Dance Unit

Our dance unit is about dance, movement and pattern. We also have the element of dance! In the element of dance there’s body, action, energy, space and time.

Our purpose of this unit is to experiment and figure out our lines or Inquiry! Also to experiment with dance! Our lines of inquiry are, How can we create patterns with dance? What changes can we make to get the shape we want? How can we cooperate effectively? Those are our lines of inquiry! Our central idea is, patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms.

I think our team worked well and the attributes I think we used are, thinkers, open-minded and communicators. The attitudes I think my group used are, cooperation, confidence and creativity.

The way that we though of our dance is, we though about what’s something that we can do that’s unique? So we decided to do things that is something that you could do but unusual.

My thoughts on our final dance is that the movements were great! Just that it would over lap and probably not make a good picture.

My opinion on the unit is that I enjoyed it because we get to express ourselves through dances that we make by ourselves. Also I enjoyed working with my group even though at times we were silly but we still worked well. Our process in dance was quite simple, we had to come up with moves fist and how we did it. Then we used our first draft planning sheet to plan then we had our final planning sheet and finished.


The value of this shape is 1 whole. If you cut it in quarters it would be 3 triangles and 3 diamonds. If you cut it into thirds there would be for triangles and 4 diamonds. If you cut it into sixths  it would be 2 triangles and 2 diamonds. If you cut it in half it would have 6 triangles and 6 diamonds. And if you don’t cut it the shape would take up 12 triangles and 12 diamonds.

Goal Setting! (From this week)

I’m Grateful for having my family and friends because they are always here for me when I need it and if one of us goes through something all of us do. We also like to laugh together.

I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends because we laugh and play all the time.

Something that was hard for me was that me and my friend had a mini fight but we got over it and became friends 🙂

My 3 Goals are:

Personal: Make somebody laugh for more than 3 minutes

Social:Hang out with friends that I don’t normally hang out with at least once a week.

Learning Goal: Answer 5 times in class every week.

Camp Goal reflection

Last week I went to pui o for camp. We all made Goals to see if it will help us for cap.

My goals

Learning goal: Be curios and ask.

It went well because if I didn’t know something I would tell someone

Personal Goal:Try to encourage my tent mates

It went well  because my tent mates were scared of something and I encouraged them to do it.

Social Goal: try to not get off task

It worked sometimes because I was joking around with my friends sometimes and when we needed to work I would work.

I am proud that I accomplished most of my goal and helping other people

I enjoyed playing the games there at camp and at night me and my friend Tammi would play chopsticks at night.

I think I can be better my working more and focusing on my current tasks

I am thankful for my camp leader because she let us play some extra games and also she let us rinse if we are really dirty.

Goal Setting

Ms.Brown Talked about goal setting. She said that we can’t just always go like WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK! So we needed a break maybe every 20 mins.

Last week Goals

Learning Goal

Go on Khan and learn more about coding

That didn’t go well because I didn’t have enough time to work. I had friends coming over then I have tutors and TONS AND TONS of homework. And then my moms laptop wouldn’t work so I couldn’t do it.

Personal Goal: Make someone laugh everyday!

It went well because people like my jokes 🙂

Social goal:Have a playdate once a week

It worked!!! I have my neighbour come in every once in a while.

New goals:

Learning Goals:

Be curios and ask Ask and ASK!!!!

Personal Goal: Try to make friends with the people in my tent

Social Goal:Try to cooperate in camp and not get off task.