hey, guys!

A week ago we did not go to school because we have  SLLR, SLLR is where your parents or someone that loves you comes and hear what you learned in Grade 4.

My mom came to my SLLR and I had so much fun, SLLR stands for student led learning review! there are different topics like the UOI, literacy, and math same as performing arts and PE. We took a long time to prepare (maybe a week) So first we made the plan then we do the practicing with your partner my partner was Zada!  The first day we go home and think how you are going to talk to your parents. I like SLLRs because you can teach your mom on what you learned and you can be the teacher for 1 hour.

Other people come in different times like my friend went on Friday and some people went on Saturday. I went on Saturday, some people came really early like 7,6 and maybe 8, I went at 12.In the SLLR I saw Stephanie Kayla and two other people. For Chinese it was kind of hard because you have to speak in Chinese and explain them in Chinese, wich I don’t really know how to speak.

For performing arts it was really fun because well you can talk about the light painting and we get to watch this video and how to do a light painting. I did not show my light painting because I did not do it yet.My group in the light painting is Lauren and Trevis.unnamed-1

I will show you a picture: