5E’s Epic VR Experience

Hey there Readers,

The other day 5E had VR time. We have had 2 sessions of VR so far. Our VR sets are like the normal VR goggle shape but we put iPods in the front to see the VR. First, you choose your topic, then your guide takes you through the scenes of that particular topic and reads out some fun facts. The first time we did VR, I was in a group with Azzy, Jessica, Calum, and Darren. First, we chose Jessica as our guide, then we got started on our first topic, The Black Death. The second time we did a topic that I forgot the name of but it was basically how we see different compared to animals, for example, we got to see dog vision, dolphin vision, and dragonfly vision. Then it was time to finish up so we packed up and finished. The second time we did VR, I was in a group with Takdeer, Calum, Josh, and Declan. I was the guide and we just did random stuff like the northern lights and stuff. So that’s it for now,      thanks for reading, Bye!

Creating Patterns

Hey there Readers, 

Today 5E did a math activity in which we talked about creating different types of patterns in small groups or alone. I was in a group with Lauren and Veronica. Our task was to “Make a geometric pattern using a different number of square tiles for each term” and then describe our pattern. The pattern on the right is ours. Our pattern basically adds 1 tile to each colour every term so it goes 2×2, then 2×4, then 2×6, then, finally  2×8. So that’s it for now readers, Bye!



The Kids4Kids Fashion Show

Hey there Readers,

The other day grade 5 did a fashion show, a lot of people payed for tickets to come and all the money that was raised went to the Kids4Kids charity (which is 1 of the 4 main charities that CDNIS supports) and it was supported by them too so that’s why I called it “The Kids4Kids Fashion Show”. So anyway, these past few weeks we have been creating different outfits with given materials in groups and create a “theme” for our outfits. We also had too choose 1 person from our group to be the model and wear the outfit and 1 person to help them out just before they walked the runway. My group included Asrya (Azzy), Shiv, Takdeer (Tak) and Sarah. Our group was given bubble wrap and our “theme” was “Air”, we chose Azzy as our model.Anyway, long story short, our group made an amazing outfit and Azzy looked great. So I guess that’s it, for now, readers, Bye!

My Chinese New Year Holiday

Hi again Readers,

For the past 1-2 weeks CDNIS has been having CNY (Chinese New Year) holiday. I went to Whistler, Canada with my family. My older brother James lives there because he has a job there. For the first couple days the snow was really bad but then there was a huge snow storm for 1-2 days and by the end of it there was 20-25 centre metres of new snow and it was really fun. I skied that week. Then, that Saturday, there was another huge snow storm. The next week I snowboarded and that Wednesday my friend Tim and his family came to stay with us. That Saturday I went skiing with James, Tim and Tim’s dad. Then, that Sunday, my family and I had to leave but Tim and his family stayed at our house for several days. So that was my CNY break. Thanks for reading, Bye!

G5-G6 Sports Day #fun but unusual

Hey there Readers,

The other day, grades 5 and 6 had Sports Day!!! I was slightly sick so I wasn’t gonna go but then, because I felt sort of ok and I live right next to the track for sports day so I went down to watch but then joined in. It was quite fun. First we played capture the flag against 5D and won, then we did ball toss and I got the longest throw, then we did long jump and I almost completely failed but other people jumped really far, later on we played 2 rounds of mat ball and it was quite fun, finally we played another round of capture the flag against 5A and won twice. A half an hour later we had the 800metre races. I got second place after my friend Charlie for the boys and my friend Azzy got first place for the girls. Then we had the 400, 200 and 100 metre races and then we had the tug of war. For grade 5 Orca won first place (GO ORCA!!!!!), Bear won second place and Mountain Lion and Raven tied in last place. For grade 6 Mountain Lion won first place, Raven won second place and Orca and Bear tied in last place. But because I was slightly sick I threw up a few times throughout Sports Day but it was still really fun!! So that is it for the amazing Sports Day, Bye!!!

SPLAT with FAUST and G5!!!!#SO AWESOME!!!!

Hi there Readers,

Today G5 went to the good old library pit and watched this really cool, live, theatre act called SPLAT and it was produced and performed by 3 ladies their names were Alice, Emma and Shiona. Alice was the producer of the group, and Emma and Shiona were her partners. Alice put together about 10 poems out of 200 and then Shiona and Emma added a few others. They said that their favourite poem was one called Mafia Cats because it had a lot of free character energy choice and humour in it. Then they said that the hardest one was First Men on Mercury because it had a bit of Gibberish in it. Finally they said that a good way to stay confident before performances is let your energy out and take deep breaths to stay calm.

