Author’s voice

Hi my name is Billy.I’m a clown that works for this evil guy named Philip. Philip always picks his nose, he steals people’s money, stalks people that like his creepy jokes. To be honest, I’m also kinda creepy. I’m a clown! When I was young I HATED clowns. But here’s my story of how I became a clown.

It all started in high school, me and Philip were best friends. We both were the class clowns. We joked around way to much. That’s Why we became friends! We used to have so much fun back then. We were also known as the ‘naughty kids’.    We did everything together! But then one day, Philip told me his crush. I was so exited about it!  We made a deal. If I helped him get the love of his life, then he would do everything with me for the rest of my life.

I then agreed to the deal. We had a plan to get Philip’s crush. We didn’t know her name but we knew what she looked like.  Being  the class clowns, we had to do something silly. This is what happened. Philip and I ate a lot of banana’s. THEY TASTED SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! We saved the peels so that we could use it to trip her. Philip wrote love notes for every banana  peel.

The first note said I LOVE YOU the second note said MARRY ME the third note said IM ON MY WAY Then I said “Don’t you think it’s creepy now? ” Philip said “You know what?” *blackout* The next thing I saw was me tied in a chair. Philip said ” So you woke up. You know how I said we would stick together? Well, we are. That girl was actually Audrey. But the Problem is she likes you not me. So as a punishment you will now work for me as a clown.

Turns out Audrey was also here trapped.  I Begged her to kiss Philip after 10 minutes of begging she agreed. Then when they kissed Philip set us free. Then the both of us left and we started to build a relationship.Eventually we got married. If it wasn’t for Philip we wouldn’t be together. So as a Thank You sign I worked as a clown for Philip and now we became good friends again.

Imovie (Learning Engagement)

Today we made an Imovie. It was about a kid and her parents fighting about guinea pigs. Eventually, the kid got her guinea pig and it was happily ever after! We used medium shot, shoulder shot and close up.

We did this project because, we wanted to learn about camera angles and we just wanted to practice our technique of using camera angles. Also to help our acting skills and to learn different rolls that we have to play.

We did this with my laptop using photo booth. Then we planed out what we wanted to say. We each had 2 persuasive arguments. We used this doc to plan what we needed to do. Then the directer would help us to know where to stand and everything else. We also used the elevator room as our background.

I learned the angles medium shot, shoulder shot and the close up shot. I also learned that we needed to focus so we could finish faster. Then we learned how to edit and make a good Imovie. After that we learned how to play our rolls properly. Our rolls were cameraman, Directer and actors. I think that this activity is fun because we get to use Imovie and we get to act it out. I also think that it was hard because we only got 2 periods (80 mins) to finish it.

I will try to make my own Imovies with my friends and let other people see it. I will also try to help other people who don’t know how to use Imovie and help them learn the camera angles and how to edit.Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.21.35 PM


Flappy bird Coding

Screen Recording

This is my coding

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 6.55.56 PM

Money Raised is a Puppy Saved.

HAI!!! I’m here today with my group today!!!! This is our magnificent poster!!! Uhhhh the photo’s aren’t to good…….. Oh well.

File_000 (1) File_001 (1)

Q1 What is our objective?

Our objective is to have people to go to our garage sale and donate to SPCA.

Q2 Who is our target audience?

Kids and parents

Q3 What strategies did we use?

We made it interesting by using comedy (Gorilla with the HIPS) we also used colour to attract our audience. Then we used a loud confident speaking voice so the audience thinks we are sure of what we are doing.

Q4 How did I think people would react?

I think people will like our poster, colour, reasoning and design.

Q5 How did they react?

They think our poster has a lot of facts but it isn’t organised with sections. Some people thought there was too much colour but most people LOVED the colour.

Santa’s Holiday (Writing Prompt)

  Hey people, this is a different type of post. This time I’m sharing one of my creative writing stories.  Hope you enjoy!!!

Santa’s Holiday

  Hi! I’m Santa. Today it’s time for my vacation. I went to Australia! It was so hot that I decided to take off my shirt.

  The beach had a good view. The palm trees were breezing through the wind. The sand was dry. Kids has to go to the sand near the water to get a better material of the sand. The waves were getting bigger and bigger while the tides get higher and higher.

  Then it was there… MY INSPIRATION!!! It’s…surfing! I saw people putting there hands in the wet, blue sea to paddle. I didn’t know why they didn’t have reindeers. Hm? What do you mean that’s strange?(I’m talking to you reader! I know what your thinking! I’m SANTA!) Then I went to the rental stand for surfboards. I saw one that had me with my friends like Buddy the elf and Rudolph. Then I decided to rent it.

