Music blues reflection

I haven’t learn about blue music before.During these few weeks,I have learnt a lot about the history of Blue music,different kinds of instrument that blue music used,the melody of blue music and how to compose a piece of music.I love listening to blue music,my favourite blue music is “In The Mood”.I always hear the piece of music in the radio and I always wonder who played this piece of music.I started to listen to more Blues music since beginning this music.I talked to my parents of blue music and they told me they also love it.They used to listen to a lot of blue music.I enjoy playing blue music in class band because I can feel the mood of the song and everyone is so cooperate.I love playing the Blues Down Under song because the melody is good and everything is awesome!I sometime play as a Blues Soloist in band and I really enjoy it because everyone else are playing the different melody.I have written the blue music before.However I don’t enjoy writing it because it is so difficult for me.The best part of this unit is the root of blue because it is interesting.I didn’t know that blue songs are played by the African slaves.I thought it was made of the American because blue musics make people feel happy.