End of the Term blogging

hello readers!

Today is the 12th of December, and tomorrow it is the end of the term in cdnis.(December break)today is a great day because we can do some Christmas fun! We are doing secret Santa and I need to give a present to someone and someone will give a present to me. Tomorow is even better because we will have a Christmas party!

The downs of this term are that we cant see our friends in the Christmas break. The ups about having this term break are that we can go on vacation and play with friends and have fun and kinda relax!

We are a family because we are always together every weekday, also when we go in groups and work together, whenever we feel down we comfort me and I think it is really nice, we are always there for each other when your happy, sad, angry and more.

Some glow about this term is that we could finish a lot of math. For the grows I think we should do more UOI and literacy. (also have more parties!)

My favorite learning of this year is UOI because we get to join a group and the teachers ic a two presents charity and learn, decorate card and more! I like it because before the end of the term the two presents member will pick out the best card.

I want to achieve my next term is to raise my hand more because when the teacher asks questions, I don’t raise my hand so  I think I should raise my hand more. Also is to not get distracted that much.


chinese blog

上一個星期,我們要做說話練習,我要準備四道問題,老師會隨機選一道問題要我們回答。我的老師選了第一道問題,剛好我很好地準備了這道問題,所以我表現得很好。剛開始的時候,我很害怕, 因為我本來是第二個做報告的,只是因為我的朋友找不到他的卡片,所以我要第一個做報告。另外,有很多同學和拍影片的人在看著我,令我覺得很緊張。後來就沒有了這種感覺,因為我說得很順利,同學也沒有取笑我,他們最後也為我鼓掌了。


Guest Speaker Reflection (Child Soldier)

Today we went to the library pit, this person called David Livingstone. He was here to talk about child soldiers because he had experienced to be a child soldier. When he was about 15 years the rebels attacked there home (Northern Uganda). so David living stone had to rush to the bushes to hide then he waited until the shooting stopped. After David living stone rushed to his home, and then he got captured by the rebels and sent to be a child soldier he had to kill people like his closest friend if he doesn’t kill them then he will die. After he could escape and he went to the government and said that he was a child soldier but then he went to jail because the government thought he was one of the spies from the rebels. When he was in jail, he had to sleep in rusty floors dirty walls and no bed. His friend was in jail and died there because of starvation. After 6 months he could escape with the help of an old man. He went back to his hometown to find everyone but then his dad died because he was too weak and his mom died because she died somewhere in the bushes. some rebels tried to kill him but he didn’t die.  When he was in his hometown he could not find anyone, so he traveled to the city and joined an organization called “Salt and light”.  before the war, he lost his finger because his ring was stuck to the car and he couldn’t get it out so he has to chop his finger off.  

This week reflection

hi friends!

Hi, this whole week was sooo fun!

Monday, we were preparing for Halloween because the next day was Halloween! we decorated by making tissue ghost, orange pumpkin, and a mummy door! It looked soo scary other classes had scary faces and awesome things in it too! After we make it we went to lunch we ate a ham and cheese sandwich it tastes good.

Tuesday, it was Halloween and everyone dressed up in scary costumes! I dressed up as a vampire, and my BFF was a creepy doll! after lunch, we had a party! We had snacks and drinks and we could watch an awesome movie, we watched “My Babysitter is a vampire”! After that, we had an assembly (about Halloween)! it was really fun!  

Wednesday, We took down the decorations we made and reflected about Halloween, we also went to lunch and ate a yummy pork and rice!  

Thursday, We had PE and Mr.Wah wasn’t there so there was a substitute, we didn’t have fun because the teacher was shouting at us! Then we had lunch and I ate the yummy pork too!

Today, We did UOI, UOI is where my group and I do the mini-simulation it is really fun. and then we had to go to the assembly which it is was very fun it was the 6th graders doing the assembly. 

this is me on Halloween! 

Pok Fu Lam Reflection

Hey guys!

