Favourite math (division) Strategy!

Hello my awesome readers! Last week I was been working on a math strategy that I really like, my favourite strategy is the traditional strategy! I will teach you how to do it. You first think of a two or three digit number, then you times it for a example i use 500 ÷ 5= you times what 5 x ?=50 then you at the side of it you add the number 5 because the 0 turns into the number that you wrote in the single digit number. I hope you at least now how to do it! 🙂 now i will be showing a picture on the strategy, so you can sort of know what is going on!Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.33.38 PM 

math gym!

hello my awesome readers!!!! today i will writing about MAATH GYYYMM! first i got to tell you what math gym is. well… math gym is a type of thing that we do at school. the teacher puts up the equation then we right the answer on the top.  i don’t really like math gym, all u do is math! MOSTLY GOT IT WRONG, but at least after that i can learn the things that has been wrong!

favorite math strategies

Hello my readers! This  year i have been working on my addition and subtractions in the app called mathletics. If had a  choice i would choose the addition because it is easy and fun for me and it is also easier for me to calculate! There is also more strategies i want to show you called the split strategies before i went to grade 4 i did not really now addition without the paper, but now it gets  easier and easier for me to practice because i am used to it now. Hope you like my writing. This is a picture! IMG_0113