HWOO Blog post

 HWOO Blog post

In our class, we’re just about to finish our unit How we organize ourselves. The central idea was: Being Organized Empowers us to take action more effectively. Our lines of inquiry is how to develop actions that are effective, reasons why people organize themselves and interactions between parts and people within.  The way an organization empowers itself effectively is by having multiple people working together to make one great thing. With that we need leaders to tell them what to do like the board of executives. Speaking of leaders…

The type of leader I thought I was is the Visioner. Which means I’m imaginative, Passionate and I have the courage to dream. The tasks I would do is projects and proposals, mission statements, long term planning and Media relations. Speaking of that, some of the things I have as a gift is being a good writer because, I’m very creative and I can come up with a plot anytime and write it down. I’m also an artist (in coding) like I can understand lots of components in programs and use them for games. I’m also good listener because in group conversations, I listen to people’s ideas and add my own ideas back onto it. Lastly, I’m bilingual. I often help my friends with things they don’t understand in subjects I’m good at like coding or writing or something like that.


In class, we started to do something for this charity called two presents. For our group, our leader was Caitlyn and she was very organised so we finished very quickly. I would do all the techy stuff with the pixels, sizing and printing while Caitlyn and Chloe made a hand drawn one. Chloe would be the assistant and help with paper cutting and finding images or something. When me and Caitlyn had something to do Chloe would help us multitask. Which is why we worked very efficient in our group. When two present came to check our work, they were very pleased but we had a few errors like forgetting to write G5 cdnis and the shape but otherwise we did a good job.  Some difficulties were that our group wasn’t participating and we weren’t committed to make the card but our group was committed to help the charity so that’s why we thought about if we finished the card we would help the charity. So we finished the card and in 2-3 weeks.


What I learnt from that unit is about kids who suffer in world problems. Like child labour, human trafficking, poverty and world hunger. I also learnt that we’re really lucky. What we’ve learnt is connected to the central idea because when we learnt about the kids that suffered, it empowered us to help them by helping this charity called two presents. The ways to develop actions that are effective is through the design cycle. Empathise,  Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. The interactions between parts and people in companies is people is a part of a company, people work to make some of the parts like goals and accomplishing them. The reasons why people organize themselves is so they can focus, get their jobs done and accomplish their goal like maybe their goal is to help people in world hunger so if they organize themselves, they could help the people who suffer in world hunger.


Asbury Reflection

Asbury Center Reflection

Last friday (24 Nov 2017), we went to the Asbury center to see the subdivided/caged homes. We went there because our unit was about problems in the world like child labour  and we experienced what it was like.  It went like this.


At the beginning of the field trip, The Asbury Center told us about their mission. Their mission was to help the people who lived in illegal housing/ caged homes. They wanted to help provide them with food and support them as many ways as possible. Our unit was about problems in the world so we went there for our field trip.


The houses were very small and you couldn’t fit a lot of people. The family we visited had five people. The mom, the dad and three daughters. They had to pay a high rent of three thousand to four thousand excluding the water bill and electric bill. They had a bunk bed, a fridge, a small toilet which had only a really small shower and a toilet seat, they had a kitchen table and on the kitchen table was a sink. Some of the services was water and electricity, they had their own bathroom. They didn’t have cleaners or anything to clean their homes nor do they have a washing machine. They also didn’t have much food and often they had to go out and eat. Reminding you, they had a very high rent and might not have had a lot of money.


Before we went to the field trip, I knew that the houses were small and there was maybe 40-60 square feet in one subdivided house. I knew that some subdivided homes didn’t have their own toilets in their units and had to share bathrooms.  Another thing I knew is that some of the people that live there are refugees, immigrants, people that can’t find a job and people that live in poverty.


What it tells me about myself and other people is that we are very lucky compared to them because we have an education, proper food and water, someone to take care of us (parents), our own rooms, safety, good housing, freedom and all the other things we need and want. Also, how I learn is with excitement, enthusiasm, being a thinker, being principled and caring.


What I want people to notice is how poor these people are and that we should help them and how we can help as many of them as we can. I also want them to feel what it’s like to live in a home that small and how they can manage to survive.


What we did to help was we bought them some food and toilet paper so they can save some of their own money and they can be healthy. For my group, we bought oranges, tangerine, corn, cabbage and toilet paper.


When we got to the center, we had a guest speaker who shared about his experience about subdivided homes and what he should’ve done. He told us about what we should do when we visited the families and what questions we should ask them.


What I think I can do better next time is ask more questions about what it was like living there and how they can manage like that. I could also take more notes about what their home was like and I also should’ve about the 5W’s and 1H.


That’s what we did last friday at Asbury center. We went there to see subdivided home, we bought them food, we had a guest speaker and we interviewed them.

Art Peace flag reflection

In art, we made a peace flag for peace day. The message of this flag is everyone should be happy and live in peace. The colour of happiness as you can see, is rainbow colours which is considered peaceful.  There’s a heart which means love, a peace sign which means peace and there’s a music note which is there because there’s peaceful music like classical music.

The techniques I used were sewing, fabric drawing and tye-dying. For sewing(which was used in most of the project), there was a sewing machine but I didn’t use it because my sewing was easy to day. So we used a needle and a thread. On the fabric, we used fabric markers to draw on our fabric and coloured it.  For the tie-dying, we used a technique to make the colour go where we want it to go.

Now that I know how to sew, I want to use this technique in the future for future projects because it’s a really easy technique.

From a scale of 1-10 I think I got a 7 because I finished fast, I used different techniques, I sewed really well, I did the symbols well and I worked really hard on it (effort).

So this is what we do in visual arts.  We made peace flags and what I learnt what peace really is. For me, it means hope, love and music 🙂




































First post of G5 :D


My piece :000000

 This piece is about how I want my classroom to look like in our community, how people act in it and how the place looks. I was thinking about what my dream classroom and how I want people to act like. I wrote a little about how our classroom looked now.  If I had that classroom, it would be a dream come true. But a few cons in my process are that I used wrong grammar and became repetitive over something that I already said multiple times. But a few pros in my process was… I was focused and was really into it. I had a little help from my friends but overall I still think I didn’t do as well as I usually do. A few things I could do better is do the editing myself, not get distracted easily and be a little more detailed. Next time, I would stay more on task, do things on my own and double check next time.




有一次,我和我的朋友在公園玩。我們說話的時候,我說 :你們可不可以幫我聽寫? 他們說好。

我也學了上課 不可以跟朋友說話的方法。 我覺得不跟朋友一起坐,會比較容易上課。跟不熟識的人一起坐。因為,我覺得我是一個人際智能比較好的學習者。