns of numbers and make our own.

Then we had library, we got to borrow books again. We had a great time with Ms. Williams. After that we had the classroom design challenge, we had to get into 5 groups in total and draw the group’s perspective of what they want the classroom to look like if they wanted the classroom to have only one carpet or something like that.

Then we had our student led where we could work on a worksheet on something individualy.


Then on Tuesday we had more interesting things to do. We read a book called Shi-Shi-Etko which was about a girl names Shi-Shi-Etko who had to go to a school where she has to learn about that country’s culture only so it’s like a boarding school and if she doesns’t go there the government will throw her parents in jail. So Shi-Shi-Etko had a memory bag to put everything that she thinks is most special about her culture and she would count how many nights till she has to go back to school.

Then we had the student led and we finished everything we had to do on that day.


On Wendnesday, we had performing arts and Ms. Butler tought the class how to play the ukelele. It was really fun because I’ve never played the ukelele before. Then we were learning about our central idea about Who we are, so the class each made a mind map about the central idea.


Then on Thursday, the class did an activity called ‘Own it’ which was a thing we had to do on our own. Mr. Brodie gave us a time table to put the time and which activity we wanted to do. We could do math our passion and skills worsheet and a few more.

Then we had Visual arts and we were drawing our names for our notebook cover. The writing looked a bit like computer writing. We got a big sheet of paper then we would use a ruler, a pencil and a popsicle stick. It was really cool.

On Friday we did an Exploration time when Mr. Brodie would give pictures of things that we could guess and recive clues so we could understand more about our central idea. Then we did our Weekly reflection. This week was really fun.

Weekly reflection

Weekly reflection

This week was the first week of Grade 6. It was really fun. We did a lot of fun activities in my class to get to know each other better. The whole week we went into groups and think about how we can improve on our classroom. We also did locker names to put on our lockers and organise our things in the classroom. Now we also have a class name.


The best thing about this week was that we could get to know each other and doing a fun math activity called the murder activity. You have 4 riddles and there are more than 20 suspects and people were judjing them for multiple murders and there were 4 clues on 4 pieces of paper and they were all riddles to solve. The reason I enjoyed this the most is because the riddles were really diffucult to solve and it’s really challenging it makes it fun.


The challenges of this first week was thinking about organising the classroom since we had to get into groups of 5 and we each had a big sheet of paper and we had to draw on it with a drawing of what the classroom would look like. I liked the fact that we were picked in random groups so we can work together and work with the people you don’t know.


I’m excited about next week and I hope I can also try new things and make new friends.




在美国,有一个女孩叫小花。 她没有家因为她没有妈妈和爸爸。 所以她有很少的钱。

一天小花没有食物所以她的旁边有一个中国餐厅,小花问服务员说“ 我可以吃很少的食物吗?”。 服务圆说“不可以!” 小花去一个公园。 她很害怕, 因为她有很多需要是小花没有一个家也没有钱。

五十分中以后, 小花去警察局问警察“我额米有家, 所以我不安全。 我也没有食物和。 ” 警察说“我不要帮助俄你。” 小花很伤心。

对 面警察局是小花的朋友的家。朋友看件小花很开心。 现在小花有一个家也有食物和家。

Taking apart electrical toys

Today for our new unit we are taking apart our electrical toys to make a new one. The whole class took apart all their toys and we made a piece of paper with a parts, purpose and complexities organisation with it. So when we took apart our toys we wrote what the parts, and what’s the purpose and the complexities in it. We had to unscrew and break the parts of toys then we took a photo of them and make them look really creative. We tried to create our own way of organising the parts and we stuck them to our process journal. We used all sorts of tools like screw drivers and hammers and other things. Some of our toys are big and some of our toys are small. And some of us are in pairs so we could construct a lot of toys together. We are having so much fun.

Creating Patterns

Today for Math we learnt different types of patterns and we had to use geometric squares to make different patterns. There are so many different types of patterns and my group made a growing pattern and the colours were Red, Green , Yellow and blue. It grows. There are so many different types of patterns like a growing pattern, Repeating pattern, growing pattern, and so many you can think of. You can make patterns out of Numbers, Paper , you can make almost anything out of patterns. It was so much fun.