Final Blog Post of grade 4 😛

Hey guys,

This is a little sad but kinda happy. I am sad because it is the end of grade 4 (1 more day left)and cant be with the BEST teacher. I am also a little happy because next year we are going to grade 5 and also we have new teachers with really nice teachers. My favourite game of the year in grade 4 is splat. The good parts about grade 4 is that we have nice friends, funny friends and awesome friends. I also improved more on math and UOI. 

The thing that i will most remember is halloween because i got to be a vampire and looked scary, we sang scary songs about ghost,pumpkins and more. I was so proud that i get to play Minecraft and finished all the math. I was really happy in grade 4 because we get to have our own computer. I also had so much fun drawing and colouring and crafting. We will always remember about camp too! We named our classroom 4Dabbing Donuts, I love that name. 

My final thoughts about this year is that it has been a great year learning new things and playing fun games and finally having class parties.The most important things about grade 4 is to remember our best teacher. A good quote about grade 4 is “think positive never think negative.” I thin that means to always think about good things and never think about bad things. I will always remember my buddy called Chloe, and my partner is Paegan

This is a picture of us dabbing!

One thought on “Final Blog Post of grade 4 😛

  • June 7, 2017 at 9:17 am

    This is a well written last post. It has been wonderful having you in 4D! Have a great summer!

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