-Exhibition Reflection-

Exhibition is now over. I am kind of happy and kind of sad. The reason why I am happy is because that we don’t need to go present and make us stress, I feel more relaxed and I don’t have to worry much, I am sad because I miss doing opening ceromony, going to field trips, and do learning cohorts. 

It took us a long time to research, get ready for everything, doing proposal and practicing for opening ceromony, and now everything is over and we wont do this again. I have learned a lot during PYPX and learned a lot of things like communicating better, being more Independent and being responsible with my books and my works. 

After doing PYPX I still want to research a bit and raise more awareness about my topic, and most importantly I want to tell people like my friends about this topic. (my topic: why people should adopt pets instead of buying pets) For our assembly I want our topic to be about our passions and about our PYPX.

During PYPX we didn’t have Chinese for so long so I think we should now catch up doing some Chinese. Although every one in my grade hates Chinese and doesn’t want it, but we live in HK and i think we should learn about it. 

Field trip pictures/cohort group               PYPX winner for logos:

These are some of the pictures about PYPX

for our field trip we went to SPCA, HKDR and whiskers n’ paws.

The picture on the really right is my purpose side about my topic. 



Weekly Reflections

This week we started on a unit called How the World Works. We have been learning about energy. We learn more about the features about non fiction text and we have been learning about how kinetic energy, and how energy actually works. We are now learning about chemical,kinetic,mechanical and potential. 

Here is the 2 stars ad a wish I made:

1 star:

I have a better understanding on different forms of energy. example: chemical,kinetic,mechanical and potential energy 

1 star

I know new words like human demand, chain reaction, contraption,kinetic,elaborate,flammable and more. I also learned more about photovoltaic cells and how a average cell works (about 15 to 20 percent). Our teacher taught us a bit of what law of energy conservation. (cannot be created, cannot be destroyed only can be transferred and transformed.)

a wish

I want to learn more about different systems, and more about energy. I want to learn about energy because energy is everywhere.I want to learn about different kinds of systems because I want to know how systems work, like the book called crazy contraptions. 


Exhibition reflection

Last week we emailed the SPCA to interview them.

One star about my process was that I was able to interview them soon and able to have more information about SPCA.

Another star about my exhibition process is that I was able to do my speech and practice for it.

One wish is that I need to concentrate more on my research and research more about my questions.

I had learned a lot about dog abuse from the personal project exhibition in the library. For my exhibition, I was able to contact one of the staff’s member and hoping for her to replay to us to go to SPCA next weekend.

Sharing the planet speech

Sharing the planet speech is a speech where we have to talk about what you are most passionate about. I am passionate about talking about food waste. Food waste is very serious and I want to talk about it.

Some glows that I did was that I could speak loud and clear, had 5 slides, more than 1 minute, I got a good introduction, I could identify and genuine need and promote a sustainable service and I had appealing and attractive sides. I also stated three claims to my speech.

Some grow is to speak slower, be more confident, and have a maximum of 1.5minutes long, have a better ending and make my audience inspired.

my video https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1rP5QlO_bzdTOkjMOuf1dynoIvYLTVLXb

✨⭐️Weekly Reflections⭐️ ✨

This week I learned how to convert fractions into decimals and turning decimals into percentages. This week i also learned about how to never gave up because a few days ago Jordan Hatter came to our school to talk about his story in Syria, he talked about how it took him a lot of tries to go to the white house to talk about his story and he never gave up and one day he finally got to meet Michelle Obama to talk about the voices of Syria.


my math book page

In the future I will use the method on how to convert fractions into decimals and turning decimals into percentages for when i go to work in the future and when I buy something from a shop i will know what the change is. Never giving up is the most important because if you are giving up quickly you wouldn’t get good grades or good jobs, i think that I will work harder when I grow up.

Next week I will want to know  more about how to convert fractions into decimals and turning decimals into percentages. Next week I also want to learn more about James Hattar’s story because i think it is really interesting, i can research about him.

– 🌟Young Americans ⭐️- (Grade 6)

last week we got an amazing opportunity to learn from young Americans. The young Americans are a group of teenagers who are professionals in dancing and singing. Some of the young Americans are from Japan, Scotland, and America.

This is one of the best experience and memorable day of my life. The young Americans gave me the opportunity to give me a dance solo, so I had to dance in front of 70+ people. The young Americans encouraged me to do the solo.

The young American taught the whole grade which was about 125 people. Everyone in the grade was really shy and once the performance finished everyone said that it was the most memorable day of their life.

Before our performance the young americans gave us an XL and an L shirt that wrote young Americans on it. It was really big for me so I had to tie it up.  the YA’s did a performance to remember this day and for the people to see who the young americans are.

day 1:

day 2:

day 3:

💖My Camp Reflection💝

last week I went to a camp site called “Outward Bound”. Outward Bound is in Sai Kung. Outward Bound is also a place to have fun and learn lots of new things. I learned to be more responsible of my things. I also learned how to cooperate with others and I made new friends.

