Final end of year post!

Hey guys and today I will be talking about my whole fantastic year of grade 4. We had great years camp and loads of different assemblies. We all had fun. My favourite games that we get to play is splat it requires a lot of technique and speed.My final quote for grade 4 is the dabs can take us back like a back dab. We are awesome and will stay awesome forever in this world. The highlights for grade 4 was recess and lunch because we get to play. The best times was 4d was cap and getting our awesome computer and them home.


Hey guys and today I will be talking about my coding class that I had on Wednesday. We had to try to make scratch use it’s pen button to code a J. It was very fun. Once we finished it we got to try code other letters. When I started to code it first I accidentally got a flower. Later, we had to code B, C, and other letters.It was by far the most interesting class. After coding, we had to write comments on the blocks and then write a blog post. We had to use angles to make my first letter in my name. Like turn 180 degrees, move 100 steps, Repeat 10 times and a whole bunch of more blocks.

G4 WWPT Unit Reflection

中心思想 Central Idea:



The Past Shapes The Future.


探究问题 Lines of Inquiry:



我: 我以前的生活很好,因为我有很多朋友和没有很多功课!!:)

大家: 以前大家的生活不好因为很多人经常打仗,就很多人死了,都是以前没有电和很小的食物吃。






学习者档案 Learner profile:


知识渊博的人 Knowledgeable

行动 Action:
After this unit I want to learn more about chinese culture and wars.

Tokyo Trip!😎🍧🌊🗼⛩🎢

Hey guys today I will be talking about my Tokyo trip for my Easter holidays. We left on April 7 so I had to miss school and I got back on the 13th of April. I We did so much and I want to tell you all about it but of course I can’t tell you everything as I can’t remember everything that happenened.

So Lets start!, once we arrived in Japan, Jayden, my little brother and I were starving so were my parents. We looked for a  restaurant which serves take out but, we thought it would take to long so we went to a Japanese style 7-Eleven and ate wrapped sushi. We needed to wait for the bus for about 10 minutes. Once we got on the bus we looked outside and you could see fields of crops and cherry blossom. We were amazed at the number of cherry blossoms but, I was sad that all the cherry blossoms were all in full bloom and in their bright pink colours.

Once we arrived at the bus stop, we got our luggage, turned on Google Maps and walked to our hotel. On the way we saw this Hokkaido store which contains everything from Hokkaido. Since we skipped school Jayden’s best friend Nicolas  wouldn’t arrive until 10 in Japan time! So once we got to our hotel we got our things ready and mine was the smallest room. Anyway we went down stairs and ate at the cafe because it was free as we are Gold members of Marriott. Later after a mini dinner we went walking for 2 hours to find this mall called 1010. I felt really mad at my mom because we didn’t even buy anything there when we walked for 4 hour there and back. On the way back I had ramen and I have to admit thee noodle soup was really tasty. After we finished we met Jayden and he bought a giant ice cream. After he finished my mum felt a sudden tummy ache, so we hurried back to the hotel and read books until we fell a sleep.

Day 2:

My little brother jumped on me right in the middle my dream to get me me to wake up. I tried to fall back to sleep but that didn’t work so I thought I could just wait until they left for breakfast then I would have peace and quiet to fall asleep. Soon, I got bored because I couldn’t fall asleep so I faked waking up, did my usual stuff, went down stairs and ate. My mum was so late coming down so we had to order food for her because last order was in in 5 minutes. Since Nicolas’s family arrived late and slept even later we grabbed some pastries and stuffed it in the bag for them to eat. Turned out that Nicki’s family came right before the last order so I saved some of the pastries for lunch.

Later we went walking to Tbuki City where the famous fish whole sale market was. There we ate lots of delicious sashimi, sushi, cooked egg and other seafood. After we were full we found our way into a samurai shop with pears, katanas and other weapons. We took a few pictures even though we weren’t allowed to. Once we got back to our hotel we started playing video games for about a hour or 2. When we were done we started to walk round a cherry blossom fields with rivers flowing through them. After we were done we decided to go out for dinner in a Yakitori house. Sean had a curry pork chop like always, not surprising. After we had our ice-cream got a whole jumbo sized packet of chips and went to bed.