Yesterday we went to Pok Fu Lam. Pok Fu Lam is a place where non-privilege people live. We went to Pok Fu Lam village with the class 5C. We went to the Pok Fu Lam village because we can learn the experience about how non-privilege people feel (also to explore the place). What I saw in the Pok Fu Lam is a wet market so people can buy things, some houses, a pretty river, crops, a museum, an old silo and more things. At the top of the  Pok Fu Lam village, there is a beautiful fountain called the silver dragon head spouting water it is really pretty and on top of the  Pok Fu Lam village, there are some houses. I thought that it was not that bad but I think it would be much better if they could finish their houses because some of the houses are cut in half and then they put a gate so no one would get in. I think maybe some people could build them private bathrooms and maybe a shower too. There was also 4 cute dogs in the Pok Fu Lam village (They are sooo cute!)I wonder if they could have enough resources to build the village? I wonder how they got the dog? Did they buy it/ Did they find it? I also wonder if they have enough money to buy food and living resources. These are the animals (living things we saw), we saw a yellow jacket bee, a hornet, a wasp and a bee, some dogs, a kitten and a turtle!!  

Camp Reflection!😝

Hi, peeps!

so last Wednesday, we had CAMP! I felt like camp was ok.  The whole grade 5 camp went to tai tam scout center for camp! 1-6 groups slept in dorms and 7-11 slept in tents! the next day we switched so 1-6groups are tents and 7-11 sleeps in dorms! I love dorms because there is air con and comfortable beds, but we couldn’t sleep. In tents I didn’t really like it because it was sweating hot, but i slept really well in the tents. our camp councillors name is called Kenneth and Rosie! 

Most of the people in camp had home sick, so i had to comfort them. The challenge part about camp is that we had to use flint and steel to make a fire, because it seems scary but ms. Williams says to try it out it turns out to be pretty fun!  

 what i have learned in camp is making rafts and thought us how to use a kayak! We also learnt that, how to navigate and make your own map!

Here r some pics for u guys to see!

where I sleep

Hey guys

Today our sub teacher showed us some privilege and not privilege people with there bedroom.  So the sub teacher said to make a little drawing of our bedroom. So I drew my bunked bed, drawers, tables, toys and carpet. Non-privilege people have no bed, drawers nor tables.  They don’t have homes or a bed. Privileged people (rich) can have toys, bed, table or whatever they want. 

During the activity, we could colour them or sketch them. This activity also gives us a lot of feelings.my friends and I  had so much fun drawing our room.

The poster I made about homeless

hi, peeps,

I had made a poster about the differences and the similarities between the homeless people.  We are meant to work independently, my poster has a lot of colors. It was very neat and tidy because I used rulers. I added some pictures on it too!   I planned all of the words and pictures for the poster on the paper.The color of the poster is purple. I drew a girl on the poster too! I LOVE MY POSTER.

About the poster I made

hi guys,

last week we were making a poster about Dog Pounds and animal abuse. We got a huge poster to write in we wrote about why dog pounds and animal abuse is bad. So we added some pics like cute adorable dogs! We wrote about what is bad for the community and what is good for the community. My group name is called Paegan, Alicia and Me! It took us 3 days to finish the poster other people were painting, making sculptures which that took them 4 and a half days to make it. We had so much fun together and other people had a wondrous time together. Here is the picture of the poster

First week of grade 5!😀

Hey peeps,

A few days ago, I finally started grade 5! We now have lockers! Know I will tell u about the first week of grade 5!(It is awesome)

On the first day of school (August 14), I woke as early as possible and quickly went to school! When I went to school I first went to my best friend (Paegan) and said HI! After we went to our classroom and our teacher (Miss.Laura) was waiting for us in the classroom! We talked about how to use the lockers and more! Guess what now our classrooms are at the 8th floor so now we don’t have to walk up to the 14th floor. We are now really good at the lockers! Some people are so confused on the lockers! (I practice at home) After we did the locker, folders labels!

9:05, It was recess! Me and my friends went down to the 6th-floor cafeteria! Me and my friends ate yummy food like chips, chicken and more other yummy stuff. Then after recess, we went back to our classroom and talked about grade 5!

10:50, lunch came along and me and my friends went down to the cafeteria and ate lunch I hate a yummy chicken rice. After lunch we had play time so I went to the forum and played with Paegan and Stephanie, We played 44 home (it’s a fun game)! 

After lunch and after playing we talked and we talked and talk even more. We talked about making our classroom warmer and happier. I already love the start of the day. We can only open our lockers in the morning, afternoon and of course the end of the day!