Mean Inquiry

hello my readers!Today i will talk about the Mean Inquiry! first i will be explaining what mean is. you first have any three numbers and then add them together, after you add those number together then divide them.( i will show you a example.)

3,6,4 is my numbers

so 3+5+4=12

and then 12 divided by 3= 4 that is how you do a mean!

i like doing the mean because there is a lot of divide and plus.

that is all the things i will be talking about mean!

HTWW concept

yesterday we were working on the app called brainpop, and we wrote all our learning (which is called brainpop inquiry ). so we where writing about forces,gravity,work and magnetism.  I think the watching was fun.I can tell you some stuff that i wrote about gravity. 

– they pull objects together

-it is a mass distance

-theories of reality and more……

the other one is about forces.

– this is the basics =push and pull


-forces are at work all the time

Me as a Reader

Hello readers! I am back to type again! I will be talking about Me as a Reader. Last month ago i have been working about my poster about Me as a Reader. I wrote about  my favourite books!!!! I also wrote about where my favourite place to read or when i have a hard time reading is…..! I think this fun because you get to choose your favourite book and write about what book you like that is why i think it is very very fun!