Weekly Reflection

This week felt very long.

For PE, we have been doing badminton which is very fun for me. I was able to improve on my hitting and I was able to also be able to hit ummm the smashes.

In PA, we are still working on our ukelele and we are also learning how to play simple songs while singing it

In class at homeroom, we are mostly focusing on the learning “own it”.

Weekly Reflection

In this week, we have done a lot of fun activities.

This week, we met our buddies which we were all waiting for the whole year. I was able to meet my buddy named Tyler. He was very shy though very caring and thoughtful to others. He likes to draw and write and has a brother in Grade 4 or 5. Other students in our class were also able to meet our buddies and it was very fun for our class and also my buddies class too.

This week for our learning, we focused on what I or we were passionate about and made a product that shows what we are passionate about, and relate it to the Central idea and the learning. It was kind of a passion project thing, and it was very fun for me. I and my friends presented about coding because it was very different and unique from others. I also got to look at others presentations too which was also very creative.

Overall, I think that this week was a very exciting week for me with all the project stuff.


My Reflection (this week)

This week was a very long week for me. Our class have done a lot of activities and have done things that I have never done before.

On the first two days of the week, me and my group have lead the class to do the Bingo game for the morning meeting. This was to give chances for students in my class to know each other in the class. This has worked well and people in my class have been able to know each others names and know some fun facts about them. Another game that we did in was using a string so we could throw the string to the other person on the other side of the circle and we would be able to make a web. The web turned very well, though I think that we could have done a better job so we could not get the strings tangled.

Throughout the week, our class have been making our essential agreements and signing them. We also read a book named Shi-Shi-Etko. This book was about a girl who was living with a native family. The girl lived in Canada, and as the law was to get native children to boarding school, the girl and the family was going to be away for months and years. There was also a part of the story about a memory bag and putting things that symbolize the native family. We took notes and tried to look at what the author was trying to tell us the readers.

For the unit Who We Are (WWA), we have looked at the central idea, “Exploring issues, interests, and passions inspires change” and looked at the meanings of the central idea and what it is trying to tell us. Our class found out that the central idea and the whole unit was related to our PYP Exhibition.

In our class, Mr.Brodie our teacher told us to own our learning. Our teacher gave us some things that we could do, and we students planned our own schedules per person and we were able to work freely on our schedules. On the program “Own it”, I did a project about my passions, and also a thing about a math pre-assessment too.

In Visual Arts (VA), we learned how to write nice and neat words by using pop sickle sticks, ruler, and a pencil. This was a great learning for me because I could use this technique when making posters and when writing nice words.

In Physical Education (PE), the whole grade is focusing on badminton. We are learning about smashes and types of hitting the shuttle. We are also trying to learn some rules in badminton. Though this week, we are focusing on taking down the nets and taking them up again.

In Performing Arts (PA), our unit is about Ukulele. We are learning how to play cords on the Ukulele and to play the tones. Everyone thought that it was fun, though it was not fun for me because I got a blister afterschool.

Overall, this week was a fun and exciting with new experiences that I made.


I have completed the first week of GRADE 6!

It is so amazing to see new faces from all parts of the world, especially from Hong Kong. I am in a great class with Mr Brodie with our teacher. I and my classmates had a good time this week planning the classroom design and the class. I am with a group of people who are trying to figure out a way to get to know each other’s names and ages in a fun and unique way, so our group made a bingo sheet where we could know some facts about each student in the class. One big thing that is very different to games like this is that it is very fun to play for everyone, and no one will be left out. People will all be engaged and students who are shy will really good at speaking to others too.

We did activities with Ms Annie, which we wrote down personal favourite things to ready our brains to Chinese because we haven’t done any Chinese work in the summer.

For physical education (PE), in the unit, we are going to focus on badminton. We are learning to put up and down the net and understand how to play badminton and all the rules.

For performing arts (PA), we are going to be doing something a little bit different from last year, and we are going to mainly focus on pieces of music. Our dances will be moved to PE. I am very sad the PE classes may be change to dance classes, though I am very excited about learning how to play the ukulele.

