Hi i am back i am going to be talking about 3WLR and that means our   parents are going to be talking about my work! What we talk about is, what my goals is and what should i improve on! The last and final thing is i show my parents where i sit and where my cuby is and lastly is where my mail box is! It is quite fun and we get to use the computer to write our goal,what u learned about it and MORE!!!!! it is so fun! 


hi i’m back! I will be telling you about Robotics! The app of robotics is  mblock, it is one of the coolest app in the world. Its awesome because we use the computer to activate the robot!!! I love doing this because we made the cute robot to move,walk and me and my friends was drawing a picture in the screen in there face. They use to have eyes and a mouth, but now they have a small screen in there faces it is weird but in the screen you draw it then the picture well show up on the screen!!! the best part about robotics is you can play with it and the worst part about robotics is you can’t bring it home, because you need the app for the robotics and you need to do a lot of things because you need to use the USB witch we don’t have it. it’s the worlds most cutest robot in the world! By the way we did a lots and lots or coding. The robot is called Mbot this is all about………ROBOTICS!!!!! Hope you enjoy it.