Camp Reflection!😝

Hi, peeps!

so last Wednesday, we had CAMP! I felt like camp was ok.  The whole grade 5 camp went to tai tam scout center for camp! 1-6 groups slept in dorms and 7-11 slept in tents! the next day we switched so 1-6groups are tents and 7-11 sleeps in dorms! I love dorms because there is air con and comfortable beds, but we couldn’t sleep. In tents I didn’t really like it because it was sweating hot, but i slept really well in the tents. our camp councillors name is called Kenneth and Rosie! 

Most of the people in camp had home sick, so i had to comfort them. The challenge part about camp is that we had to use flint and steel to make a fire, because it seems scary but ms. Williams says to try it out it turns out to be pretty fun!  

 what i have learned in camp is making rafts and thought us how to use a kayak! We also learnt that, how to navigate and make your own map!

Here r some pics for u guys to see!

where I sleep

Hey guys

Today our sub teacher showed us some privilege and not privilege people with there bedroom.  So the sub teacher said to make a little drawing of our bedroom. So I drew my bunked bed, drawers, tables, toys and carpet. Non-privilege people have no bed, drawers nor tables.  They don’t have homes or a bed. Privileged people (rich) can have toys, bed, table or whatever they want. 

During the activity, we could colour them or sketch them. This activity also gives us a lot of friends and I  had so much fun drawing our room.

The poster I made about homeless

hi, peeps,

I had made a poster about the differences and the similarities between the homeless people.  We are meant to work independently, my poster has a lot of colors. It was very neat and tidy because I used rulers. I added some pictures on it too!   I planned all of the words and pictures for the poster on the paper.The color of the poster is purple. I drew a girl on the poster too! I LOVE MY POSTER.

About the poster I made

hi guys,

last week we were making a poster about Dog Pounds and animal abuse. We got a huge poster to write in we wrote about why dog pounds and animal abuse is bad. So we added some pics like cute adorable dogs! We wrote about what is bad for the community and what is good for the community. My group name is called Paegan, Alicia and Me! It took us 3 days to finish the poster other people were painting, making sculptures which that took them 4 and a half days to make it. We had so much fun together and other people had a wondrous time together. Here is the picture of the poster

First week of grade 5!😀

Hey peeps,

A few days ago, I finally started grade 5! We now have lockers! Know I will tell u about the first week of grade 5!(It is awesome)

On the first day of school (August 14), I woke as early as possible and quickly went to school! When I went to school I first went to my best friend (Paegan) and said HI! After we went to our classroom and our teacher (Miss.Laura) was waiting for us in the classroom! We talked about how to use the lockers and more! Guess what now our classrooms are at the 8th floor so now we don’t have to walk up to the 14th floor. We are now really good at the lockers! Some people are so confused on the lockers! (I practice at home) After we did the locker, folders labels!

9:05, It was recess! Me and my friends went down to the 6th-floor cafeteria! Me and my friends ate yummy food like chips, chicken and more other yummy stuff. Then after recess, we went back to our classroom and talked about grade 5!

10:50, lunch came along and me and my friends went down to the cafeteria and ate lunch I hate a yummy chicken rice. After lunch we had play time so I went to the forum and played with Paegan and Stephanie, We played 44 home (it’s a fun game)! 

After lunch and after playing we talked and we talked and talk even more. We talked about making our classroom warmer and happier. I already love the start of the day. We can only open our lockers in the morning, afternoon and of course the end of the day! 









Final Blog Post of grade 4 😛

Hey guys,

This is a little sad but kinda happy. I am sad because it is the end of grade 4 (1 more day left)and cant be with the BEST teacher. I am also a little happy because next year we are going to grade 5 and also we have new teachers with really nice teachers. My favourite game of the year in grade 4 is splat. The good parts about grade 4 is that we have nice friends, funny friends and awesome friends. I also improved more on math and UOI. 

The thing that i will most remember is halloween because i got to be a vampire and looked scary, we sang scary songs about ghost,pumpkins and more. I was so proud that i get to play Minecraft and finished all the math. I was really happy in grade 4 because we get to have our own computer. I also had so much fun drawing and colouring and crafting. We will always remember about camp too! We named our classroom 4Dabbing Donuts, I love that name. 

My final thoughts about this year is that it has been a great year learning new things and playing fun games and finally having class parties.The most important things about grade 4 is to remember our best teacher. A good quote about grade 4 is “think positive never think negative.” I thin that means to always think about good things and never think about bad things. I will always remember my buddy called Chloe, and my partner is Paegan

This is a picture of us dabbing!

Scratch with ms.Fung (coding)

Hey guys!

A few weeks ago, me and my class was learning scratch! Our First tasks was using the blocks that scratch made and make a letter A. The second tasks where to make your name (A.W) I  could make the A but it was really hard to make the W.  (So i did not do the W)! The teacher tried to teach me but I don’t really  understand. In our computer our teacher will teach us how to make curves,straight lines and more! Ms. fung taught us how to make your own block. I took some pictures of my work of the scratch!


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 8.34.36 AM

Make create collaborate.

hey, guys!

Today me and my class went to make create collaborate. make create collaborate is about all the songs, music and art! I like make create collaborate because we get to sew, knit and paint andIlove singing. Today we went with my buddy called Chloe. it was really fun and even made a tiny scarf.

Yesterday we did not go with our buddy but me and my friend went to the green screen (trick your eyes) after we went outside and play the drums, then we went to see people do finger knitting. we painted and had so much fun singing! We snag almost 6 songs and we had a mike so we could sing.

I liked make create collaborate because we get to learn a lot of things and get to do what you really love. I almost forgot but we made a picture with a bottle of the cover (from the beach). We put the glue on the picture then use your hands and spread it.  Then my hand got all messy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.31.47 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.31.54 PM


hey, guys!

A week ago we did not go to school because we have  SLLR, SLLR is where your parents or someone that loves you comes and hear what you learned in Grade 4.

My mom came to my SLLR and I had so much fun, SLLR stands for student led learning review! there are different topics like the UOI, literacy, and math same as performing arts and PE. We took a long time to prepare (maybe a week) So first we made the plan then we do the practicing with your partner my partner was Zada!  The first day we go home and think how you are going to talk to your parents. I like SLLRs because you can teach your mom on what you learned and you can be the teacher for 1 hour.

Other people come in different times like my friend went on Friday and some people went on Saturday. I went on Saturday, some people came really early like 7,6 and maybe 8, I went at 12.In the SLLR I saw Stephanie Kayla and two other people. For Chinese it was kind of hard because you have to speak in Chinese and explain them in Chinese, wich I don’t really know how to speak.

For performing arts it was really fun because well you can talk about the light painting and we get to watch this video and how to do a light painting. I did not show my light painting because I did not do it yet.My group in the light painting is Lauren and Trevis.unnamed-1

I will show you a picture:

Light Painting

Hey guys,

Last week in performing arts we learned what light paintings were. My group was Trevis and Lauren. Our teacher from performing arts is Ms.Butler. On our storyboard, we drew pictures for our dance. We had to make a pattern since that was our central idea. A light painting is when you attach lights on yourself and then do multiple moves. Then you use an app to make the painting. My first move was kneeling down and making your hands are a circle. My second move is you falll down on the carpet and circleimages your hands. We haven’t made our paintings yet, but we are going to this week.