Heyyy guys! So I know it’s almost the first day of grade 6 and I have not made a post about it yet. My last post about grade 5 (other than Chinese) was in January… I have done lots since then, such as a fashion show with robots, we wrote historical fiction, we had math lessons on time and a big science unit.

For science, we did loads of things on how lemons can power lights and we tested the brightness of the light. The photo above will be what my group did. The historical fiction took a long time to do, we had to plan and draft and do the final on the computer. At the end of the year, we had a small lesson on mean medium and mode. Finally, the fashion show where we made a costume and went down a runway with robots dressed the same.

I thought this year was amazing and I met so many new people. I’m gonna be in 6E and I can’t wait. Thank you especially to my amazing teacher Ms. Laura! Thanks so much for reading and see you in grade 6!







In the past week, we have had a Chinese field trip, spotlights, sports day and stuff with robotics and 3D printing. In Chinese, we went to a Chinese museum thing. We got worksheets that we had to fill out and each part we found out by looking around the place.

For the spotlights, it was different than usual. Instead of having a performance we had stations where the parents and kids could go around and learn about different things we learned in class. I was doing tableau with four other people. First, we explained what it was, then we did some examples and let them try. The little kids were confused so after the presentation I went to them and explained simply. It was fun with the little kids cause they made funny tableau’s and they were also shy at first but when we started to talk they got less shy and were having fun.

Sports day was very fun, it’s always my favorite thing in the school year. First grade 5 were doing activities while grade 6 did relay and races. Then grade 5 did relays and races while grade 6 did activities. For the activities we did long jump first, then mat ball, then capture the flag twice which was very fun! Then ball throwing. Last year I did pretty well in long jump so I hope I can do great this year as well! In the relay first was raven second was mountain lion then in third orca and last was bear. In the tug of war orca came first though! I did the 400 meters and 200 meter races, I came second in both. Sports day was very fun and I can’t wait for next year!!!

In robotics, we are attaching legs to our robots because we are having a fashion show where we are making our own clothes out of stuff that is not fabric and we will have our robots walking next to us in the same outfit which we will make for them. A lot of people are 3D printing a mannequin that they will use to put the dress on, I am also doing that.


Thank you for reading!

On Tuesday I had my first week back to school. Since then we have started our UOI unit and done some maths about multiplication and division. We have also had our first back at school performing arts lesson. Sadly we have finished our visual arts.

Our new unit is Who We are. Our central idea is ‘Throughout life people experience change for different reasons.’ Yesterday we had a look at our new unit vocabulary about the changed we go through, we also made a list of the changes we go through such as voice change, age, emotions and feelings, attitudes and more.  Next week we have to send our computer photos of when we were babies up until now so we can see what changes we have gone through.

In math, we looked at some strategies for division and multiplication. One was a grid where you draw the number of boxes you need for the digits and then draw a diagonal line across each box to make a ton of small triangles, then you multiply the numbers and add the numbers that are in each triangle that are in a line, when you add everything up that is your answer. Another multiplication strategy was a box where you write the numbers on the outside and make lines to make an area in each box, if you are multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits there should be 4 boxes, then you multiply all the numbers and put the answers in the spaces inside the box, after that you add the numbers in the box and there’s your answer.

In performing arts we have started to work on our spotlight. For the spotlight, we are doing something different than usual, now it’s a workshop where each station is about something different. My group is doing tableau. We will explain to the groups that come what a tableau is. We will also give examples and let them play the game.


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This year was fun, some ups are that this year was that we had lots of fun and got things done quickly. Another good thing was we were getting better at things the more we did them. A down was that drama in this class was something that took up a bit of our time we also had a lot of problems but we got over them.

A glow about this was I managed to get work done, a grow is I want to write a bit better with less spelling and grammar mistakes.  Something else I want to achieve is to be a better listener because i’m always having to ask what to do.

I found that sharing the planet in UOI was my favorite and most exciting because I learned a lot about what’s going on in the world and what some people’s circumstances are.  

This term was very fun and I can’t wait for Christmas break to start!


Thank you for reading!

The past few weeks in visual arts we have been making peace flags. First, we planned it out in our sketchbooks, it took me a while to decide what design I was going to do but in the end, I made a really nice flag.  I managed to stick to the design I had planned on doing, which was a rainbow, a yin-yang and two doves.

To make the flag I did a lot of stitching. I did not glue anything on because I wanted it to stay properly. I used fabric pens to make the rainbow and all the wring, I used some normal blue and green pens for the dove’s wings, and for the yin-yang, I used coloured pencils. I’m happy that I did not use the fabric pens for the yin-yang because they are much too dark for the design I went for, for the yin-yang.

To make the actual flag we tie-dyed the white fabric with our choice of colour and design, most people chose the target but I chose to make the fabric into a ball so it’s all wrinkled, then I chose random colours and tie-dyed the ball. This art project was very fun and I learned how to sow and how to tie-dye.


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Today this morning we had a guest speaker come in and tell us about what he’s been through in his life, his name was David. First, he told us about where he grew up which was in a tiny village with mud houses and straw roofs. He was in school when it happened, the rebels came and told everyone to leave so they hid behind a wall and heard gunshots. They ran back home to find that their parents had already evacuated. He walked and walked to find some food and water but was found by the rebels in the bushes.

David got caught and became a child soldier. He was forced to do a lot of bad things including killing his friends. He did not want to do it and he hated what he had to do but if he did not they would kill him. He managed to escape but when he told the government they did not believe him and sent him to jail because they thought he was a spy for the rebels. After that, he escaped by an old man who helped him out.

Now he works for an organization called crossroads. They go to these poor villages that he used to live in and he helps them get medical help, food and water. He is also building schools for kids so they can have a good education. He is helping these kids because he used to be like them so he wants to help them have a better life. I think this is amazing and he is so kind to do something for these children. He said he felt sad when he had to do everything, he hated being forced to do something he did not want to. The war lasted 1 year and now David wants to help the people and kids who have nothing.

When he was telling the story I felt empathy for him and even though I don’t know what it really feels like I still feel so bad for him but also happy that he is now helping so many kids. I think David is very kind because he could be living a good life right now but instead, he’s helping kids and people who can’t help themselves.


Thank you for reading!