Young Americans

During these past few days we did a workshop called young americans. I think it was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again.

I really liked the Young Americans because I think I was able to step out of my comfort zone and learnt a new side to myself. The young americans had a lot of enthusiasm and that made everything super hyped and excited. And I think it impact a lot of others in a positive way. People were able to get more self confidence in what they were doing. Like they were able to make one of the shyest people to do solos and I think it’s great because they get more confidence.

And when it was show day I didnt even notice it was and thought it was just a rehearsal. Everything was so fun in the moment and I felt like I was being myself. I’m sure many others were able to feel that way too. I feel like there was nothing was stopping us. I think overall it was a great experience.

Media Analysis

So there are three different types of media. Infographics, Magazines and Whiteboard Animation. Each Media has pros and cons. As shown below.


The media type i like the most is a magazine. You can add pictures while being able to write short paragraphs to explain an event. In a magazine you can have captions for pictures which can explain the picture more. I think that a magazine is quicker to make than a whiteboard animation. Whiteboard animations would take a long time. And infographics are too short and not very detailed. Which is why I think magazines are better than all the other media analysis.

Bar Models

So we were learning about bar models in class. We had to solve a couple of word problems involving bar models. We had to draw the bar models out and write out the amount of each section of a bar model, as shown below. We also had to explain how we got to our answers underneath the bar model as well. I think this strategy is a good strategy because it can help you see the math thats going on visually instead of just numbers. I think visual math is also easy to do since you can compare them more easily. 

Industrial revolution Reflection

So we had to write a report about an event that impacted the economic activity. I think my report was good but definitely needs some improvements. I think what I did well was writing the correct amount, i think I did a good job of separating each revolution with paragraphs and what inventions where built in each revolution. But I think i need to work on more specific vocabulary, more details and more professional writing. I think overall it was a good report, it was informational, long, correct information and facts.

This is my report below.

Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution started in 1760, this was when textile machines, steam engines and the use of iron and coal. Since these were invented, more jobs were available which was able to impact people financially and it also impacted the economy since more goods and more service was available to consumers and the market.


1764, James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny and then Richard Arkwright created the water frame which were the first powered textile machines. Others would use these machines to make clothes and dresses for consumers and sell them for money as they can be produced more easily. Money went up by 40%, since people seemed to like clothes made from these machines.  But due to this, over 15 million tons of textiles have gone to waste. Responsibility, Causation Change.

Thomas Savery invented steam engines in 1698 to help pump water out of coal mines. Then in 1760, James Watt decided to improve the steam engine so that the steam engine used less fuel. Steam engines were used for taking water out of mines so miners can do their jobs. And if miners can do their jobs, there should be more coal and iron that they are mining. Then it would be sold in the market. Of course the miners get some profit off of the sold product.  In 1730, 100 or more steam engines were bought in just england. In 1800, 2000+ steam engines were operating in england. Function


Iron was used to help construct steam ships, steam engine, textile machines and railroads. Coal was used as fuel for steam engines and Iron smelting. Then  factories demanded more fuel. Since Coal and Iron are goods, factories have to purchase them so marketers have some sort of profit. And therefor miners get money as well. Since railroads were made so transportation was more convenient and efficient. And thus, with transportation being accessible, it’s quicker for consumers to go to marketers to purchase products and it’s quicker for miners to access mine shafts or caves. Furthermore, it’s far better than walking. Citizens would often have to walk miles to reach a destination. Form Perspective


Then new types of machinery and technologies came along. Due to that, The first Industrial revolution ended in 1869. As expected, the second industrial revolution has begun in 1870. gasoline engines, refrigerators, telephones, light, airplanes and typewriters. These were some of the important inventions at the time. In this revolution, Steel and electricity was essential as they were used a lot. Form


The typewriter were consumed a lot and the sales for these products went off the charts! 1878, Christopher latham shloes invented the typewriter. Typewriters were used by authors, historians, reporters or just generally anybody who wants to write. Typewriters were used to write articles and journalist would publish their articles, another job that actually made quite a bit of money. About 24000 to 86000 were published a day. To publish an article back then was one cent.  Once newspapers got famous, back in 1800, it’s estimated that millions of copies were sold every year. Function


