Understanding Angles😀

hey guys,

A week before we were been learning angles, Ms. G gave us a sheet and an assessment to do about angles. There is a right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle and straight. I learned it in math class that is why I know how to do it. I use a protractor to calculate how many degrees is that angle, the protractor is a shape called a semi-circle. Other people can calculate it without a protractor, Angles can be in a shape or in buildings and more! angles can be a shape of a triangle, square, rectangle etc…

I’ll show you the pics of it!



Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 1.29.52 PM

Grade 4 Camp!!!😀

Hey guys!

On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 we went to camp in Pui O! I was so excited! my tent buddies were Paegan and Coco! the tent was gray and orange. when we went inside the tent we unpacked our things. P.S I never ever went camping before. At night I was talking to my friends:3,  THERE WAS SO MANY BUFFALOES/POOP! our group name was “Potato Campers”! The teacher said that we had to wake up at 6:30. I was so surprised because I don’t usually wake up so early. However, the first and second day I woke up at 5:00! we went to the beach to play some activities.I had so much fun there! but I thought it would be so boring!

On the first day, we arrived at the campsite and met the camp leaders. My camp leader was called “Melissa”.She was really nice and friendly lady and she is always happy. The activities that we were playing the game calculator, we signed it like a contract, and build our tents!

On the second day, we woke up at 5:00 and went to brush our teeth and ate a yummy breakfast that was egg and bread. after we changed to our swimsuit and went to the beach, we played do not step on the sand, surfing, doing an obstacle course, we played the game of life and more! 😜  We ate a ate a sandwich for lunch and a BBQ for dinner.We met a cow called Billy he was funny!😝

On the last day (third) in the morning, we had to pack everything because we were going home! we played Stella Ella olla (hand game)! We ate a sandwich for lunch. It was raining so hard that I got all wet!️   When we got on the bus we were all so wet 🙁

We went back to school and had free time, I played a game called animal jam! my mom came, I was so happy!

I will show you some pictures of camp!👍🏻



Last week we were learning about what is Interdependence. I think Interdependence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory. The opposite of independence is a dependent territory. Interdependence does not necessarily mean freedom.


hey guys,

yesterday I have been at the grade 6 science lab and we brought in some microbeads in and try to take out the microbead. so we first put the liquid in the bag then put it in the water then hold the bag tight and then dry it and taScreen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.35.06 AMkeout the microbead and see how it looks like at the end.(close up)! I will show you some pictures!

I was really happy about doing this and it was really fun i was also really hard to get the microbead because we spilled it on the table.


Hey guys,

A few days ago we had ADCD wich stands for alan dick community day. We celabrate this day because alan dick is really important and special of this school, saddly he died. The fun part was eating cupcakes and singing alan dicks favorite song! The things that i dont like about it is that it is very very crouded and a lot and a lot of people!


hey guys, 

A few weeks ago my classmates and I got put into a group, and we had to make a group name for our commercial! My classmates and I made an name called the Dogtastic Hotel! What was challenging was to get along! what was easy is what we know our lines i had so much fun!!

Understanding of Volume

hey guys,

yesterday the class we were been learning about volume! volume is a type of measurement, but is a much harder thing to measure. What was challenging was that we have to times things(wich I think that is hard)!  We needed to learn this so after we build on Minecraft we will calculating the volume of the house!I will show you a picture of the snap cubes.Photo on 10-3-2017 at 10.23 AM

Design Project!

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I was been working on a project called the Design Project! So the first day we were just planning and the 2 and the 4 day we were been working on drawing your house, because when we finish the building and the problem solving, we will finally get to play Minecraft (building)! Now I am working on the building. 

PSA commercial reflection


P.S.A Post  (I am not medicine)


The message that this video is trying to send is that you should always help the environment and the animal. It was about not killing Rhinos to be used for medicine.

The techniques are that they used colour,font,images,feelings and music.

The target audience is people that like to help animals and plants.

The people who does like helping animals but some people  will disagree and the people who like to draw will agree. Hunters may disagree with this message and so will people who use that medicine.

The people that will response will be happy if the animals are not killed  but some people won’t like it so they will not like it.


Well I think this video was really inspiring because the girl was drawing and at also means to help the animals which I think it is really cool!

My favorite part in the video is how she could draw really quick and make into a rhino.

The girl is really talented.