Day 3:

Today we had to go to Sunshine City. Sunshine City is this giant area with video game centre’s, aquariums, rides and my little brothers favourite Pokemon mega store. My little brother was so excited about today he acted as if it was going to be the best day of his life. We had to go via many train stations we then stopped an took a break at a train station restaurant mall. I wanted to eat Okonomiyaki(Japanese home made vegetable pizza), Sean wanted curry house and Jayden wanted ramen so I didn’t get what I want and had to eat something else instead.

After Lunch we had to go back and continue the train ride once we were here and stepped out the station the sight was amazing Sega video game stores and crane games everywhere. Sean and I wanted to go in but you need to be 18 or ver to go in. So we went in the mall to look around and went to the aquarium but there was nothing really interesting, except for a octopus the size of 2 tables and that small 4 year old Lucas got lost until he ran back to his mommy. After that, we went to the Pokemon mega store I bought a big pillow Pikachu and Chikorita. Jayden got 2 stuffed Pokemon both different 1 called Emolga, the other Pichu. After that it was already 8:00 so we went to find a restaurant to meet mum and aunty Caroline who wanted meat so they ate together at a meat restaurant. I begged Sean and everyone to eat at the Okonomiyaki Restaurant, So Sean black mailed me and said you can only eat there if you be bob the builder and sing the theme song. So I did and he let me eat at Okonominyaki. I was so happy that I hugged him. I had a great meal after the meal I ate shaved ice as a dessert I was very pleased. and ate a little ice-cream for an extra dessert on the way back.

Day 4:

Today I’m going to take the train all the way to Mount Fuji Once we got to Mount Fuji well half way we had to stop for 45 minutes until the next train arrives. I was so hungry so we went to the mini restaurant to have pork chop egg rice and miso soup. Once the train arrived I saw a vending machine that sells burger fries and other frozen foods that it cooks. I was amazed by it, but I had no time to take a picture because of the train. On the way there I stuck my head out the window to breathe the fresh air kind of like a dog. Later on the second last stop I met a teenager who was taking the train so he could go to college. I wanted to show him a funny video on youtube and see what games he played on his phone. We then quickly became friends and he said he wanted to take a picture. Once we got to Fuji we unpacked stayed at the relax lounge until our rooms were ready. After that we went sight seeing until 6:00 then my parents went to the supermarket to buy chips so Aunty Caroline was in charge we went to her room dropped off our jackets and headed down for dinner. Once dinner was finished, we had to get ready so we could go and take a shower in the family hot spring spa. The experience was interesting. The view was nice and the moon colour was yellow gold best of all it was a full moon.

Day 5

I got a allergy from eating something inside my soba noodles and vomited. After that I went shopping, the rain was hard like bullets coming down from the skies. Once we got to the mall by bus which took about 2 hours we to buy some bread to eat for lunch. After we finished eating our food we crossed the bridge to the stores with nike and other brands. My mom bought a G-shock hiking watch. Jayden and I bought a big set of Lego. My dad went around with my mom to buy clothes. Once we were done Jayden and I bought milk pudding the top part tasted horrible, but once we finished it the rest tasted like heaven. I was very happy to go shopping even on a rainy day. Once we got back We had a really tasty nice dinner. Turns out you have to eat roast sliced beef with raw stirred egg. If you think it’s disgusting believe me it taste great. After that we went to the spa again . The moon was brighter than last time because the rain made all the clouds go away. Later Sean was crying because he was jealous that I took care of Lucas so well and he is Lucas’s real brother. Still he can’t make Lucas go to sleep, but I can. So that was the reason he was crying from jealousy. Also he was so mad he slipped and cut some skin on a drain pipe that was on the floor. It was nice hot water and cold water day mixed at just the right temperature.

