Weekly reflection 4 (grade 6)

Hello readers!

This week I have been doing a new “own it”. I first did the math task then the language. I like math more than writing because I think it is fun and I get to think and draw. What I did in one of my math tasks is a doc about division. the tasks I did was. “Fibonacci sequence” and “divisibility practice”.In my language task I read a book called “The war that saved my life” and I really love it. The book is about a nine year old and she has never left her one-room apartment. Her cruel and mean mom is too humiliated by the girls twisted foot to let her outside. So when her little brother Jaime, is shipped out of London to escape war, the girl “Ada” sneaks to join him. They were both forced to live with Susan Smith, a woman who knows nothing about kids. I think it is a really good book because it’s very interesting.

On Tuesday, We had P.E in the morning and morning meeting we played a game S.P.L.A.T and I had so much fun!! I won the game and played against the winner last time but sadly I lost…..but at least I was 2nd place!  

On Thursday, We ate lunch and I ate PIZZA!🍕 It was raining so we went to the classroom and play, and again we played splat……then we found out that we were not supposed to be there so we went back down and played.




Weekly Reflection 2 (Grade 6) 😛

Hey guys!

I will be writing about my weekend I hope you like it!

On Monday, we did a class design committee, I was in a group with all my friends. We decided to make a comfy corner with pillows, bean bags, and a tiny fort. We also decided to clean up the shelves because it was so messy and dirty. We haven’t done it yet but I am looking forward to cleaning and making the fort and the shelves.

On Tuesday, We had P.E it was really fun because we did badminton I think it was because it is similar to tennis, I really like tennis because I like playing games using a ball. Before we badminton we skipped, run, cross foot and more it was very tiring…

On Wednesday,  We had Chinese. We had a pre-assessment about your summer vacation and we have to write 200 or more! the first day I only wrote a few sentences because it was so hard to write it in Chinese. The next few days I wrote exactly 197 and I was so proud of my self and the next day I finally finished! I was so happy I have finished it!

On Thursday, we did an activity called “Own It”. Own it is an activity where you get to choose/plan your day. I did the math pre-assessment, and learner’s profile and a project called “Passion’s and skills”. Let me explain what we did for pre-assessment. Pre-assessment we did patterns and we used a Venn diagram. Here are some examples that I did for the patterns:

  1. 1,4,7,10…      rule: +3                         
  2. 10,8,6,4,2… rule: -2
  3. 8,10,7…        rule: start at 8, 8+2-3

Then we had P.A we learned how to use the ukulele and it was so cool because we learned all the notes and next week we will be learning how to play simple and easy songs like “happy birthday” or “twinkle twinkle little star”. I can’t wait to play the ukulele again! I have never played the ukulele before and this was new for me and I loved it! 😀



First Week in Grade 6 – Weekly Reflection😃

Hello, everyone!

I am now in grade 6! (so exciting!) I am in class 6D (Decoys) I am very happy that I am in the same class as my best friend and  I’m a little sad that I am not in the same class as my other friends. The first day of school was that we got too out lockers and go to the library pit and see who is in my Chinese class. I am so happy that I am with all of my best friends in that Chinese class.

It is Friday and it has been a whole week, one of the best things about the week is that i had so much fun this week because I got to meet my friends and have fun with our teacher. 

Some of the challenges in grade 6 were making new friends and doing some math and Chinese problems/test, but in the end, I made a lot of new friends and finished and accomplished them.  

I am excited that we got to choose where we sat, PYP exhibition, doing lots of arts and more. Some suggestions for the future is that we should make new friends, talk to them and make the new students more welcome than before. I also want to make our classroom more welcome and comfortable for other students. 

What I am worried about are the PYP exhibition and the young Americans and Chinese test and English tests, but I have a feeling that it will be ok.  

I want to know about young Americans and things about the PYP exhibition more. I hope to have new friends and do good on my tests and dictations in Chinese and in English classes. 

On Tuesday, The second period we went to PE, I had so much fun we played freeze tag and lots more! I was really happy on writing about my summer break. We were suppose to tell the class but half of us didn’t do it because there wasn’t time. 

On Thursday, We had Visual Arts. Visual arts was so fun because we got to draw and doodle around and answer question. The question that the teacher said was “how do you express creativity?” (well thats what i remembered)

I hope you like it bye!


二零一八年五月七曰  星期一 晴

老師給我們一個作業。 我們要找來一個生雞蛋。 我們要為這個雞蛋裝飾,然後設計一個保護盒,帶到學校。 我們必須好好照顧這個蛋,不能摔破。 然後在班上我們介紹保蛋的經過。


最後我又再次畫了我的蛋,我用了紅色和黑色的顏料把蛋變成了一個草莓。 我用了棉花和波波紙保護了我的蛋。



Fashion show

Hi guys,

Recently, we have been working on an outfit for the fashion show. We had to get into groups of 5. I was the model of our group – shower curtain.

We shared our ideas about the shower curtain and discuss with each other. After that, we came up with a conclusion for the final dress. Our theme is about the flower. We used different materials such as a shower curtain, colored plastic paper, lots of taps, wire and so on. The rest steps are just drawing the draft and make it happen. It’s lucky that we all have the same idea and all of us were working very hard together, even when we had some difficulties. Also, the teacher helped us a lot.