Airplanes were commonly used as a way of transportation and gasoline engines powers them instead of coal. Airplanes were invented by the wright brothers in 1903. In 1876 Gasoline engines were used for cars and other forms of transportation at the time. And when you have transportation, it would be easier to get around and cars were expensive back then because there could only be limited amounts of cars. At the time, people with cars would offer others a lift and expect money in return. There was about two million cars being made in factories per year. Once more, another job available. Change


Electric Refrigerators and light both needed to be powered with electricity. Generally, electricity came from steam engines. Fred W. Wolf created the first electric fridge and it was first sold in 1913. And light was created by Thomas Edison in 1879. Before lights, folks would use candles. It was 23 USD, since it was a new invention of course it would be expensive. And once lightbulbs were made, they were bought to put into factories, rooms, train stations and more. So as you can imagine, lots of money was made. Millions and almost billions were made from the light bulb. Perspective

Then, after electricity and steel, new mechanics were created. Thus ended the second industrial revolution and started the third industrial revolution. In the third industrial revolution, we started to notice automation in production. With technologies like computers and the internet, many tasks were now made much faster and efficient, and global production saw a massive increase. Causation, Form


With access to computers, it was much easier to convert calculations and data management, not only saving companies space, but also as less folders were used in their workspace, but also time, as computers were able to calculate faster than the human mind could, and workers didn’t have to search cabinets for a file they need. Since everything they needed was stored into their computers. One billion computers are sold each year back in the early 2000s. Function


The internet, which many of us take for granted, provided with very easy communication between companies, therefor, saved a lot of time and cost. Also now as business trips didn’t need to happen as often because emailing and other communications services made communication between the general public available and at a low cost.  Connection, Perspective


To this day, we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution allows us to automate complex tasks with new and advanced technologies. This includes technologies like 3D printing and self-learning AI and more to come in the future. Form


3D printing, while still in its new, allows companies to manufacture products with much more ease by taking diagrams and copying them into a solid form. This also allows aspiring entrepreneurs to test new products easily and at a much lower cost, provided they have 3D printers, allowing more products to enter the local economy.


Self-learning AI on the other hand, while still being experimented with, is exactly like it sounds. It allows AI to be programmed to perform a tasks, to be tested and improved. This is good as with computers able to solve difficult algorithms in seconds, the speed at which these AI learn is much faster than an average person, and can easily surpass humans in completing tasks quickly. Change


While this revolution may make things more efficient, mass automation can cause a loss to many jobs, because AI and robots are faster than humans. For humans to gain their jobs back, they would have to learn new skills and have fields of specialization, however now, economies are not ready for this change because the education required for these new skills is not yet available. Change


What I think they could do in the future is, they could have more jobs for humans instead of robots and machines doing everything. And maybe there could even be a fifth revolution with teleporters and rifts. If there was, it would probably be big in the market and there would be lots of investors as well. Responsibility perspective


To summarize, lots of new inventions were discovered, and they were bought and consumed by consumers. Therefore giving more jobs, profit, investments etc. And now that there are factories, production goes up and so does finance.


Before Young Americans- Thoughts and Opinions

So Young americans start tomorrow. Young Americans is basically a show that students and young americans put together within 3 days.


I’m excited for young americans because it’s a way for us to express ourselves more and learn more things about ourselves. We could learn that dancing or singing is something we can do well or there are other things we can learn like we dont enjoy being alone on stage.

I’m nervous because no matter what you do, I’d have to perform on stage anyways. And im nervous we might not get it done in time. Im also nervous that I would mess up on stage or if i got a big role. Because that would slow everybody down and disappoint others.


Overall I think Young Americans is going to be a great experience.

Exhibition Proposal Judging (Process)

Exhibition Proposals are Proposals we do for exhibition and what we want to do for PYPX.  I did my proposal last week and Here are my thoughts.


So the First thing that Happens is The introductions. You introduce yourselves to the judges and start your proposal. You talk about what you want to do and what possible outcomes there is and what you want to influence or make an impact on.


Then They start asking questions for your proposals and you have to answer them. Like they’ll ask you what resources you have and key concepts. And also how you proposal can be improved. And what extra things that can be done to have a bigger impact.


Then they’ll start giving suggestions on how you can make your proposal more reasonable and better. It makes a bigger impact and they’ll give more ideas.

Memories and Highlights before christmas

So far the year has been good. But my favourite memories are camp, dance, buddies and the migration simulation.