So that is it for this post, see you next time, Bye!!!:);)

Amnesty #Lifesavers

Hi people,It’s Oliver and u won’t BELIEVE what we did today. We went to the library pit and this lady who was a member of this international movement called Amnesty told us all about, well, Amnesty. So basically, we had a graph for our information. She told us about some cool facts about Amnesty and stuff like that so basically I will just tell you the awesome information and stuff. So first of all Amnesty is the biggest human rights organisation or movement in the world with 7 million supporters or followers in over 150 different countries, Amnesty started in 1961 and then ……… drum roll please ……….. THEY WON THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE IN 1977!!! Amnesty is a non-governmental movement that helps with children’s rights, women rights and human’s rights. They also bring in activists or save activists and one amazing thing they did is they saved a women who was abused by her husband and murdered him and was sentenced to death but Amnesty raised awareness and stopped the execution from happening and she was just sentenced to life imprisonment but I don’t really know what was better because life imprisonment is a life of nothing and dying is just sad to the person’s family members. So anyway the Amnesty member who was talking to us about topics that our teachers had told us to look out for so we had to organise this information into 3 categories which were, “Reasons why people organise themselves”, “How to develop actions that are effective” and “Interactions between parts and people within organisational structures”. So basically the “Reasons why people organise themselves” that I jotted down are:

  • they have research teams to do research in possibly effected areas and then give the results to the communication team to organise a meeting and talk about the information with journalists from New York Times, South China Morning Post, etc.
  • they have an exact kind of different yellow and an exact kind of different font and other exact stuff for their logo and stickers that they put on their own shirts and jackets and stuff

Now for the “How to develop actions that are effective ” I had:

  • they help with children’s rights, women’s rights and just human rights
  • they help activists for example the lady I just told you about when she was sentenced to death but Amnesty helped

Now, finally for the “Interactions between parts and people within organisational structures” I got about 5 things that were:

  • they raise awareness
  • they influence people and a lot of young peeps
  • they sent a letter to See Wai Lung about human rights
  • they talk to journalist from New York Times and other medias
  • they helped with the umbrella movemen

My class also made a mind map on Amnesty and and it basically stated the facts that I just told you about. So I gotta go now and I am done so, Bye!



G5 Camp!!! (#OK?)

Hey there Readers, today you’ll notice that I have bolded some highlights of camp and what we did but if I bold and italicise it that means that it was unbelievable in a kind of bad way, so anyway…

Guess what grade 5 did from the 11th of October to the 13th of October. We had CAMP! Camp was at the Tai Tam Scout Centre. Camp was good but in this post I will tell you about my experiences and opinions on camp and it’s ups and downs.

So anyway when we got to the campus on Wednesday we got our day bags and the boss/manager of the camp, “Stig” and the facilitators from the camp gave us a introduction to the camp and told us who our 2 group facilitators were going to be. My group leaders were Toby who was from England and Emma (I forgot where Emma was from). Our teacher from the school that was just there to help was Mr. Ocean who was a Chinese teacher, Mr. Ocean was really nice. So anyway in my tent I had Ethan Au Yueng and Charlie and in my activity group I had Alexis, Anna, Charlie, Charlotte, Daphne, Ethan Au Yueng, Ethan Muller, Joe and Ishaan. We were group 9, the Ocean Parkers because our group name was Ocean Park named after Mr. Ocean.

So anyway, once we got into our camp activity groups we made group flags and group essential agreements. Then us Ocean Parkers went to the tent ground and played a game called “Robots.” We also played other cool games like “Transporting Nuclear Bombs” and others. Then we went bouldering. Bouldering is rock climbing on those man made walls. We also played “The Floor is Lava” where you basically had to get on the wall as quick as possible as soon as the judge said “The Floor is Lava!” Afterwards we went to see our tents. I don’t want to be to critical but I think it would’ve been a bit more interesting and fun if we got to put our own tents up like last year but last year was last year and this year is this year so we got into our tents and sort of designed it by putting a lamp up and making little sections for each other because I was in the middle and Charlie and Ethan were on the sides (Hey, Fun Fact, in camp we got so sick and tired of having to say Ethan Au Yueng and Ethan Muller so Ethan Muller became E and Ethan Au Yueng became Than so that is how I will refer to them from now on). After we were finished decorating we got out of our tents and messed around until 6:00 which was dinner time. After dinner we did our twilight activities and day overview and then did basic stuff like brushing teeth and then went to bed at 9:00. Though lights out was at 9:00 me Charlie and Than couldn’t sleep because the tents were too hot, but it was camp so it is what it is and we can’t change that. Eventually, at 10:30pm we fell asleep and managed to sleep for six hours and woke up at around 4:30am and stayed up until 6:30am.

