Going Into Grade 6

Heyyy guys! So I know it’s almost the first day of grade 6 and I have not made a post about it yet. My last post about grade 5 (other than Chinese) was in January… I have done lots since then, such as a fashion show with robots, we wrote historical fiction, we had math lessons on time and a big science unit.

For science, we did loads of things on how lemons can power lights and we tested the brightness of the light. The photo above will be what my group did. The historical fiction took a long time to do, we had to plan and draft and do the final on the computer. At the end of the year, we had a small lesson on mean medium and mode. Finally, the fashion show where we made a costume and went down a runway with robots dressed the same.

I thought this year was amazing and I met so many new people. I’m gonna be in 6E and I can’t wait. Thank you especially to my amazing teacher Ms. Laura! Thanks so much for reading and see you in grade 6!

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