What is Media??

Hello my awesome readers!!

Today I am going to talk about Media! Media refer to various channels of communication between a person or persons and their intended audience. For example, Television, radio, newspapers and the Internet are different types of media. The 2 forms that I use the most are the Internet and the Television. Media acts as a middleman (the channel) to deliver messages to its intended audience! It surrounds us in the forms of billboards, signage and even the clothes you wear.  We have radios, TVs, laptops and I-PHONE. We have the internet,YouTube, etc…!

Media is EVERYWHERE! It’s not going away anytime soon and it’s ever-changing.

prior knowledge poster

Hello my awesome readers! Yesterday I was working on a poster! The title of the poster is ” No more plastic in the flower fair”.  What we did were plan then write then colour then the last part was to present it! My parter (Rian) and I were so nervous and exited at the same time but after a while I was not that scared!  I will show you a picture of the poster my partner (Rian) and I made!Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 12.38.07 PM

Unpacking the central Idea

Hello my readers today i will be talking about the central idea! that is our new unit that we are going to learn about it. so what we did was doing was we made a poster about the central idea and write what you think it means,( my group was Paegan,Stephanie and me!) and i think it was really fun because we used colours and markers!(p.s. i really like drawing) The poster good too because we get to tell our ideas on the writing.