Weekly reflection 4 (grade 6)

Hello readers!

This week I have been doing a new “own it”. I first did the math task then the language. I like math more than writing because I think it is fun and I get to think and draw. What I did in one of my math tasks is a doc about division. the tasks I did was. “Fibonacci sequence” and “divisibility practice”.In my language task I read a book called “The war that saved my life” and I really love it. The book is about a nine year old and she has never left her one-room apartment. Her cruel and mean mom is too humiliated by the girls twisted foot to let her outside. So when her little brother Jaime, is shipped out of London to escape war, the girl “Ada” sneaks to join him. They were both forced to live with Susan Smith, a woman who knows nothing about kids. I think it is a really good book because it’s very interesting.

On Tuesday, We had P.E in the morning and morning meeting we played a game S.P.L.A.T and I had so much fun!! I won the game and played against the winner last time but sadly I lost…..but at least I was 2nd place!  

On Thursday, We ate lunch and I ate PIZZA!🍕 It was raining so we went to the classroom and play, and again we played splat……then we found out that we were not supposed to be there so we went back down and played.




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