Hi i am back! last month I have been working on my assembly ! I hope u like the writing!As you know it is our assembly today! My title of the assembly is called”back in time skit”. My character is Emmeline Pankhurst! I will be  voting for Women’s right! The hard part was when we talk and try to remember the lines. What did not work well was, i was holding three or four things and i could not hold them all! The group that we were in was the most people! My friend Paegan and Zada were the narrator and the time travelers is Lauren, Kavin ,Mia and Elsa. there were so many famous people i was one of them.

We made a time machine so the time travelers   can go and teleport to the 19 century! The other groups was called the trivia group and the attitude group! I love my group it is the most fun assembly EVER!!!


Hi i am back i am going to be talking about 3WLR and that means our   parents are going to be talking about my work! What we talk about is, what my goals is and what should i improve on! The last and final thing is i show my parents where i sit and where my cuby is and lastly is where my mail box is! It is quite fun and we get to use the computer to write our goal,what u learned about it and MORE!!!!! it is so fun! 

Reflective Writing

I did a activity that involves fun and silence here is my work!IMG_1177

2 and a crayon


I feel really happy



How I drew it

My partner controls it  and i hold it lightly on the top.

Bad parts

The bad parts is that we could not talk to our partner and we had to draw it the same part.


We did the drawing good


We could not speak


On Friday 30th September my class had a really fun activity it was called “ 2 and a crayon”.  The teacher picks two partners to work with, my partner was  Joshua West! So we got a piece of paper and we could not talk we had to put two hands on one crayon, you have to have one marker or a crayon ,  and we took a marker because the color pencils is all broken . The fun part was when Joshua was drawing the pictures and i was holding the top! The hard part was we could not talk to your partner, the other one is we both have to hold  on one marker which is called TEAMWORK. We love this game one of the pictures where scribbles and our picture was a very cute dog without a body.  We learned teamwork and communication.