The most enjoyable and memorable part for me is making the shower curtain. Because we can make our idea came true by our hands and with my groupmates. However, that’s the most changeling part too.

中文的電影😃 (我們做的)






hey guys!

I’m back! this week we had sports day, spotlights, Chinese field trip and of course 3D printing.

Sports day, we went to the bus and I sat with my best friend, we were talking and playing. When we arrived we walked to the isle and unpack our things. I lay down my jacket so we can sit on it. Then we ate a little snack and warmed up for the race. we were running and we had so much fun. Then we went to the jumping place, so basically you jump as far as you can to the sandpit I did it three times. After that, we played the game called “mat ball” and it’s just throwing the ball without out the other team to get it. We played up to six points. After that we had played the game called “capture the flag (CTF)” (my favorite game of all.) we played like five rounds because we won each round. We ate lunch and I ate my favorite food (pasta). Then we had relay races we had to go to the boys one because we, missed the girls one. Then we had TUG OF WAR!!!!! so first round was mountain bear vs bear, the blue team won. Then it was raven vs orca (us), so orca won yay! and we vs bears next and we worked so hard pulling the rope. WE WONNNNN!

spotlights,  It was the spotlights. It was much different from last year because we weren’t doing it on stage but we did it in the balcony in the CCC. We all had to present a game, the game that we did is called “counting to 10” you basically count to 10 in a different accent voice or sound.  We did this for 3 rounds and it was a little bad because we were shouting too loud. I think it is better to do things on the stage because some people forget their lines.

Chinese field trip, we went to the bus to the Chinese museum and once we get there our Chinese gave us a little booklet to write notes and answer some questions. Then we went to this hut to answer some of our questions we were looking at some Chinese words in the olden time and learn about the person who created the Chinese words. We went to another hut and that’s where the timelines of houses and buildings and hospitals are. We had a snack and ate in a cafe, then we went to this hut and decorated/painted the kite and I drew Chinese words and other pictures.  We had lunch and paint went all over me…. anyway I had so much fun. We went to the bus and go to school and right now I am writing this blog post.

3D printing, we listen to miss fung on how to use the 3d printer. I made a model for my robot, I made and it and then the teacher checked and see if it was good and she said it is a little bit too tall so I made it shorter and waited and waited. My friend started 3d printing hers and was sooo cool! I think it was really fun I had a short time to do it but thats all for now.


First week back from winter break! ❄️

hello readers!

Today I will be writing about my first week back from winter break I hope you like it!

(Tuesday) On the first day back we didn’t do much work and asked all my friends how their winter break was. They all had fun on their winter break. We were also catching up on our work and playing a bit. In the morning we read a bit talked about the day.

(Wednesday) On the second day, we were reading drawing and then we went to Chinese class, in Chinese class we talked about winter break with a friend and a teacher. In Chinese, we also read a story about a mom fox and a baby fax buying gloves because it was too cold, we also had this project to make until January 12.  We did math in a booklet about times and divide. (I had so much fun doing math!)

(Thursday) On the third day, We did more math on the booklet. We had Chinese too, we sort of planned on the script that we needed to write! At lunch, we went to the forum to do the project and so we were thinking about the script in English, my partner is called Fiona. My friend went to the library with her other friends. We had book club and gave us a story to read then answer some of the questions.

(Friday, today) The last day, we had three periods of math because we got a new booklet of times and divide then break and ate a yummy snack. Then we had Chinese to finish the project, and we did a little bit of the Chinese (translating). Then we had book club and finish all the questions today. Then we did blogging (I am typing it right now).  Then we have body science for two periods (yay……😐.! Not really). For the last period, we have FREE TIME! free time is a period where u can do anything!


End of the Term blogging

hello readers!

Today is the 12th of December, and tomorrow it is the end of the term in cdnis.(December break)today is a great day because we can do some Christmas fun! We are doing secret Santa and I need to give a present to someone and someone will give a present to me. Tomorow is even better because we will have a Christmas party!

The downs of this term are that we cant see our friends in the Christmas break. The ups about having this term break are that we can go on vacation and play with friends and have fun and kinda relax!

We are a family because we are always together every weekday, also when we go in groups and work together, whenever we feel down we comfort me and I think it is really nice, we are always there for each other when your happy, sad, angry and more.

Some glow about this term is that we could finish a lot of math. For the grows I think we should do more UOI and literacy. (also have more parties!)

My favorite learning of this year is UOI because we get to join a group and the teachers ic a two presents charity and learn, decorate card and more! I like it because before the end of the term the two presents member will pick out the best card.

I want to achieve my next term is to raise my hand more because when the teacher asks questions, I don’t raise my hand so  I think I should raise my hand more. Also is to not get distracted that much.


chinese blog

上一個星期,我們要做說話練習,我要準備四道問題,老師會隨機選一道問題要我們回答。我的老師選了第一道問題,剛好我很好地準備了這道問題,所以我表現得很好。剛開始的時候,我很害怕, 因為我本來是第二個做報告的,只是因為我的朋友找不到他的卡片,所以我要第一個做報告。另外,有很多同學和拍影片的人在看著我,令我覺得很緊張。後來就沒有了這種感覺,因為我說得很順利,同學也沒有取笑我,他們最後也為我鼓掌了。