Grade 6 Camp Reflection



Things I enjoyed

A lot of things were fun in Outward bound but these were the highlights of camp for me. Kayaking was one of my favourite activities, we paddled all the way to another island, had a picnic and came back. Kayaking was super fun since we got to see lots of things in the ocean that we don’t usually get to see like sea urchins. Another one of the highlights of camp for me was Jetty jumping and it was fun for me because i got to jump of from a high place into the ocean and that’s not something you get to do everyday. Another one of the funner things in camp was sleeping in tents. Tents were enjoyable since for our group, four of us shared a tent. We were all a bit squishy but overall it was comfortable. The food was also really good compared to other camps. We had hamburgers and fries on the last day and ice cream too.


Hard Times

A few things that were annoying or were hard for me in outward bound is… that we had to go to go to the toilet in bushes or walk really far to go to the toilet. On the first night in tents, we had to pee in bushes. And in the second night, if you had to go in the middle of the night you would have to walk really far and it would take 10 minutes to go and come back and it would take even longer if you didn’t have a flashlight. Another thing that bothered me was the dorms. The dorms weren’t as clean and it was very messy. And we couldn’t sleep until 12am since our dormates kept talking. The water in the ocean was super cold as well. So everytime we went swimming, our whole group was cold.


How I felt

Overall at camp I think I had mixed emotions. Like for example some things made me excited and happy while other things made me nervous and made me step out of my comfort zone.For example, when I did jetty jumping, I was scared to do it at first since i was afraid of heights but it turned out to be one of most exciting things and one of the highlights of camp for me. But other parts of camp like not being able to sleep early since people were talking, made me tired and sad and a bit annoyed. And when we were hiking and kayaking, i felt adventurous since we got to go places and explore.


What I wished could have happened

I think outward bound was already great as it was but i think we could’ve had more night activities in the dark and do more cool stuff at night instead of just setting up tents. Because I think night time is really cool since you can look at the stars and see fireflies. And while it’s dark we could’ve done a couple of dark activities that train our vision and our other senses. Another thing I wished that could have happened was we got more time to do ropes course and go to the higher parts of it. I also wished that we could’ve had more time there and save more time instead of wasting time talking so we can play more activities and games.



After this camp experience with outward bound, i think I would definitely go camping here again. After all, most of the activities were enjoyable and fun and only a couple of things annoyed me. I think I had a lot of fun with my teammates and everyone else as well.


Before Camp

Tomorrow we’re going to camp in Sai Kung, with outward bound! I’m really excited for camp because I’m with all of my close friends and we’re in the same tent. For the first night, we’re staying in dorms and in the 2nd and 3rd night in tents.

Some of the reasons im excited because I’m with my friends and I can have a giant sleepover with them and another reason im excited is because of the activities like kayaking and jetty jumping. I’m also excited because I got a fun camp leader aka Mr Mark and I think it’s gonna be fun with all my friends and a Fun camp leader. And I’m sharing a tent with one of my best friends Venita. We’ve already started planning whos gonna bring what.Image result for camp

A few things I’m worried about is that a few of the activities are scary and that the hygiene isn’t good. Like the jetty jump, It’s high and I’m afraid of heights. And I’m also worried about how we might not get to shower everyday and how bad we’ll smell.  I’m also nervous about either being too cold or too hot. And I’m also worried about the food because the 7th graders said the food wasn’t that good. I’m also worried about bugs crawling into our tents and dorms since I’m Scared of bugs. Especially huge ones.

Those were my opinions before camp and what i’m excited and nervous for.
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我們在中文課做了一個口語評估。我的話題是全家樂活動。我說了全家樂活動好玩的地方,活動的目的,我和我的朋友的關係,還有我的新認識。 我覺得自己做的不錯。我拿到的成績全都是 Meeting. 我覺得我自己做得好的地方是我說了超過一分鐘,還有我說得很流利,很大聲,但是我很緊張。我覺得下一次我要解釋得更好, 多說一點內容。

Goal Setting

What are my goals?

1.Be able to use long division and multiplication often

Do some long division/multiplication every few days. I can do this through mathletics and ask the mathletic bot can help me. Or I can do it by paper and Ask my older brother to check for me. 

2.Learn more phrases/words for writing

I could make a list of words for each week and use it in my writing for classwork. I can Look up the definition of these words and use them more often and fluently.


