4B Assembly

Our class was really busy this week ( the last week ). We have been working on our assembly and also the robotics.


For the Assembly, the Central Idea for the Grade 4 was WWA ( who we are ) , People learn different things in various ways. That means people have many ways to learn one thing. For example, 2 students wanted to learn the multiplication. One student learned the multiplication by writing them on a piece of paper. That student is a verbal linguistic learner ( people who learn buy reading and writing ). The other student searched a video for multiplication learners. The student sang a multiplication song out loud. That student is a Musical learner ( A person who learn easily by singing, etc ). These words that describes a person is named “Multiple Intelligences”. Also when making our scripts, we were the first ones to present the assembly. It took me a long time because I had to also perform the French Horn ( instrument ).


Our class has been also working on our Robotics skills. We learned a lot of things like making the robot move, turn, beep the tones, draw/write on the LED screen and other cool coding skills. Next week we our going to have a dance off our robots.


It was a fun and a very busy weekend.
Hajime 🙂

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