Going Into Grade 6

Heyyy guys! So I know it’s almost the first day of grade 6 and I have not made a post about it yet. My last post about grade 5 (other than Chinese) was in January… I have done lots since t... Read More

STP reflection

在这个单元里我学很多词语。我学中文的行动是在家做功课、读书、读故事、练习录音。长大以后,我想做一个建筑师。... Read More

HWEO Reflection

在HWEO这个单元,我学了很多的词语和句型。我用短信,聊天软件,社交网站,电邮,网友和应用软件和别人交流,我喜欢聊天软件。当我说话的时候,我... Read More


柏琳是一个加拿大人,他住在一个很好的社区。社区不但方便,而且有好的环境。柏琳有很多的需要,需要医院,运动,学校,电影院和车站。社区很... Read More

2018 Past Week!

  In the past week, we have had a Chinese field trip, spotlights, sports day and stuff with robotics and 3D printing. In Chinese, we went to a Chinese museum thing. We got worksheets that we had ... Read More

First few weeks back!

On Tuesday I had my first week back to school. Since then we have started our UOI unit and done some maths about multiplication and division. We have also had our first back at school performing arts ... Read More

Term One Ends!

This year was fun, some ups are that this year was that we had lots of fun and got things done quickly. Another good thing was we were getting better at things the more we did them. A down was that dr... Read More