Camp Reflection!😝

Hi, peeps!

so last Wednesday, we had CAMP! I felt like camp was ok.  The whole grade 5 camp went to tai tam scout center for camp! 1-6 groups slept in dorms and 7-11 slept in tents! the next day we switched so 1-6groups are tents and 7-11 sleeps in dorms! I love dorms because there is air con and comfortable beds, but we couldn’t sleep. In tents I didn’t really like it because it was sweating hot, but i slept really well in the tents. our camp councillors name is called Kenneth and Rosie! 

Most of the people in camp had home sick, so i had to comfort them. The challenge part about camp is that we had to use flint and steel to make a fire, because it seems scary but ms. Williams says to try it out it turns out to be pretty fun!  

 what i have learned in camp is making rafts and thought us how to use a kayak! We also learnt that, how to navigate and make your own map!

Here r some pics for u guys to see!

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