My Clothing Design

Hi, today I will be talking about the clothing that I made using reusable materials like wire and other stuff. The steps we took was planning, making a prototype and a lot of testing. We worked really well, the most enjoyable thing that we putting the join on the suit, it looked really cool. The most challenging was the measurements of the outfit.

Comparing Fraction

Hey guys and today I will be talking about Comparing Fraction we were learning what they were called and how you can use them in specific situations. I now will be demonstrating ways you can compare fractions and don’t forget whatever you do to the bottom you do to the top. That just now was the buddy rule.

Missing Piece: My explanation for how to compare using the missing piece.Is the smallest faction that there is. The smallest one which is closer to the denominator is closer. Smaller the pieces larger the denominator. Here is an example: 99/100 is a lot bigger that 9/10 because the pieces are smaller so it’s closer to the whole.

Benchmark of the half: If the numerator is bigger than the half it will be bigger than the others under half. 8/15 is bigger than 2/7 because if you split 15 into half it will be 7.5 and if you split 7 into half you will get 3.5, and the number is 2 so it’s less than the half the other numerator and it’s over half that’s why 8/15 is bigger than 2/7.

Equal numerator: No matter if it’s ⅙ ½ ⅓,  ½  would always be bigger because the denominator is smallest and the numerator is closer to the denominator. ¾  is bigger out of 56/1000 3/4 is bigger because the denominator is small so the numerator is closest to the denominator.


1st week back in school after winter holiday!

I had a terrific holiday, but that’s not what I’m going to be talking about… … anyway, my first week back was excellent. In Chinese, we were assigned to create an I movie about perspective. We are learning different ways to calculate multiplication and division, like for division the chunking method, for multiplication the Latis method and the area method. We got a new story in Chinese and guess what it is 7 pages long. Today we are going to have puberty class, we also got to have Book club. We are working on this story about a gorilla who has mastered over 1,000 words in sign language. We are also gonna have our class do a fashion show, and our robots we built legs for them so they can walk next to us in the same costume as us. So the legs on our robots are six-legged plus it walks on it’s own.

1st term report

Hello again, today I’ll be talking about how great my 1st term was. We went camping and tomorrow we will be having our Christmas party and have WINTER BREAK! So about my term, we had parties and all sorts of stuff. I hope you guys also have a great winter break so peace out yo.

Child soldier talk ( starring special guest)

I guys, today I will be talking about a guy that our grade had the opportunity to talk with. When he was young he was a child soldier for 1 year. He was abducted when he was 15. We saw his scars they were something that you can’t unsee, once he tells you the story you just have a feeling inside that empty because you feel so sorry for him. He was tortured and had killed other people, he was also forced to kill his friends.

He was forced to leave his house and hi hope of education. He also watched his son die. The question is what more can he actually lose? He lost his family, hope, dignity and a life. His story was one of the most touching stories in the world I can bet. The story was that when he was 15 in school studying a whole group of rebels surrounded the school and said don’t move or we will shoot. When they were reloading their guns. The children made a run for it to their house. They ran into the jungle with their families and until they realized that they have no food, when they went back into the village there was no more food or water or gold. Since they had nothing they went back in the jungle and got ambushed. Then they forced them to be child soldiers, the people who wouldn’t listen got shot in an area where they can still survive, but be in pain, they can be put in jail or be tortured, the guy called David the guy who experienced being a child soldier got to see his friend tortured until he died. When he was put in the jail for 3 weeks he and his friends cuddled up to keep warm, if one died they have to suffer knowing they could die real soon. He was afraid and determined to escape and when he was rescued he created a charity to help all child soldiers. Thank you and see me in my next blog post

This week

This week we had Halloween I dressed up as the arrow. I collected 500 something pieces of candy. Today we made a simulation using a lot of nerf guns our thing that we used for nerf guns were for a simulation on child soldiers. We rehearsed and had fun. We listened to music and designed music and things like that.We got to play with my nerf. We laughed we cried and we had enthusiasm! We have to admit we had the best week in school so far. We played fun games and fun things like that. Work hard play hard!