Day 6:

Wow I can’t believe we are already on day six that is amazing. So on day six we had to go hiking up the mountain, but before that happened we had to take all our luggage’s to the storage room and then walk a long way to the cable car area to go up the mountain. Once we got up the mountain the view wAS wonderful. I never saw so far below me, me so many valleys, fields, theme parks and more miles. The site was just astounding I loved it and  took pictures of everything. Later, I saw those sky watching telescopes to see everything in a bigger way. It was also quite cheap only 100 yen. After that there was nothing else to do on the top so what we did was go down the cable car and buy some seaweed. After we got dough with BQQ sauce it tasted great. Later on the way back to the bus stop we got to go to a shop which sold over 20 different styles and packages of cheese cake. It was the best for me because cheese cake is my favourite cake. When the bus arrived my dad and 1 watched movies on the computer because it had free WIFI. Once we got to our hotel rooms we left our stuff there and went out for dinner. For dinner I never done this before maybe you have, but we got to catch our own food. In the restaurant there are like a huge water tank filled areas with many giant flounders, prawns, mackerels, sea bream, sardines, squid, octopus and others. I caught a big lobster and wanted to grill it. I also caught a sea bream and made it half sashimi and half deep fried. After that we went looking for dessert, but there was no area to go which sold dessert so we had ice-cream at our hotels nearby 7 Eleven. I choose Vanilla ice cream. It tasted horrible it tasted more like red bean than Vanilla.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.10.16 PM

Day 7:

Today when I woke up I had to eat cup noodles for breakfast. So we could quickly go to the Samurai museum It was awesome as there were weapons and armour and  I learned a lot about the history of the samurai. It was wonderful. Later, there was a room where we could try out swords and actual spears and dress in the armour. I loved it a lot, but then we left early and missed half the tour so we could take the bus to the airport. Also we had to buy t-shirts and samurai models at the museum.Since we were early we quickly went to the food mart to buy food to eat on the bus. Once I finished I took a nice nap. Once we got to the airport my dad met his student Ronald. He goes to west ISLAND island. Once we got past security we had quite a while until the plane was going to leave. So my mom bought some make up. Jayden and I bought a Bulbasaur and a Charmander. Once we got on the plane we had to wait on the plane for 50 minutes because it kept driving in circles. Once we were flying I watched TV until we got there. When we arrived I saw my grandpa and My aunty who got back from Osaka which is in another part of Japan. They also bought us small Pokemon gifts from the airport. Later when I got home I took a shower and went straight into my soft cosy little bed.

Image result for shrunken weapon ninjaImage result for samuraiSo that was my Trip!!!!!!


Microbead Experiment

Microbead Reflection


Hey guy my name is Jordan and today I will be talking about my Microbead Experiment which we did yesterday March 15, 2017.

So what we did was get a gel, shampoo or cream and put in 10 grams of whatever you select inside the cotton bag. Then you wash out all the soap and bubbles. As soon as you done that you hold the bag opening and the corners so the beads won’t spill out. Later dry it with the hair dryer until it’s completely dry. When the beads are dry poor it in a sheet of paper, then pour it into a glass flat container. When you’ve finally done you can use a microscope and identify the microbeads.


No Warning!!!!!!!
Feel free to try this at home!

Rugby Tournament🏉

So on February 26, I went to the Valley Fort Rugby Festival! We were first against the Hong Kong Football Club then S.C.A.A and finally the South Lantau Buffalo’s.

The hardest game for us was against S.C.A.A we lost 10 to zero. The reason it happened was because no one spread out and passed to the wing. Also  no one tackled the big guy on the opponents team. They were really big!

The special reason I’m typing this for the blog is that I never lost a game by 10 nil.

This shows that we don’t cooperate well as a group and are hogging the ball. Also we are letting people tackle for us until we get the ball.


Commercial Reflection📝

So welcome back to my post it’s been a while since my last post. Hope you looked at all my other posts after this one so lets begin. Today I’m talking /typing about my commercial reflection Ms.G sent us a doc that has a lot of P.S.A’s and commercials so we chose 1 this is what I chose (We Are All Connected).


We Are All Connected

  1. In this PSA they  used animals that were doing the same thing except in their own animal way just like our own human way. This shows that the animals are just like humans.  We are similar and we should treat them the right way.
  2. Real Life Examples, Music, Similarities, showing their everyday life is like theres and that we are all equal.
  3. The target audience is the public, people who are awered about animals.
  4. The people who might disagree are lumberjacks, Building managers, people who want to make more areas in forests and other natural places, Mayor or president. The people who might agree are Campers, school and people who care for wildlife.
  5. People will probably protest to  save animal wildlife plant more trees and adopt more homeless animals.