  I called the workshop and told Buddy the elf “Tell Rudolph to tell all of my reindeers to come to Australia.” Buddy said”Where’s Australia? Santa is this another one of your dreams?” I said “NO Buddy… It’s where it’s hot with a nice breeze and stuff. Just search Australia on Google. Then go to google maps and find your way to Sydney.” Buddy said “Ooooh. Sydney? Is it your giiiiiirlfriend Santa? Don’t worry, I wont tell ms.clause!” I said” No Buddy it’s a place in Australia!” Then I hung up.

  A hour later, I saw Rudolph dashing with all my other reindeers. I found out I only need one so I gave some to the other people that didn’t have reindeers. One guy said “Duuuude we don’t use reindeers, we use our amazing handssssss! Say… How would you even get a reindeer? Only Saaaaaanta has reindeers.” I was so nervous that I started to SWEAT. I never sweat. Then the surfer dude said “Hey why ya sweating it’s cold today.” I thought to myself “COLD? Its BUUUUURNING!!!!” Then I just surfed with my reindeers. Then the life guard came jumping in and started to beat Rudolph. I told him to stop but he kept going. After that Rudolph fainted. I said to the guard “Hey! That’s my reindeer! What are you doing?” He said “Oh sorry I thought he was trying to kill you… AND! NO PETS ALLOWED!” Then me and Rudolph left the beach.

  The next day I went to a spa. It was soooo comfy. They put some kinda liquid on my back and started to rub then they did it all over my body. At one point I fell asleep. Then when I woke up I was lying there with a blind fold. I think they were still massaging me. I felt a fist punching my back gently then a finger pushing down on my right arm. When the massage was finished, I took a shower and the people who massaged me came in. One of them said “Hi my name is Crystal and that’s my partner Alicia!” Alicia blew me a kiss. While Crystal was chatting with me. Then eventually I felt disgusted. Then I left. I asked the receptionist “Do you get payed to flirt?” The lady said “No… why?” I said “The people who massaged me started to flirt.” Then she said “What are their names?” I said “Crystal and Alicia.” Then the receptionist left and when she came back she said “Sorry about them. They have been fired… *whispers* not.” Then I left.

  Today was the last day in Australia. I decided to go shopping for gifts for next year. Then I found something that I could get for Buddy. I found what he wanted for christmas. So I wanted to give it to him. Even though Christmas is over.  I got him a stuffed big reindeer. Buddy wanted to see what riding a reindeer would be like. Later, I got gifts for everyone in the north pole! Then I found gifts for kids on the nice list. Like a drone, building blocks, 3Ds, Nerf guns, bouncy balls, a phone, computer, books, toy cars, Clothes, Chocolate, candy and WAYYYYYY more. I put it all in my bag. I said to Rudolph ” Hey buddy, can you bring this back?” Rudolph nodded. Then flew away. Usually we make toys but we didn’t have enough materials. Then I went back to my hotel.

  Now I was back home in the north pole. Everyone was exited to see me! I put everyone’s presents under the Christmas tree. When my wife opened her present she smiled with joy with her new phone! Then buddy was next. He was so happy when he saw his horse. Then was one of my best working elves. Timmy! I gave him a 3ds because I knew he liked playing video games. Then I put a few computers in the building room so the elves could look at it and research it. I also gave every elf new clothes! Everyone was so exited!

  That was the end of my trip to Australia. Thanks for reading!

Who can jump the furthest (Experiment)

File_001 File_000

This is a chart from first to last.

Hight             1st try        2nd try       3rd try          Average

Mr.Wahid      176cm            137cm       141cm         152cm          143.5

Agatha            126cm            136cm       148cm       141cm           141.5

Patrick           141cm             142 cm       123 cm       147cm         137

Helena           132cm            127cm        143cm        137cm          135

Kamila          133cm            127cm        129cm       138cm            128

Leah              141cm             97cm        109cm        106cm           104



What did we do?

We Tested who could jump further, weather if it’s people who is taller or people who is shorter.

Why did we do it?

To find out if hight affects the distance of how far someone can jump.

What did I learn?

I learned that people who has shorter legs can jump further that people who have longer legs.

What math skills did we have to do to figure out our averages?

To find out each of our averages, we had to add how much cm we jumped each time and find the sum of that. Next we had to divide the sum with the number of tries we jumped. Then theres your average.