On November 27th we went to the campsite! I was in a group with my best friends and I was really excited.

day 1:

We first found our instructors and we talked about what we will do for a few days. The instructors gave us water bottles for a souvenir.Then we did some get to know you games. We did a game called monkey ball and I think it is really fun. For dinner me and my friends made pasta for our group.My group did a something called the moment of silence. The moment of silence is where you appreciate what you have. After diner we played a game called the froggy jump. Its where you get some lily pads (fake) and we put it on the floor and across the room. There was disabilities where some people cant see and talk, the rule is to keep contact with it or you will lose it. I think it was really fun. Then I went to our sleeping bag and me and my friend played unstable unicorns with me.

day 2:

We went to hike to the other campsite. In our bag was fruits and our lunch with a big jug of water, the bag I carried was very heavy. We hiked for around 3 hours and we went to our lunch spot. When we got to where we were going to have lunch, it started raining so we had to find somewhere to cover ourselves. Our instructor got a big blanket and made a do it yourself shelter. When we started making our food it stopped raining. We saw 3 cows and a buffalo they were going to eat our food but we stop them. We then hiked down to our camp spot and we were all tired. Once we arrive we played a game called black magic and we did a hand game. We seep really well that night.

Day 3:

When we woke up we had breakfast. We played a game called monkey ball, and another game where you try to get a ball and get it without the instructor noticing. I think it was really fun but we had to end and go to the bus. When we are in the bus we had a sing battle with another group, I had so much fun. Once we arrive to outward bound. Once we arrived there, we changed to our swim clothes and went kayaking. I was in a group with my friends. We kayaked to our lunch spot we found a hermit crab and named it chocolate. We had a different group and headed back and did the JETTY JUMP! The water was really cold but I had a lot of fun. I jetty jump twice and I thought it was really fun. Everyone did it and they said it was the best. We showered and went to eat dinner.

Day 4: 

This day was the last day. We packed our stuff and went out and had breakfast. I had so much fun in camp and I want it to happen again. We did a closing ceromony and headed to the bus.When we were in the bus we were so tired that almost the whole bus fell asleep. When we arrived we played card games and ate candy. I think I had so much fun.

💙Weekly Reflection #7💜

This week was really fun because we went to a field trip and we had house spirit day.

On Thursday, We were planning on a game called “The trade game” You basically get a stack of playing cards and choose and see what your number is. I got ten which is not that bad. 1 is the lowest and there is only one king, but at least one of my good friends are queen and jack.

On Thursday, We Went to a field trip called “Oxfam”. Oxfam is a place where you learn about factory workers and about migration. We were in a simulation of how normal workers feel like. We wore hair nets and a plastic mask so that we wont infect the products. Some groups screwed the nails into the screwer and the other group takes of the nails. It was really frustrating. Then one of the workers were missing and we had to investigate and find where he is. In the end we found that he was sad and depressed and killed himself. He made a song called “hotel California”. I think it is really fun and I learned a lot about this simulation.

On Friday, We had PE finally! In PE we played a game called doctor dodge ball and I was the doctor once. Then we did HLG sharing. I shared with my friends and people  in my table. After lunch we had HOUSE SPIRIT! I am in orca and we did a chant,some games and we did a moral of orca. After we had the tug of war! I was so excited, I put on a orca tattoo and drew red on my face. We did around four rounds and orca won all of them!


Goal Setting 💘

       I have made some goals I made a few days ago. I want to talk about my goals because I want to accomplish things that I am not good at.

       I want to improve on my confidence. I need to be confident because I rarely raise my hand in class. I need to be confident so I can make new friends and so I can be a good learner.I will start listening to the teacher so I will know what the teacher is talking about. When I am good at listening and won’t get distracted, I will then ask questions of things I don’t know. Then I will try my best to talk to a small group of people about my ideas. When I feel more confident I will start sharing to the entire class.

       My second goal is to organize my home learning and my writing. I need to organize my home learning because if I don’t I will be very confused and I won’t be able to do my work.I also need to organize my home learning grid because i don’t want to do my homework on the last day. When I get home from school I will check off the list of which activity I did.  I will keep on doing it until I can organize my home learning grid better. I will start doing it once I get my grid back.

       My last goal is to add more detail to my writing. I need to add more detail because I don’t really write my paragraphs with detail I always write with really simple words. Maybe next time I can use the thesaurus and use one of the words there. I will try to start when I start writing a paragraph from my grid or any writing.


去年我參加了家庭活動日。我跟媽媽爸爸一起玩。 我想參加因為很好玩和跟我的媽媽爸爸一起溝通。同時,我也可以跟同學一起玩。我可以跟爸爸媽媽建立一個好的關係。在活動日當天我吃了冰淇淋丶水果和棉花糖。 這個活動讓我認識到自己是一個樂觀丶開心的小女孩。 我也學到要重視跟家庭相處的態度。這小活動幫助了我溝通。最後,我懂了怎麼樣的朋友和家人。