In camp, I had a lot of fun, espically being able to eat smores and sleep with my friends in a tent. We also went Kayaking which was really fun. And the food there was amazing! We had Hamburgers and Fries on the last day! You can check out my blog post about it here. I definetly had a lot of fun and I would go again if I could!

For dance we did a dance using lifts and balance. With that, had to have had a lot of trust. Which we did. We spent a lot of time making our actual dance and we got it done. Although it was somewhat dangerous, none of us got hurt, although we may have fell a few times, we didn’t get seriously injured.


In Cdnis, we have a system where an older student is paired with a younger student as a buddy. It’s usually orginised by class and house. But some youngr buddies have two older buddies. And some older buddies have two younger buddies. This year I share my buddy with lauren and our buddy is really nice and friendly. So we enjoyed our time with her before 2019.


In the Migration simulation, we had to do some sort of roleplay. We had to do work and solve a murduer mystery after we did the simuation. The simulation was fun.

Grade 6 Camp Reflection



Things I enjoyed

A lot of things were fun in Outward bound but these were the highlights of camp for me. Kayaking was one of my favourite activities, we paddled all the way to another island, had a picnic and came back. Kayaking was super fun since we got to see lots of things in the ocean that we don’t usually get to see like sea urchins. Another one of the highlights of camp for me was Jetty jumping and it was fun for me because i got to jump of from a high place into the ocean and that’s not something you get to do everyday. Another one of the funner things in camp was sleeping in tents. Tents were enjoyable since for our group, four of us shared a tent. We were all a bit squishy but overall it was comfortable. The food was also really good compared to other camps. We had hamburgers and fries on the last day and ice cream too.


Hard Times

A few things that were annoying or were hard for me in outward bound is… that we had to go to go to the toilet in bushes or walk really far to go to the toilet. On the first night in tents, we had to pee in bushes. And in the second night, if you had to go in the middle of the night you would have to walk really far and it would take 10 minutes to go and come back and it would take even longer if you didn’t have a flashlight. Another thing that bothered me was the dorms. The dorms weren’t as clean and it was very messy. And we couldn’t sleep until 12am since our dormates kept talking. The water in the ocean was super cold as well. So everytime we went swimming, our whole group was cold.


How I felt

Overall at camp I think I had mixed emotions. Like for example some things made me excited and happy while other things made me nervous and made me step out of my comfort zone.For example, when I did jetty jumping, I was scared to do it at first since i was afraid of heights but it turned out to be one of most exciting things and one of the highlights of camp for me. But other parts of camp like not being able to sleep early since people were talking, made me tired and sad and a bit annoyed. And when we were hiking and kayaking, i felt adventurous since we got to go places and explore.


What I wished could have happened

I think outward bound was already great as it was but i think we could’ve had more night activities in the dark and do more cool stuff at night instead of just setting up tents. Because I think night time is really cool since you can look at the stars and see fireflies. And while it’s dark we could’ve done a couple of dark activities that train our vision and our other senses. Another thing I wished that could have happened was we got more time to do ropes course and go to the higher parts of it. I also wished that we could’ve had more time there and save more time instead of wasting time talking so we can play more activities and games.



After this camp experience with outward bound, i think I would definitely go camping here again. After all, most of the activities were enjoyable and fun and only a couple of things annoyed me. I think I had a lot of fun with my teammates and everyone else as well.



Before Camp

Tomorrow we’re going to camp in Sai Kung, with outward bound! I’m really excited for camp because I’m with all of my close friends and we’re in the same tent. For the first night, we’re staying in dorms and in the 2nd and 3rd night in tents.

Some of the reasons im excited because I’m with my friends and I can have a giant sleepover with them and another reason im excited is because of the activities like kayaking and jetty jumping. I’m also excited because I got a fun camp leader aka Mr Mark and I think it’s gonna be fun with all my friends and a Fun camp leader. And I’m sharing a tent with one of my best friends Venita. We’ve already started planning whos gonna bring what.Image result for camp

A few things I’m worried about is that a few of the activities are scary and that the hygiene isn’t good. Like the jetty jump, It’s high and I’m afraid of heights. And I’m also worried about how we might not get to shower everyday and how bad we’ll smell.  I’m also nervous about either being too cold or too hot. And I’m also worried about the food because the 7th graders said the food wasn’t that good. I’m also worried about bugs crawling into our tents and dorms since I’m Scared of bugs. Especially huge ones.

Those were my opinions before camp and what i’m excited and nervous for.
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