At 6:30am we got out of our tents and did morning activities with the camp facilitators. After that we had honey flavoured square-cereal for breakfast and I ate 5 entire bowls because believe it or not I eat a lot I mean I a lot at breakfast. Next we made our sandwiches and as I said I don’t want to be too critical but the tuna had water inside it, I mean quite a bit of water, as in a bit way too much water and we had to use our hands to get it so I just got lettuce, mayonnaise, chicken and beef for my sandwich. Then we got into our groups and got our day bags and went hiking. When we got there we saw a gigantic barbecue place and Toby taught us how to start a fire. If you would like to know what he taught us about how to start a fire read the paragraph below if not just skip it:

So first, we had to gather some bark, small sticks, big sticks, dry leaves and other stuff. Then we spread them out on the barbecue thingy and used the dry leaves and small sticks to make a small nest to put on top of the spread out stuff. Next we put half a handful of wool inside the nest. Before we started to make the fire Toby taught us how to use flint and steel to make a fire so we used flint and steel to set the wool on fire. As soon as that happened I had to put a bunch of big sticks over the small flame to help feed it (I was chosen to be the “stick bearer”, thats why I got to put the sticks on top). Finally we softly had to blow inside the fire so that it got bigger because fire needs heat, fuel and oxygen to survive and we were supplying it with extra oxygen!

After we started the fire we gathered around and sat down for a little while, then we put it out by not giving it fuel and then when there was just a small flame, finishing it off with water. Then we went back to the camp site and got ready for our water activities. Next we had our sandwiches for lunch. Later we went kayaking. I don’t want to brag but I owned it out on the water because every summer holidays I go to this thing called “Kids Combo Camp” where you go biking in the morning and kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding in the afternoon. So I was used to kayaking and though it’s been a few months since I last did it I was still quite good! While we were kayaking we played a game called “Risk”(P.S risk is a video game). Where we basically had to choose a country to be (I was England ’cause England rules). Then, we had to kayak into space, away from everyone else and then try to conquer other people and make them be your country by tapping on the front of their boat. England should of won but some people cheated because when everyone was England some people changed their country form England to other countries that we had already wiped out and then by the end everyone apart from Charlie and I changed to Scotland because about 7 girls cheated and changed their country to Scotland which was the majority of people so yeah, that was kayaking.

After kayaking we went to our second water activity, “Raft Building“. As I have said twice now I don’t want to be to critical but Toby didn’t allow me to participate in raft building just because I forgot my water bottle! So, I ran about 1km to get back to the camp, then I got my water bottle and then ran 1km to get back to raft building and Mr. Ocean is a life saver because when Toby tried to tell me that I still couldn’t participate Mr. Ocean stepped in and said that I definitely deserved to do the raft building activity. Then, we went back to campus and got washed off with a hose instead of having a proper shower! Then, switched with the people in dorms so that we were in dorms and they were in tents. Then we had dinner, did some twilight activities and then went to bed.

On Friday morning it was our last day at camp so we did some morning activities and had breakfast. Then we had one big competition for all of the groups. Our group didn’t win but that was ok. Then we got on the bus and went back to school. So that was camp, Bye!



Grade 5’s Epic Field Trip (#Amazing)

Hey Again Peeps, you guys aren’t going to believe what G5 did the other day. We went to Pok Fu Lam Village!!! Just incase you don’t know what Pok Fu Lam Village is or how it came to be I will tell you that. So anyway Pok Fu Lam Village is a big but poor village in Pok Fu Lam where a lot of people that are fleeing other countries like China can’t afford nice flats or houses like us have made there selves at home. The houses there are not like ours because they are slightly weak and unsafe though people their still have air conditioners, decorated doors and nice furniture . Pok Fu Lam village is still a fully functioning village with shops, restaurants, worshiping places, meeting places, toilets and other stuff even though it is over 400 years old! Though Pok Fu Lam village was established in Pok Fu Lam because their is fresh water to drink, bathe in, wash clothes and other stuff like that. It is also good because there is good land for crops and food. Eventually they made a big farm and the population of the village grew because they needed more workers and stuff like that. Then later on during World War 2 the village grew because there was so many people fleeing from so many countries and the population grew to the equivalent from 20-100. Then in the 1980’s the village’s population decreased because there was better, cheaper housing available but still some people stayed at Pok Fu Lam village. The Hong Kong government has always wanted to tear down Pok Fu Lam village but the people living there have always wanted to stop the government and finally, before the government could tear it down in 2014 it was recognised by a global organisation that helped stop the government from tearing it down. So anyway now I will tell you about me, my group and what we did there.

So, my group was me, Calum, Ashley and Audrey and our adult supervisor was my Mum. Anyway, I don’t have much to say because the trip was quite short but it was still exciting! So anyway, we found lot’s of cool graffiti that was done really well so the must of had some pretty good artists there. We also found out that there was a few CCTV cameras around Pok Fu Lam village and that was quite a surprise acknowledging that the people who live there are kinda poor. We also saw the Silver Dragon Head and it was so cool. We also found some public toilets in the heart of the village and there was squat toilets and it was really interesting. We also saw a really cool cat that kept on meowing at us. We also found a really cool ping pong table and sitting area. There was quite a lot of cool things round there and it was really fun. So I gotta go, Bye!