Happy Christmas!!

Happy Christmas everyone!! Today, I have finished my first term of my school! I am very excited for my Christmas Break. This break, I am going to Japan and ski there! I have been working a lot this week. We have been doing our maths, literacy and most importantly, our Unit of Inquiry. This last week is kind of a resting week because we have been doing a lot of work. This term was the longest term in our school. We have finished our work faster than any other class! I really like this year’s teacher because our teacher finishes everything fast.

Overall, the term was very fun. HAPPY CHRISTMAS

Reflection of the week

Today is the Friday, 20th October 2017. This week, we had a very fun time together. My favourite part of this week is when we were making our designs for my robot. I am thinking to make a robot that can build things with arms and blocks. Some workers who build buildings sometimes fall off because it was dangerous. He was very

Game of life reflection

Hello, This week I have played a game in PE. In this game, we learnt about the circumstances for other people and also how the world is right now. In this game, we played capture the flag, but one group was stronger than the other groups. They were not able to be captured from the other groups. The group that was stronger got all the points that the other groups. This made me think about the outer world. I have learnt that I was very privileged and I also had more resources than the other people around the world. Next time, I think I will try to help people who are not as privileged as others. I can give resources and also give money to charities.

“we have to help the poor or else nothing happens”  HAJIME



Good morning GRADE 5

Hello, and my name is Hajime(if you don’t know). Now I am in grade 5 !!!!!😀😀😀

This is my first week in grade 5. It has been very fun to meet my new students in my new class. My teacher is Ms. Laura an she is very nice. Our class name is 5B Boomshakalakas. As you see, I have changed my blog format a bit. I was a bit scared about grade 5 but I mostly kind of like grade 5.



Scratch Coding

Scratch Coding

On Tuesday May 16th, We had our coding class. In coding class, we adding on to what we are doing on Challenge 2. In Challenge 2, we have to make a code that draws words. In my project, I have finished drawing a A, B, C, D, and O (This is the Link to the project). I am really looking forward to finishing my project for Challenge 2. At school, We are learning about the coordinates and other things that you might need for the code. It was really easy for me because I have done the same thing in a place where you learn how to code. Instead of making more words, I have been helping others to make their code better and also solve problems in their code. If I have more time, I would really like to make my codes better and make the words look realistic.


Overall, I think I have been helping others and our class has been cooperating and they are also curious about for the code.



Treasure Island Reflection

Treasure Island Reflection

From Wed, March 29 to Fri, March 31 all the grade 4 went camping at Treasure Island. We were separated into groups of 12 or 13 and we did activities that we cannot do at Hong Kong Island. We went to the beach, learnt about the ecosystems that is connected to our PYP, Sharing the planet.


What I really enjoyed about camp is that we could do activities that we normally don’t do, like going to a Wetland and study about the plants that live there and what can happen when the weather changes. I think the activity that I enjoyed the most is raft building Sandy shores because I liked it when we got to go to the ocean and played with the water.


An activity that I experienced for the first time was the Raft Building (picture on top) because we got to make our own raft and tried to use it in the ocean. Our raft did float and move, but it was very unstable. From what we built, we also learnt some ways to tie ropes. The materials we used is 4 to 5 ropes, 3 bamboo sticks and 3 tires.


I will remember when we had cold showers because it was very cold. I would also remember when we had Breakfast, Lunch and dinner at Mav’s because I liked the food there. There was pasta, cereal and other yummy food.


What I found challenging is when we had to sleep because I never slept in a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are not very comfortable but can be very warm. It was warmer than the normal bed that I sleep in at home. When I came back from camp, it felt very comfortable when I got to sleep in a normal bed.


I learnt about the ecosystems and how to save the environment and nature. It was very fun because we got to do things that we don’t normally do in our daily lives. I learnt how to surf and learnt and played games that I don’t play or I didn’t know about.