我中文做的好的地方是我知道很多詞語。因為在五年級我知道的詞語不多。 我還覺得我有舉手。因為在四年級和五年級我沒有舉手。我要進步的地方是多讀一點書,多學一點詞語。因為我想知到其他的詞語。我也想進步的地方是寫作,要用對的字。 今年我的目標是知道多一點 詞語和多讀一點書。我要我的媽媽幫我因為她給我多一點時間讀書。

Mathematics Assessment Reflection

So Yesterday, we did a math assessment on patterns. I think there are some areas of improvement and some places where I did Well.

I think I could’ve done different strategies to test my theories and check if they work or not. I should also double check my Assessment when I finish. I should’ve also made my explanations easier to understand and make my explanations a bit more logical.

Some things i Think i did well was being able to use strategies we learnt and also to understand everything. But there were a few things I understood, I just didn’t know how to explain in better detail. I think I did well in dissecting the questions.

The math test overall was a little easy in some places but difficult in some places. Finding the rule was a bit more difficult but places where we had to continue the pattern was easy, since it was just adding and subtracting.


6C Chubby chickens Party

Today, we had a party to celebrate that we’re officially chubby chickens. We even had a ribbon cutting in front of our class door. We had lots of fun this morning with dance parties, eating contests, egg hunt and much more! This experience also helped us bond as a class and I think one thing we all have in common is music! If you watch the video in our class folder you can clearly see that we’re all dancing and screaming lyrics to a song. Officially, we become chubby chickens after finishing one month of school. Maybe we were a little bit reckless at the party but it was maybe because of sugar.


6C – A safe, friendly class.

6C A Safe friendly class

My class, 6C is a safe and friendly class. We’re all focused, positive, inclusive, responsible, supportive, successful, respectful and we’re a community.


We’re positive, we always look on the bright side even when there’s shade. Even if we have piles and piles of work, we look forward to when we finish. Nobody has complained about any work or anything so I’d like to think we’re positive. When we heard our class party would be moved to next week instead we didn’t say aw or anything like that. We all just look forward to the party next week.


We’re focused and successful. We don’t stay off task and we rarely waste our time. We try to be as productive as we can and try our best. But even if we do get off task, we’d get caught. Our class has lots of work completed anyways.


We’re Supportive and inclusive. We support each other even through loads of work. When we work in groups, We’re always welcoming others (especially the new students) so they don’t feel left out. We support other’s ideas by trying to improve them. Like our Divisibility rules, we told each other what was right, wrong and what we could improve on.


We’re respectful and responsible, we don’t invade each other’s privacy. We know what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. We don’t touch others things without permission and we know the boundaries.  We follow the school guidelines and stay safe.


And lastly, We’re a community. Even if we fight at times, we’re still stuck with each other for the rest of the year. We might as well get along if we are staying together for the rest of the year. We do a lot of things together, games, work and other sort of things. When we had a class discussion, everybody contributed and shared their ideas.


1st Week of 6C

Summer is over and School has begun! Even though I miss my summer holiday, this is how my first week of school in 6C began.


When I walked in, the classroom was neat and organized. All the stationary in the shelves or on the shelves, the tables were big and they were spread around the classroom but in a neat way. The papers and books were neatly stacked in the shelves. The classroom was giving me a cozy/comfy vibe.


Then, I met my classmates and teachers. First, I met my teacher. Mr.Mark. He’s a nice teacher and he’s also pretty funny. And he doesn’t make us a lot of unnecessary work :D! And then My classmates, they were all a bit awkward and first but turns out they were all really energetic, encouraging and fun!


Things were a bit different from last year but overall, everything is almost the same. The classroom was definitely bigger and more spacious. The Environment also felt very welcoming and comfortable.


So far, the good things are that the room is more spacious, the environment is very cozy and everything in this classroom is fun. The not so great thing is that I don’t have many friends in this class. But I still have a few.


My thoughts and Feelings so far, I felt a bit nervous when I first walked in since I didn’t have a lot of friends. And the atmosphere at first was awkward. But once I got to know everyone, I’m actually excited to work with everyone!


The actual things we did was, we played a game called TV where we had to chase each other with whiteboard erasers on our heads. We also did a placemat to see the variety of our class and turns out the variety was pretty wide.


Anyways, that was most of the thoughts, feelings and Activities I experienced on my first week of school.


Probability Simple Monty Hall

In math, we talked about SimpleMontyHall. Everyone knows how this game works right? Anyways,  all of them start as 1/3.  if one of the possibilities are crossed out, then one of the possibilities becomes 2/3. If you stay at that door your chances are still 1/3 because you didn’t move so that means the possibility that got ruled out made it when you switch your chances are 2/3.  Which means if you stay at your door your chances will still remain 1/3 but then that means the other door has the chance of 2/3 from the door that got ruled out because if the door you’re staying at is 1/3 then the rest of the chances must be in the other door.